Anger Management Consulting Video on Anger Management Certification

Anger is a benign emotion that is truly neutral.  It is important because it allows others to know boundaries but also is a reaction to something that is wrong or socially evil.  Anger though if misused can become toxic not only to social bonds but also health.  It is important to regulate anger and not allow it to turn to rage or be misused for selfish reasons.  Anger needs to be weighed with justice.

Those who are unable to do so, live dangerous lives that lead to jail, fines and abusive relationships.

AIHCP offers a four year certification in Anger Management Consulting.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals.  Those interested can review the program and see if it matches their academic and professional goals.  Anger Management Consultants can play key roles in offering counseling as well as leading group sessions for courts.



Please review the video below