Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger and Political Unrest in America

Politics can be very dividing.  It is one of the topics that is commonly dismissed as an inappropriate subject at dinner or public discourse.  The polarizing nature of it is not something novel but has existed at the core of every nation.  The United States is no different.  Modern America has entered into a very divisive epoch of her history.  The divide in the two party system is at an all time high and extremists exist in both camps.

The extremism seems to be the loudest beyond the norm.  It is heard on the news and on social media.  Extreme views that are uncompromising and blind to the other side dominate message boards.   The extremism is enhanced through social media.  Social media has supplied a voice to many to share their views.  This is fine to share views but a civil way of communicating has vanished as individuals can hide behind a computer screen.

Anger and politics can erupt into everyday life. It is important to control unhealthy anger in politics. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting program


Furthermore, violence through the extreme elements are becoming stronger and stronger in public arenas.  Even though these elements are a minority on both sides, they receive the most press, leaving a cloud and sense of anger and hate throughout the country.  Extreme nationalists have emerged with their hate filled rhetoric, as well as extreme liberal movements that while teaching respect, hypocritically seek to silence and disrespect others who disagree.

One may ask is the country really this divided?  Is it only seen in the political chambers of Washington, at rallies, and on social media boards?  It is hard to say but the reality is it has created an environment of tension.  A tension that exists even for moderates who become stressed by its very existence in the negative energy that has encompassed the country.

With polarization on social, religious and political issues, as well as lack of common and academic dialogue, emotion has taken over reason.  Each side is seen as a threat and enemy to the republic or to humanity.  This justification to hate the other extreme leaves open doors for violence and hate speech in public.  The result is a ticking time bomb for violence and anger.

How one conducts oneself is key.  One needs to avoid the noise of extremism.  One needs to manage one’s own emotions in the this tense atmosphere.  One needs to give respect to other opinions, even if it contradicts one’s own beliefs.  Diplomacy, patience, and understanding are key to compromise.

Anger, especially misdirected anger, leads others away from compromise and mutual respect.  It is hard when two extremes are playing the country against each other for one to  find reason and sanity in emotion and insanity.   The extremes only continue to irritate the soul of the United States leading to a collective angry environment within the nation.   Some may disconnect from social media, watch less of the news, but others wish to remain engaged.  They wish to engage with reason and mutual respect in dialogue.  Unfortunately, even those that hold moderate views are not immune to anger.

How to manage this anger in a era of social media and extreme views is a difficult thing.  It is even more difficult for those who find politics and social issues to be the most important thing in their lives.  However, one should never become so intense about something to the point where it produces a state of perpetual anger.  That anger is not only unhealthy for oneself but it also plants seeds that can lead to other arguments, fights and social uneasiness.   Like sports, sometimes, its important to take a step back.  It is important to value your opinion, but to also know when and where not to share it.  It is truly an ego thing but somethings or debates are not worth it.   Adding fuel to a fire is not always the best answer.

The other important element that many forget is that the over egotistical value of one’s opinion.  This does not mean, one should not share it when needed, or that it is irrelevant, but it does point to an ego element where one must always be right.  One needs to know when to let something go.  Many things are not worth fights or escalation over things one cannot change.  One’s opinion at the restaurant is not going change who is president of the nation or not.  One’s opinion will not alter on going legislation.  This is why it is important to not over emphasize one’s ego as well as not to place one’s opinion in unnecessary settings that do little to change the situation but only enhance tension.

It is important to know when and where to share political views.  It is important to value your belief but not at the abuse of others and not allow static noise of others on social media or at the other “table” to affect your daily feelings.  There is more to life than political ramblings from those not educated or extreme or obnoxious.  If you cannot filter out political noise or feel the need to delete individuals with different values, then something is far more wrong with you as an individual.  You need to be passionate but not emotional.

Controlling illegitimate anger is about controlling emotion.  Once one associates things more intensely with one’s identity, then emotion is always more sure to erupt.  One needs to see themselves as first an American before party affiliation.  One can be anger but have reason but not angry having emotion.  Anger with emotion leads to more division, frustration and ruining one’s own day.  So if one needs to ignore other posts or comments, it may be the only way they can avoid the frustration but it points to a deeper problem.  The best situation is to be able to read, laugh and then continue to scroll down the threads or just ignore stray comments from the other side of the room.  This involves controlling ego, understanding the time and place, and not becoming emotionally attached to a situation that is not personal to start.

