Anger Management Training Program Article on Positive Anger

Anger due to inappropriate reactions receives a negative connotation among emotions.  Anger in fact is a response to something that is dangerous or unfair or unjust.  It is a reaction that something is very wrong.  If anger is channeled properly, it is a useful tool.  If one can learn to become only angry in the right way, then it can be very beneficial and be stripped of its negative results.  Anger Management can play a key role in stripping anger of its negative results.

It is important to utilize anger in positive ways. Please also review our Anger Management Training Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals


The article, “Anger Management: How to Get Angry the Right Way” by Gurudatta Somayaji H looks at how to become angry in a healthy way.  The article states,

“According to psychologists, anger is a normal emotion that always gets negative press. They view that anger is a sign of something which is not right and needs to be addressed quickly. When we take notice of that signal and rectify the problem, we’re usually much better for it. ”

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Anger Management can help many people who struggle with anger learn how to express it in healthy ways.  Please also review our Anger Management Training Program and see if it matches our academic and professional goals.



Anger Management Certification Article on Anger and Revenge

Many become angry over issues of inequality, unfairness and injustice.  It is natural to become angry over these things.  However, it is important to control anger that turns to destructive action.  The old adage of an eye for an eye justice needs to be avoided.  When someone is treated unfairly, or feels they have been treated unfairly, disgust and discontent grow.  When those emotions or needs are not met, then anger can erupt.  Sometimes, the injustice is objective, but in many cases, one’s idea of fair or not fair is very subjective.  The response from individuals can be destructive and outweigh the abuse itself in some cases.

Within the social contract, individuals cannot let anger take control in issues of injustice and unfair treatment. Please also review our Anger Management Certification


The ideal that a man must correct wrongs is a common male image.  It is found on television and pop culture but it is something society has dismissed long ago with the social contract.  When injustice occurs, or a perception of unfairness, individuals surrender revenge to the state to find neutral justice.  A justice that objectively is diagnosed without bias.

Unfortunately, when the state fails to correct injustice, and the social contract fails, one can see large and sometimes violent movements.

The article, “An Eye for an Eye” by Aaron Karmin looks at how anger and revenge are detrimental to society and how individuals must learn to control the emotion of anger when confronted with unfairness.  He states,

“Unfairness is linked to anger, but as mentioned earlier, anger is a secondary emotion, What is felt first, the primary emotion, is powerlessness, disrespect and/or resentment. It’s like pushing a button on a computer. Talking about the problem stimulates emotions and allows them to pop to the surface to see the connection between yesterday and today”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.


Anger Management Training Program Article on Anger and Lockdown

Anger builds.  During COVID19 and lockdown, it has built up for many.  Frustrations over quarantine, masks, political views, domestic family life, fear of the illness, and other issues have caused a rise in anger across the world.  Individuals need to relax and not allow anger to overtake them.  This may be difficult but is necessary if society wishes to defeat this virus and also remain sane.

Anger can rise in lockdown when families are forced to spend more time with each other. It is important to control anger and remain peaceful. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Training Program


The article, “How To Deal With Anger If It’s Building Up During Lockdown” by Natasha Hinde looks at multiple ways we can decrease anger and increase peace.  She states,

“Emotions are riding high as lockdown stretches on and our freedoms remain constrained. One emotion in particular has repeatedly reared its head in households up and down the UK this week. Anger.  There’s anger at the virus, government, media and, most recently, anger at the injustice when most people have followed the rules – often at a huge personal cost – and a minority haven’t, including some of those in positions of power.”

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Hopefully many people will be able to control anger, reduce stress and follow the needed guidelines to keep everyone safe.  It is especially important in homes that domestic quarrels remain benign and love and unity emerge.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Training Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.

Anger Management Consulting Article on Misplaced Anger

Anger can build up over time.  Individuals who do not express it in a healthy way find themselves in a count down to explosion.  Many times, the anger that is vented is towards those who did not do anything to deserve the tirade.  Misplaced anger is a big issue especially during the pandemic and social unrest within the United States.  With so much anger, it is easy for misplaced anger to fall upon family and friends.  It is important to not let other stressors and angers build up and overflow into other aspects of one’s life.

