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Please remember that the certification application is NOT DUE UNTIL YOU COMPLETE ALL COURSE WORK.  Upon completion of course work, please fill out the application and Include any documents that show you fulfill a prerequisite such as transcripts or health care licenses. These can be copies but we do reserve the right to request official transcripts if needed and/or contact the school directly to verify the transcript.  If you do send official transcripts, prior to submitting your application, please include a photo copy of your transcripts or licensure with your application as well. Please keep all this information with the original certification application and AGAIN, the application is not due until you complete all of the required courses. After filling out the application form then, if you have not done so already, promptly pay your certification fee.

As for recertification applications, please fill them out completely after you have completed all CE course work required.  You may submit them within one to three months prior to your expiration.  If you took CE courses at another institution, we will require photo copies, if you took the CE courses with us for recertification, then simply state that on the recertification application. Include all CE certificate copies with original application.

Again, for efficiency and order please include in your applications all required information. Applications without proper paperwork accompanied or isolated copies of transcripts or licensures without an application are only saved temporarily and are not kept long term. You may have to resubmit an application with full documentation in the future. In conclusion please include everything for your certification when you submit application via fax or mail.

If you have any questions at all regarding completion/submission of your application, please Contact Us

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Below are downloadable forms for applicants who wish to fax or mail in their application form to AIHCP.

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Downloadable Application for Fellowship