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Anger is a benign emotion that is truly neutral.  It is important because it allows others to know boundaries but also is a reaction to something that is wrong or socially evil.  Anger though if misused can become toxic not only to social bonds but also health.  It is important to regulate anger and not allow it to turn to rage or be misused for selfish reasons.  Anger needs to be weighed with justice.

Those who are unable to do so, live dangerous lives that lead to jail, fines and abusive relationships.

AIHCP offers a four year certification in Anger Management Consulting.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals.  Those interested can review the program and see if it matches their academic and professional goals.  Anger Management Consultants can play key roles in offering counseling as well as leading group sessions for courts.



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Anger Management Certification Article on Controlling Anger

Anger Management is important in maintaining relationships and overall health.  Society demands proper control of emotions.  This is not to say anger is bad but it is bad when it is out of control.   Learning short term and long term strategies to control anger are important to life.  If one does not have control of anger and is frequent to sudden outbursts, rage and violence, then anger management is something they may look to consider.  Counselors can help create short term and long term plans to better control anger and keep it from taking control

How well do you control your anger from day to day events? Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “How Anger Management Improves Your Life” by Anastasia Climan looks closer at various strategies that can help individuals learn to control anger.  She states,

“Anger can be described as an intense emotion in response to feelings of opposition or hostility to something or someone. Uncontrolled anger can produce emotional outbursts or aggressive behavior. Learning how to deal with anger issues through anger management techniques can help you develop the anger management skills necessary for healthy relationships.”

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Anger is an important emotion.  It stems from our fight or flight response which is natural and imperative to survival.  It awakens us to threats and pushes us to correct injustice, however, when it controls us or when it is misplaced or misused, it can become a destructive force.  Anger Management can help control anger.  AIHCP offers an Anger Management Certification for qualified professionals seeking a four year certification.  The program is online and independent study.  Please review the program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.

Anger Management Certification Article on Children and Anger

Anger is something that needs to be learned to control over time through childhood.  Parents can teach children how to control anger and allow it to diffuse in healthy ways.  Anger Management tips and techniques can help children become eventual better adults in how they react to stress, anger and anxiety.

Teaching children how to manage anger is key to parenting. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “8 Kid Anger Management Tips To Practice At Home” by Simon Books looks closer at how to help children manage anger.  The article states,

“As a parent, it is natural to feel concerned when your child yells or acts aggressively. Some kids seem unable to cope with their emotions and they blow up at the slightest provocation. Some children get easily frustrated and angry outbursts are common. It is important to teach your child how to deal with his feelings positively. Here are anger management tips that you can practice at home.”

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Anger tips for children are an excellent way to teach children how to manage anger and interact with other children in a healthy way.  As parents, it is the duty to prepare children for social interaction and controlling anger is an important component for social integration.  Anger issues if not identified and corrected can lead to a future filled with social issues, bad relationships and possible imprisonment.  Hence it is key for parents to work with their children on dealing with anger in healthy ways.

Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification as an Anger Management Consultant.

Anger Management Certification Article on Anger Control

Anger can ruin lives.  While it is only a natural emotion, if it is not controlled or managed, then physical harm can occur.  It is very important if one has an anger issue to work on controlling anger.

How we control our anger and rage will determine overall health as well as safety for others. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “Managing Anger Issues: Don’t let anger ruin your relationship” by Marie Miguel looks at how anger can be better managed and controlled.  She states,

“Everyone gets angry. It is a normal and healthy emotion that happens to us from infancy to old age. According to the American Psychological Association, or APA, anger is an emotional state that can vary in its intensity from mild irritation to extremely intense rage and fury.”

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Learning anger management techniques are essential for those who cannot control their anger.  Even at a lower level, anger can be unhealthy for blood pressure.  So it is important to learn to manage frustration and anger for health as well as protecting others from unintended harm.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification and see if it meets your personal and professional academic goals.


Anger Management Certification Article on Teens and Anger

Teens can have serious issues with anger.  It is a difficult time of change both physically and emotionally.   Anger needs to be controlled and parents need to be able to guide their teens through anger and emotion.

Helping children learn to control anger is key part of parenting. Please also review our Anger Management Training

The article, “How Can I Help My Teen Manage Their Anger Issues?” by TONYA COTTO looks into how parents can help teach their children control their anger.  She states,

“The teen years are full of challenging times. Notorious for recklessness, unpredictability, and moodiness, these years will test even to most dedicated parents. Thankfully there is help for dealing with teenage anger. Whether through communication or treatment support, learning new tools can help you parent your teen through managing their feeling.”