Do you misplace your anger towards others at home, on the road or at work? Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program


The article, “Misplaced Anger: Why You Have It, What to Do About It” by Markheim Heid looks at the phenomenon of misplaced anger.  He states,

“The phenomenon of ‘displaced aggression’ helps explain why your accumulated anger during the pandemic can spill out into real-world interactions”

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Misplaced anger can have many reasons why its manifested.  Anger towards the intended target not being around, such as a politician, or anger over something else that builds up and pushes one to yell or scream at someone who just wants our attention.  It is important not to misdirect anger and when we do, to quickly apologize and fix the situation.  Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.


Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger Response

Reacting immediately to anger is an impulse that needs to be avoided.  It is natural to respond to emotion but we need to question our anger sometimes.  We need to understand what makes us angry and why.  In doing so, we can identify logical responses versus illogical ones and how to respond to both and in what degree.  Triggers are key in identifying to help maintain composure when anger presents itself.

What is your anger trying to tell you and how can you better control it? Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your professional goals


The article, “Here’s what your anger is telling you — and how you can talk back” by Lauren Schenkman looks at the nature of anger and our response.  In particular, he looks at the importance of Anger Management.  He states,

“While a blast of rage may inform us of a threat — even if it’s just to our reputation — it’s the thoughts we have following it which determine how we respond. That’s why strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, which teach people healthier thought patterns, can be so successful.”

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Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if you meet the prerequisites to become a certified Anger Management Consultant.  The program is online and independent study.  Many can take the courses as well for educational purposes but others who qualify may also wish to take the courses leading to certification.  Please review the program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.

Anger Management Consulting Certification on Anger and the Pandemic

Usually war, disaster or tragedy unite, but the COVID 19 pandemic has managed to divide the country.  On one side there are citizens who are obeying restrictions and social distancing and on the other side, there are individuals who are openly defying the restrictions.  This dangerous mentality adds to the division that display political fault lines simply by wearing a mask or not wearing one.   This also fuels an already uneasy political landscape between Trump and the Democratic Party, and for that matter most mainstream individuals.   The response to the disaster has only enraged more as everyone looks to point the finger.

Covid19 pandemic has led to political divide instead of unity against the virus. Some minority groups see the fight against the virus as a campaign against their rights. This has led to political anger between maskers and non maskers


This unrest and fear across the nation has led to increase signs of political anger.  Protests and armed open carry as a sign of intimidation towards others who support  science and the medical field is perplexing.  While the shut downs have hurt everyone economically, the irrational response of anger out of fear has engulfed the nation.  Individuals demanding their rights over the inconvenience of regulations imposed by the the state are becoming more and more angry.   They are channeling their anger of  not wearing  mask into a political movement against state control and a secret agenda.

Others in response are becoming increasingly angry with the absurdity of not wearing a mask or questioning the apparent danger of the virus.  This has led to conflicts and showdowns between maskers and non maskers.  Without good leadership in Washington, which is constantly sending mixed signals, individuals are becoming even more angry.

It is unfortunate that political divide and anger has even poured into the medical and scientific realms where safety against the virus is now questioned.   As this continues, individuals must keep their calm.  Wear the masks, keep distance and do not allow anger to overwhelm oneself when seeing someone who blatantly disregards safety due to their misdirected and unsound anger.  Two angry minds do not solve the problem.

Protests against the economic shutdown are spread across the country. This fueling of anger from the political field makes fighting the virus more difficult


However, fear has not only engulfed the social sphere but also home life.  Again where families should come together, one is discovering cases of domestic violence.   New schedules, unemployment frustration, cabin fever, and enforcing pandemic rules are a stress on families.  Many families are also gripped with fear and that fear can turn into outbursts.  This is even a more dangerous situation in households where domestic violence is already an ingredient of everyday life.

Overall, many Americans are acting calm outside and inside their homes, but as a nation, we collectively must remain calm.  One cannot allow fear of the virus, anger over the situation and stress of new guidelines to lead to conflict and confrontation.  It is far easier to become emotional but if everyone follows the guidelines, ignores the fringe minority, and works together as a family and community then this crisis will slowly go away.

Homes in quarantine with a history of domestic violence also face anger issues.


Wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing can help protect families from infection.   If everyone tries their best, then spread can be minimized.  As the country starts to re-open, new challenges will emerge and new cases, but everyone must not allow fear, stress and outside noise distract them from the task at hand.  This is going to be a long war on the virus and if the correct mindset is adopted, we can limit fear, reduce false expectations and face challenges with a sound mind.

Anger is something we do not need added to the already volatile situation.  Frustration over the situation is understandable but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into an anger that makes one  become enemies with one another or take political agendas over science and medical advice.