Sometimes its important to know when to let something go of a political nature. If you cannot, then there may be deeper anger issues with yourself


If Americans do not start to filter out the noise of extremism and learn to control their own impulses, political anger will continue to divide the country and make everyone exist in a more perpetual state of anger than they need to be.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and open to qualified professionals.  Those who meet the requirements can earn a certification in Anger Management through AICHP’s online and independent study program.  The online courses lead to a four year certification that can be renewed very four years.

Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger and Men

Anger is not just an male issue but it is an important issue that men must acknowledge.  Men with their natural strength and role in the family need to assert control in how they handle their affairs in life.   Most men as head of families need to set examples but also must restrain their natural strength.  Anger can lead to bad example as well as domestic violence to women and children.  Fear can emerge among children and women when a man loses complete control.  Despite modern gender norms and attempts to neutralize roles according to gender, one cannot deny the natural reality of this.  This is why it is so important to identify male anger.

Men have a special need to control anger. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program


The article, “How to Manage Your Anger” by Ed Virgin looks at anger and how to identify and control it.  He states,

“Anger is a natural reaction to certain challenging or frustrating situations; however, if you suspect that your anger exceeds the realm of normal, you may have an anger problem. If you are unsure how to characterize your anger, there are a few identifiers that can help you determine if your anger is problematic.”

To read the entire article, please click here

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Anger Management Specialist Program Article on Anger and Health Risks

Losing one’s temper is not only foolish and embarrassing but also causes many unseen problems within our body.  High blood pressure, heart issues, stomach issues, and other mental issues can arise when we consistently lose our temper.  One usually focuses only on the social, legal and relationship issues of going “red” when angry, but it is so detrimental to ones’ overall health as well.  Better Anger Management techniques can help prevent one losing complete and total control.

Rage and anger has many health risks., Going “red” has physical consequences on the body. Please also review our Anger Management Specialist Program


The article, “How ‘seeing red’ can do more than damage your heart” by Melissa Sammy details the dangers of losing control from a health perspective.  She states,

“Since ancient times, people have been aware of the negative impact of anger on health. In Buddhism, for instance, anger is referred to as one of the Three Poisons of the Mind, along with greed and foolishness. Today, most people know that anger can increase blood pressure levels, thereby elevating the risks for heart attack and stroke. But unmanaged anger can also manifest in the form of other significant short- and long-term health problems.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Specialist Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals, as well, helping others and perhaps yourself in control of anger



Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Venting with Anger and Health

Anger is a necessary emotion but it can be misused and become not only dangerous but also unhealthy.  Learning how to cope and deal with anger for one’s overall health is very important to maintaining a better life.   Some individuals vent to release their anger, but there are still better ways to deal with anger.


How we vent our anger can be unhealthy and unproductive. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program


The article, “5 healthier ways to deal with anger instead of venting” by Caroline Roberts discusses five ways to deal with anger instead of venting and letting it all out.  She states,

“Actually, it turns out that the concept of venting as an effective anger management strategy is bunk. It makes us even more upset and forces us to play the victim role. Luckily, there are several methods that work much better than venting, so you can work toward being able to control your frustration more easily. ”

To read the entire article, please click here

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Anger Management Training Program Article on Anger and Boys

Anger if left unattended or properly directed can lead to bigger problems.  This is especially true in the case of young boys.  Boys need to be able to understand their emotions but also how to display them in a healthy and productive fashion.  Anger is one such emotion that needs to be directed properly to prevent future rage issues.  Boys need good role models but also as boys, need outlets that play to their gender and emotional needs.


It is important to help boys understand anger and how to properly handle it. Please also review our Anger Management Training Program

The article, “How To Help Boys Deal With Anger” by Catherine Pearson looks deeper and helping boys learn to control and cope with anger.  She states,

“Obviously, there is so much nuance when it comes to individuals, emotions — and how they express those emotions. It is not fair, nor accurate, to say that all boys experience anger one way, while all girls experience it another. And research shows it is a myth that boys and men experience anger more than girls and women.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Training Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.

