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Mission of the AIHCP, Inc.

Mission of the AIHCP

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals’ mission is to develop and promote Certification, Continuing Education and Fellowship programs for distinct health care professions.

This includes the development of quality programs that attest to the achievement of knowledge, skills, and practice experience in defined specialty practices. The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., (AIHCP) believes that health care professionals who have achieved the knowledge, skills, and experiences in a particular specialty should be recognized by their employers, peers and society as achieving a degree of excellence in practice. Certification and Fellowship offer such professionals the opportunity to be recognized appropriately and attests to the professional’s ongoing personal career growth and development. The AIHCP exists to provide sound, legitimate, recognized programs for those professionals, within a quality structure.

The AIHCP’s mission includes a strong commitment to high quality standards for the development and offerings of continuing education courses in a wide variety of health care practice specialties. The AIHCP supports mandatory, ongoing continuing education for its Certified Members and supports them in this quest by offering courses that meet the standards for high quality offerings in their practice specialties. Education is at the core of its Certification programs and Education is the focus for the eventual achievement of a Certification by the AIHCP,Inc. The AIHCP is committed to working with other various organizations and State Boards to obtain continuing education provider approvals and co-sponsored courses to provide value to its students and to maintain high quality standards for the continuing education courses that it offers.  AIHCP, Inc. is committed to providing its courses/education model with high achieved faculty at the helm, moving well into the future and expanding and revising its programs as the health care environment continues to evolve.

The AIHCP’s mission to provide Fellowship programs is focused on the continued growth and recognition of professional practice through a higher level of recognition for accomplished achievements. Fellowship is considered the highest attainment of knowledge, skill and experience and is demonstrated by accomplishments in gaining significant continuing education within a specified period of time. Fellowship denotes accomplishment above that of basic certifications. The AIHCP supports advisory boards for of its Certification and Fellowship Specialties, which allow for peer review of requirements for certification and fellowships.  The AIHCP is committed to its own continued growth, and support of its certified members.

The AIHCP mission includes a strong commitment to Social Media participation using a wide variety of social media platforms. This participation is strong and ongoing to allow AIHCP to contribute a significant amount of sharing and new content, news, publications, and encouragement of discussions to all health care professionals world-wide. AIHCP through its vast program of social media and social sharing is a leader in social engagement and social media learning today and is committed to upholding this daily practice and participation well into the future.