While dealing with these issues, please also review our Anger Management Consulting Certification Program.  The program is great for individuals who deal with anger issues or professionals seeking to become certified in the area of Anger Management.  Qualified professionals can become certified and the program is online and independent study.  The program leads to a four year certification which can be renewed every four years.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Certification Program and see if it meets your professional and academic needs


In the meantime, remember to stay calm, follow medical advice, and face the crisis one day at a time.  That is the best way to deal with the anger that is surrounding everyone due to this crisis without allowing it to enrage yourself.

Anger Management Certification Program Article on Anger and Control

Mastering one’s control of anger is essential and important to becoming a better person.  Anger in  itself is not evil or bad but is a reaction that is neutral in value of good or bad.  It is what we do with it that makes it bad or good.  Anger hence can be just or evil in its application to a situation.

Ultimately anger is a reaction to something that is wrong.  Frequent use of it over mild things is a sign of an issue though.  Our anger should not be quick but should be correlated properly with to each situation and then channeled properly

How well can we control our frustration and anger during crisis is critical to our success in life. Please also review our Anger Management Certification Program


The article, “What Your Anger Is Trying to Tell You” reviews the problem between fear and rage and how we can better control our anger in times of uncertainty.  Shya Scanlon, the author, states,

“Hidden in the deluge of Covid-19 news stories are other, not unrelated, stories of the dangerous impact isolation, quarantine, and imposed immobility may be having on our mental and physical health, especially for people in already abusive relationships.”

It is important in these times to remain calm and patient with others and not misuse anger.  We need to channel frustration and impatience in other ways.  To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Certification program and see if it meets your needs

Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger and Shelter in Place

Anger and other emotions can become released in times of national crisis.  This is true when family and friends become more tied together than normal in confined spaced.  Tensions and emotion can emerge between individuals and anger management is key.  How to cope and control negativity and anger is important.

Controlling emotion during crisis is important. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your professional goals


The article, “Shelter in Place: Tips to Cope” by  Aaron Karmin discusses controlling anger during Shelter in Place situations.  He states,

“Find someone you trust. Talk with a family member or close friend about your experience. Contact a friend and have someone stay with you for a few hours or a day. Don’t carry this burden alone; share it with those who care about you. Talking about the stressful event will help you recover more quickly.”

Emotions can be a big issue when dealing with crisis.  Not allowing anger to dominate is important.  Talking to others is important but it is also important not to take negative emotions out of others when stressed over other things.  To read the entire article, please click here

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program to see if it matches your academic and professional needs.


Anger Management Program: Dr Conte Video on Anxiety

Anxiety and anger are tied closely together.  Anxiety can lead to multiple issues for an individual.  Anger is a result of anxiety.  Lack of proper coping and allowing anxiety to overtake oneself can put a person into a fight or flight situation where emotions and anger can become unleashed.

Dr Conte looks at how to better control anxiety and anger. Please also review our Anger Management Program and see if it meets your academic needs


Dr Conte discusses the importance of dealing with anxiety and how to better cope with it.  Dr Conte in his video, “How to Dealk with Anxiety” takes a closer look into controlling anxiety and anger.   He states,

“Anxiety can be crippling; so in this video, I offer some practical ways to deal with it. Obviously there is more to discuss about anxiety than what I cover in this brief video, which is why my plan is to continue to make more videos to help however I can. Sending everyone who watches this much”


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To learn more about anxiety and anger management, please review AIHCP’s Anger Management Program.  Dr Conte authors the required courses and lends his expertise and skills to the online program.

Anger Management Consulting Certification Article on Dr Conte Video

Anger can gain control over the best of people.  It is a natural emotion that is benign but can be utilized for both good and bad.  Unfortunately, anger is more misused and can cause profound problems for individual health and also social interaction.  Dr Conte, an Anger Specialist, and also an instructor at AIHCP offers five ways to curb and control anger.

Anger Management Consulting Certification program is offered by AIHCP and Dr Conte. Please review the program and see if it meets your needs


In the video, Dr Conte helps individuals learn how to control their rage and anger.

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Controlling anger is key in life.  If anger controls oneself, then it can lead to a life of stress, injured relations, and possibly crime.  It is essential to listen to the words of Dr Conte in controlling rage and anger.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Certification authored by Dr Conte and see how it can help yourself and others in managing anger.  The program is online and offered to qualified professionals seeking certification in the area of Anger Management.