Anger Management Consulting Article on Social Anger and Rage in Society

We live in an angry society.   Society is divided and angry.  Unhealthy ways of expressing emotion online, on social media and at rallies and events are becoming very common.   Anger and uncontrolled rage is also manifesting in domestic terrorist acts and school and public shootings.  The inability to control anger and rage is leading to multiple national tragedies and a continued unstable social environment for all of the United States.

Misused anger in the social sphere can lead to social unrest and rage.

This is not to say anger has not always existed and manifested in forms of rage in our society, but the particular modern climate is especially anger prone.  Reflection is needed on how we treat each other, respect each other and deal with social strife.   Anger inappropriately channeled is leading to tragedy after tragedy and to needless ruthless and cruel commentary between Americans.

One of the first aspects is the role of social media.  Social media despite its numerous advantages has become to many, a personal diary.  Instead of maintaining some sort of privacy, everyone feels the need to share one’s religious, political and social views.  Individuals without hesitation will impose their views on a thread on Facebook or Twitter, expecting all to agree.  Without the face to face social norms present, an individual is more likely to be rude or speak vulgarly inducing more angry interaction.

Misuse of social media is part of why society is so angry in the present day

This lack of a mental filter has led to countless outbursts of anger throughout one’s day and in far worst cases can lead to bullying as well as extreme reactions.   Everyone feels offended if their ideals are questioned and responds in ways social norms would reject.  Many fume for days over social media debates.  They allow it to alter their day and affect their interaction with individuals throughout the day.

A second element to the higher angry energy is politics.  Present day politics is more divisive than any time in American history since the Civil War.  Abortion, homosexual and transgender rights,  gun control, immigration, healthcare, and Democrat vs Republican idealogies can destroy a friendship.   The anger is so personal that other Americans demonize the other for being liberal or conservative.  When confronted by an opposing idea, Americans react in the most angry ways.  Whether at rallies or protests, Americans show the true division existing in the nation with the angry outbursts.

These political outbursts are also tied to social media, where everything is seen and instant reactions from any average Joe or Sue are shared with the viewing community.  It is in such a dangerous political environment that fringe extremist groups have re-emerged.  These unhinged groups, already exhibiting rage issues, utilize the political divide and role of social media to further propagate fear, hate and anger.

Individuals have become so attune to this type of social behavior that the loss of older values and social norms seems to be on the decline.  Respect of others, decent language and boundaries of social behavior are all being strained and tested.   Individuals feel justified in their anger and that their anger is righteous.  In this demonization of the other view, right and left, liberal or conservative, feel they are fighting a noble crusade.  They feel their anger and only their anger is justified.  They feel their unbridled passion and raw emotion are justified against the evil they face in society.

So in most cases, the anger running rampant is both untamed and erroneously seen as justified.  This is a very dangerous mix.

With such a chaotic environment, the unhinged and mentally unstable find refuge.  Whether an extremist group, hate group, or individual mentally ill person, all can find a spot to share views and ideas on the chaos.   This leads to more anger and violence.  The reactions of the mentally ill are especially alarming.   Shootings in public places have sky rocketed in the recent years.  There are shootings at schools, movies, malls, and public events.  Most of these shooters are mentally ill and have serious issues.  They possess a rage against society and an anger that has never been properly cured.   Instead they represent the outcasts of society and have turned their anger towards whatever perceived wrongs into manifestos.   The inability to help the mentally ill and abused and to teach them how to deal with anger in a healthy way is a big challenge and current failure of today’s society.

Hence anger and rage is something that needs to be dealt with.  It cannot be allowed to continue to go unbridled and without guard.   The sources of the anger can be minimized but there will always be chaos in the world.  There will always be something to be angry about.  How one controls that anger and properly channels it is the key.   The irritants must not be allowed to be completely blamed for society’s anger issue.  Instead, one must look at how they handle angry situations.

First and foremost it is OK to be angry.  It is how one handles anger and rage that is the key.   One should not bottle it up in a introvert style way nor release it carelessly.  Instead, one must learn despite the political divide, the mental instability, as well as the readiness of a social platform to learn to curb one’s emotion.  One must learn to control how one reacts.