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Anger if not controlled can become a big issue for teens. It is also important to learn to control anger as they grow into young adults.  Please also review our Anger Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.


Anger Management Consulting Certification Article on Mom Rage

Parenting can be stressful.  Parenting during the pandemic for many has been very frustrating beyond stress.  Children not in school and the stress of not knowing when children will return to school has made working parents, also educating parents.  This has not only led to stress but also frustration and anger.  Parents have to learn to manage their stress and anger in more effective ways when dealing with their children during these more difficult pandemic times.

Mom Rage can affect any parent. Please also review our Anger Management Certification Program


The article, “What Is ‘Mom Rage’? How To Manage Anger While Parenting In A Pandemic” by Erica Wollerman looks at the issue of Mom Rage and how it is affecting home life.  She states,

“Mom rage is something that happens when you become so overwhelmed with parenting and emotions related to your child’s behavior, that you snap a bit. You might need to walk away from your child because you feel like you might yell at them. Or, you actually yell at them and lose your cool. Mom rage is not an excuse to be angry and take things out on your child.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.


Anger Management Certification Article on Anger and Revenge

Many become angry over issues of inequality, unfairness and injustice.  It is natural to become angry over these things.  However, it is important to control anger that turns to destructive action.  The old adage of an eye for an eye justice needs to be avoided.  When someone is treated unfairly, or feels they have been treated unfairly, disgust and discontent grow.  When those emotions or needs are not met, then anger can erupt.  Sometimes, the injustice is objective, but in many cases, one’s idea of fair or not fair is very subjective.  The response from individuals can be destructive and outweigh the abuse itself in some cases.

Within the social contract, individuals cannot let anger take control in issues of injustice and unfair treatment. Please also review our Anger Management Certification


The ideal that a man must correct wrongs is a common male image.  It is found on television and pop culture but it is something society has dismissed long ago with the social contract.  When injustice occurs, or a perception of unfairness, individuals surrender revenge to the state to find neutral justice.  A justice that objectively is diagnosed without bias.

Unfortunately, when the state fails to correct injustice, and the social contract fails, one can see large and sometimes violent movements.

The article, “An Eye for an Eye” by Aaron Karmin looks at how anger and revenge are detrimental to society and how individuals must learn to control the emotion of anger when confronted with unfairness.  He states,

“Unfairness is linked to anger, but as mentioned earlier, anger is a secondary emotion, What is felt first, the primary emotion, is powerlessness, disrespect and/or resentment. It’s like pushing a button on a computer. Talking about the problem stimulates emotions and allows them to pop to the surface to see the connection between yesterday and today”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.


Anger Management Certification Article on Helping Angry Kids Cope

Anger is a natural reaction to frustration.  Children need to be taught how to react to conflict and frustration, however, many children have anger issues. Some of these issues are learned behaviors from bad examples by parents or on television,, while others are inherent issues within the child’s development.  Helping children resolve conflict and control anger through productive means are essential.

Teaching children how to cope and manage anger is critical to their development. Please also review our Anger Management Certification program and see if it meets your professional goals


The article, “Angry Kids: Tips to Cope with an Out of Control Child” by Aaron Karmin looks in depth at how parents can better help their child cope with anger.  He states,

“Most parents feel inadequately prepared to cope with anger problems because they never had anger management training. They hate it. They are afraid of it. They feel threatened by their children’s anger outbursts. They fear that their inadequacy to help their kids “fix” their anger might be exposed.”

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Helping your child learn to cope with anger is an important life skill.  It is one that should be addressed at an early age and continually taught through example and also correction.  Children who are not taught to control rage become adults who cannot control rage.  This leads to multiple societal problems and possible prison time due to crimes of rage.

Please also review our Anger Management Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  Qualified professionals can earn the four year certification by completing the required CE courses for certification.


Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger and Political Unrest in America

Politics can be very dividing.  It is one of the topics that is commonly dismissed as an inappropriate subject at dinner or public discourse.  The polarizing nature of it is not something novel but has existed at the core of every nation.  The United States is no different.  Modern America has entered into a very divisive epoch of her history.  The divide in the two party system is at an all time high and extremists exist in both camps.

The extremism seems to be the loudest beyond the norm.  It is heard on the news and on social media.  Extreme views that are uncompromising and blind to the other side dominate message boards.   The extremism is enhanced through social media.  Social media has supplied a voice to many to share their views.  This is fine to share views but a civil way of communicating has vanished as individuals can hide behind a computer screen.

