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Certification Process

certifications aihcpGuide To The Certification Process

Below is provided a quick guide to our Certification Process. There are two phases to the certification process as defined below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:




1. For each of our Certification programs there is a corresponding professional continuing education program of required courses. All candidates for our Certification’s must successfully complete all of the courses in the defined curriculum. Each candidate must successfully acquire the knowledge and skill base from the required education curriculum before certification can be conferred.

2. To learn which courses are required for your certification of interest, please access our page CE Courses for Certification: access here. On this page, select the specialty practice you are interested in.

3. Once you are on the selected program page you will find listed the CE Courses that are required in order to be eligible for conferral of certification. Each course has a brief description provided. At the end of the course description you will see the course cost as well as the number of continuing education contact hours you will receive upon successful completion.

4. While previewing the required courses, be sure to review the section on the prerequisites to entry our programs. This is important as you must meet at least one of the prerequisites in order to receive Certification. This information is found on the Certification Program pages: access here

5. You may start your education curriculum at any time by enrolling into the first course in the curriculum. The date of this course enrollment is the entry date. You then have two full years from this date to successfully complete all of the courses in the curriculum, if you are seeking Certification.



  • You must click on the “register for a course” link and complete the form. You may submit it online, or print it out and postal mail it in or fax it to: 330-652-7575. Course registration page: access here.
  • There is open enrollment. You may enroll into a course and start your continuing education course at any time.
  • You may register and pay for one course at a time.
  • How to Register for a Course: access here
  • Once you have successfully completed a course you may register for the next course in your program.
  • Once you have registered and paid for a course you will receive from us a welcome email with your unique username and password for entering your online classrooms. Full instructions are provided.
  • Courses are continuing education courses and are designed as independent study with one-to-one faculty mentoring as needed or desired. Courses are self-paced and you may proceed at your desired pace.



1. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses in your program, you are now eligible to apply for and receive the Certification.

2. When you complete the last course in your program you will receive email notification that you may now proceed to complete and submit your application for Certification.

3. You may access the Certification Application at this page: access here.

4. You can either fill out the application and pay the certification fee online. Or you may print out your application and include the certification fee with it. You may fax in your completed application or send it via postal mail to us. The mailing address and fax number are provided on the application form.

5. You must submit with your application copies of the necessary documents or documents that verify you meet at least ONE of the required prerequisites to be conferred the Certification (i.e. college transcripts, professional license, etc.). Applications without this documentation will not be processed.

6. DO NOT submit your application until you have successfully completed all of the required continuing education courses in your program.

7. Once received, certification applications are reviewed and approved within seven business days. You will receive an official letter of Certification conferral by postal mail. Within three weeks of your application approval you will receive your Certification packet with your Certification certificate and your wallet certification ID card. Your packet is sent by postal mail.

8. All of the Certifications have full Recertification processes so that you may recertify in the future. Recertification is on an ongoing basis. To preview your specialty practice recertification requirements, access here and then select your practice specialty.



If you have any questions regarding this information do not hesitate to Contact Us.