It is OK to be angry, but how we channel anger is the key to a healthy and safe life style

This involves not allowing emotion to overtake and instantly allowing emotion to dictate the response but in such a complicated political environment it takes more.  It also after reflection demands a healthy and legal outlet for a justified anger.  It involves reacting within the norms of law and social graces that respect others.  It demands from politicians reasonable language that does not induce rage within his or her followers.  It demands a return to class.

Anger Management skills can play a large role.  Although Anger Management cannot help with mental illness and political divide, it can at least start helping the vast majority of the population in venting their anger in a healthy, productive and positive way.  It involves not only how one processes social injustice and how one expresses it, but also importantly how one reacts to others.   One must be able to process anger, express anger but also react to others who still exhibit immature or unhealthy angry behavior.

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers a certification in Anger Management Consulting.  This certification is meant to help train others in the process of teaching Anger Management.  While Anger Management is critical to everyday life, it is especially critical in such a volatile social environment.  Whether it is political, social or public, one can find oneself in a variety of anger situations merely at home, work or while traveling.  It is key to attempt to control anger in all phases of life.

Please review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals. Utilizing anger properly is key to a better society

Anger is beneficial but it can also be dangerous if used improperly.  As a natural reaction, it is important to properly utilize it for not only public and personal safety, but also over health and long life.  If you interested in learning more about Anger Management Consulting then please review the program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.


Mark Moran, MA

Assistant Executive Director



Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger Issues

Anger is a natural human reaction.   Anger is not something evil in itself but still is something that can lead to many evil deeds.   Anger as a reaction to injustice promotes action which is good but when anger  disproportionately it can become true vice.

Anger as a vice can be seen when one loses rationality and reacts upon pure emotion.  The anger can be a reaction against injustice or the anger itself may be an injustice.  Regardless, when reason is absent, anger becomes a dangerous emotion.   If one reacts to a murder of a loved one in anger and revenge, the reaction is against an injustice but the reaction is guided by vengeance and hate.  Other times, one’s anger can be a reaction to nothing deserving of hatred.   Angry people abuse spouses, children and animals without even a reason.

Anger is an emotion we all deal with. It can either be useful and productive or unhealthy and dangerous

Anger is only truly virtuous when reason guides it with appropriate response and authority.  Anger can wake people up to social evils and also guide someone away from bad people.  In this anger is not a vice but a reaction and disgust of evil.   For Christians, Christ showed anger in the temple to the money lenders.  His reaction was just and proportionate and reasonable to the evil.

So in essence, anger can both be a good and bad reaction to things.  When properly tuned with reason, it can be a great emotion to help society overcome social ills.  It can help individuals avoid evil by the detest of the actions seen.   However, when anger becomes an unbridled passion, it can lead to multiple evils.  When it reacts without reason, it can lead people to abuse of others.  Anger can lead to domestic abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, fights, shootings and a barrage of other crimes.

More and more individuals are abused each other in relationships.  Physically, most reports deal with women being abused, but men are also abused physically but this is rarely reported.  Abuse is beyond physical, but anger can lead to also emotional abuse.  Emotional abuse may not have scars, but they devalue the human soul and can be devastating as well. (1)

Due to anger, domestic violence is a key health and criminal problem in the United States.  3 to 5 percent of adult relationships possess some type of domestic violence.  This only involves reported offenses.  Over 2 million women suffer from this and 800,000 men.  Women are more vulnerable to domestic violence from a physical perspective. (2)

Anger directs individuals in these cases of violence.  Whether it be children or spouses, anger that is uncontrolled leads to abuse.   The abuser is also very manipulative.   The abuser will blame the other person for the outburst.  The abuser will make the victim feel guilty.  The abuser will also seek silence from his victim.  Many victims, such as children and spouses, are financially tied to the abuser and have no way to escape.  Some from other cultures are tied to the abuse and become a perpetual victim.

Ultimately the pathology that causes the anger must be discovered.  Individuals convicted of abuse to family, children, friends and pets are usually forced to seek special help.  Many already possess drug problems or drinking issues, while others are in need of counseling for past abuse they faced.   Anger Management is also an effective treatment to help the individual learn to control his anger.