Anger and politics can erupt into everyday life. It is important to control unhealthy anger in politics. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting program


Furthermore, violence through the extreme elements are becoming stronger and stronger in public arenas.  Even though these elements are a minority on both sides, they receive the most press, leaving a cloud and sense of anger and hate throughout the country.  Extreme nationalists have emerged with their hate filled rhetoric, as well as extreme liberal movements that while teaching respect, hypocritically seek to silence and disrespect others who disagree.

One may ask is the country really this divided?  Is it only seen in the political chambers of Washington, at rallies, and on social media boards?  It is hard to say but the reality is it has created an environment of tension.  A tension that exists even for moderates who become stressed by its very existence in the negative energy that has encompassed the country.

With polarization on social, religious and political issues, as well as lack of common and academic dialogue, emotion has taken over reason.  Each side is seen as a threat and enemy to the republic or to humanity.  This justification to hate the other extreme leaves open doors for violence and hate speech in public.  The result is a ticking time bomb for violence and anger.

How one conducts oneself is key.  One needs to avoid the noise of extremism.  One needs to manage one’s own emotions in the this tense atmosphere.  One needs to give respect to other opinions, even if it contradicts one’s own beliefs.  Diplomacy, patience, and understanding are key to compromise.

Anger, especially misdirected anger, leads others away from compromise and mutual respect.  It is hard when two extremes are playing the country against each other for one to  find reason and sanity in emotion and insanity.   The extremes only continue to irritate the soul of the United States leading to a collective angry environment within the nation.   Some may disconnect from social media, watch less of the news, but others wish to remain engaged.  They wish to engage with reason and mutual respect in dialogue.  Unfortunately, even those that hold moderate views are not immune to anger.

How to manage this anger in a era of social media and extreme views is a difficult thing.  It is even more difficult for those who find politics and social issues to be the most important thing in their lives.  However, one should never become so intense about something to the point where it produces a state of perpetual anger.  That anger is not only unhealthy for oneself but it also plants seeds that can lead to other arguments, fights and social uneasiness.   Like sports, sometimes, its important to take a step back.  It is important to value your opinion, but to also know when and where not to share it.  It is truly an ego thing but somethings or debates are not worth it.   Adding fuel to a fire is not always the best answer.

The other important element that many forget is that the over egotistical value of one’s opinion.  This does not mean, one should not share it when needed, or that it is irrelevant, but it does point to an ego element where one must always be right.  One needs to know when to let something go.  Many things are not worth fights or escalation over things one cannot change.  One’s opinion at the restaurant is not going change who is president of the nation or not.  One’s opinion will not alter on going legislation.  This is why it is important to not over emphasize one’s ego as well as not to place one’s opinion in unnecessary settings that do little to change the situation but only enhance tension.

It is important to know when and where to share political views.  It is important to value your belief but not at the abuse of others and not allow static noise of others on social media or at the other “table” to affect your daily feelings.  There is more to life than political ramblings from those not educated or extreme or obnoxious.  If you cannot filter out political noise or feel the need to delete individuals with different values, then something is far more wrong with you as an individual.  You need to be passionate but not emotional.

Controlling illegitimate anger is about controlling emotion.  Once one associates things more intensely with one’s identity, then emotion is always more sure to erupt.  One needs to see themselves as first an American before party affiliation.  One can be anger but have reason but not angry having emotion.  Anger with emotion leads to more division, frustration and ruining one’s own day.  So if one needs to ignore other posts or comments, it may be the only way they can avoid the frustration but it points to a deeper problem.  The best situation is to be able to read, laugh and then continue to scroll down the threads or just ignore stray comments from the other side of the room.  This involves controlling ego, understanding the time and place, and not becoming emotionally attached to a situation that is not personal to start.

Sometimes its important to know when to let something go of a political nature. If you cannot, then there may be deeper anger issues with yourself


If Americans do not start to filter out the noise of extremism and learn to control their own impulses, political anger will continue to divide the country and make everyone exist in a more perpetual state of anger than they need to be.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and open to qualified professionals.  Those who meet the requirements can earn a certification in Anger Management through AICHP’s online and independent study program.  The online courses lead to a four year certification that can be renewed very four years.

Anger Management Certification Article

Anger is a key emotion that is part of our life.  We deal with it everyday and how we deal can determine the success and stability of our life

Please review our Anger Management Certification
Please review our Anger Management Certification

Please review the article, Anger Management Techniques: 31 Tips to Tackle Your Temper, by DR. STAN HYMAN states,

“Airplane conversationalists. Slow walkers. Mumbling talkers. Interrupters. Irritated?”

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Please also review our Anger Management Certification