Abusers who are seeking treatment must learn to control the intense emotion of rage and direct it in a healthy and constructive way.  Anger techniques look to help others learn how to identify stress and other triggers that may cause an explosion of rage.  Some are able to identify triggers and are able to follow certain protocols to diffuse the anger or relinquish it in a non violent way.   Some are able to accomplish this, others are not and remain hostile individuals that need to be incarcerated.   Abuse, road rage, and other violent crimes are all fruits of uncontrolled anger.

Domestic abuse is a fruit of unchecked anger

Anger Management can help others learn to control and curb anger but it has to be ultimately the person who wishes to change one’s life and stop the cycle of abuse towards others.  Controlling one’s temper is the first step.  In fact, anger can eat at many non violent abusers.  Many suffer from anger outbursts with no abuse.  Some may throw a glass vase, or punch a wall.  These physical manifestations of anger on a consistent basis are signs of concern.

Those who merely yell or scream or restrain most of the anger within are still at high risk.  Anger that is not allowed to escape in a healthy fashion can cause numerous health issues, including high blood pressure, as well as heart attack.   Anger can also play a role in causing a stroke.  Studies show that anger has multiple short term but also long term negative health effects on the body.  So even if not an abuser, or violent person, anger needs to be controlled. (3)

So is anger a bad thing?  It is most definitely not as we have shown. It can expose evil and promote healthy action, but when anger is misused, it can cause harm to others we love and care for, and lead to multiple cases of domestic abuse and other dangerous crimes.  Yet anger is also a health risk for non violent offenders.

Anger Management is hence key for individuals who both are within the court system and merely those who deal with a non violent temper.  Individuals need to learn various strategies to overcome stress, identify triggers and in healthy way release the anger.   Anger Management can help in these cases, but one can also seek other therapies.  Meditation, prayer, and relaxation techniques can all help with not only controlling one’s anger but also keeping it in check.  One can learn from meditation on how to prevent things and people from causing severe irritation.   Meditation can help diffuse anger and create a better barrier against it.

Anger Management classes can help those with anger issues. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers a program in Anger Management.  Online courses teach the basics of anger and Anger Management.  Individuals seeking to control anger as well those hoping to become certified as an Anger Management Consultant can take the courses.  Many professionals in counseling look to earn this certification, as well as other court officials.

Anger Management Specialists can utilize this certification in their private practice or offer it to a variety of social out reach programs, as well as court ordered program.  An Anger Management Certification is an excellent way to help a enhance a professional career.  Please review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals and needs.




Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is important in all human interaction.  It is even more important in the business world.  Stress and anger all play key roles in causing problems at work or on the job.  Conflict resolution is an excellent investment to any business in helping employees work together.  Conflict resolution not only reduces stress but also increases productivity.

Conflict resolution is key to maintaining a healthy business. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program

The article, “5 Ways To Enable Your Team For Better Conflict Resolution” Rohan Bhargava states,

“Conflicts are a part of every team, starting from differences in opinions to business values, conflicts can arise due to all kinds of reasons. While every conflict will not have a severe impact on the overall performance of your team, some can considerably damage the team internally.”

Conflict resolution is hence critical to success.  To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Stress Management Program, as well as our Anger Management Consulting Program

Anger Management Training Certification Article on Workplace Anger

Good article on workplace anger and controlling it. Please also review our Anger Management Training Certification

Please review our Anger Management Training Certification
Please review our Anger Management Training Certification

The article, 5 WAYS TO COMBAT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE, by Christopher Cheney states,

“New Jersey health system launches several efforts to prevent and contain workplace violence against healthcare workers.

Workplace violence is a widespread problem within the healthcare setting that must be prevented for the safety of clinicians and patients.

That’s why RWJBarnabas Health is taking a stand against workplace violence at its hospitals and clinics.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Training Certification

Anger Management Program Article

Good spiritual look about the anger and when it is bad and as well as just and good.

Please also review our anger management program
Please also review our anger management program

The article, Stop Being Slaves to Anger by National Review states

“Anger can act as a useful emotion, one that supports our Christian lives. Unfortunately, for many of us anger doesn’t serve us but enslaves us.”

To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Program