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Recertification FAQs

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Thank you for your interest in “Recertifying” your Certification status with AIHCP, Inc. and/or one of its professional divisions.

We have provided the following information for you to help organize and provide the needed information to complete and submit your Recertification Application. Links are provided for ease of access. We have also used a “Frequently Asked Questions” format to provide answers to the questions you may have. After reviewing this information, if we have not completely answered your questions, always feel free to Contact Us.

The main page on our site that provides a list of links to the Recertification Information pages for each of our practice specialties. On these pages you will find full information about your specific Certification specialty including what is required for recertification. The information is clearly provided for you. You can find the recertification page here

If you have additional questions, please contact our Assistant Executive Director, Mark Moran at:



Recertification Applications

CE Courses for Recertification

Links to Main Recertification Pages


Is There a Formal Policy for Renewing an Expired Certification?

Answer: Yes. You can view this policy at the following link:  Policy on Exceeding Time Limits for Recertification


Can I Submit My Recertification Application Before the Date of My Expiration?

Answer: Yes. We will accept recertification applications up to three (3) months before the date of your expiration.


How Do I Document CE Hours for the Period of My Certification?

Answer: You will document your CE hours on the online recertification application form. You can find this form by clicking on the following link. Access here.

For those choosing to fill out a physical recertification application form. They will find an attached log where they can document all of their CE hours before sending it to our office. You can find our contact information at the following link. Access here.

In either case, members DO NOT need to send in copies of their CE certificates.


Do You Provide Any Continuing Education Courses That I May Take to Meet the Education Hours Needed for Recertification?

Answer: Yes. We do have CE courses that are approved for credits needed to recertify. You may access these courses by going to our CE course section: Access here.


What Other Types of Courses/activities Will You Accept for Recertification?

Answer: Please see the individual requirements for courses/activities by going to the following link and selecting a program from the list. Access here.


What Percent of My Continuing Education Hours Submitted Must Be From Courses Related to My Certification Specialty?

Answer: A minimum of 50% of the required continuing education credits must be related to your certification practice specialty. The remaining 50% must be related to health care.


May I Take Courses From One of the Other AIHCP Certification Programs, and Use Those Hours Toward My Recertification Requirements?

Answer: Yes.


What if I Do Not Have Enough Practice Hours to Meet the Requirements for Recertification?

Answer: For members who do not meet the hours of practice requirement. They can still recertify if they submit evidence of double the hours of continuing education contact hours required.


What is the Time Period of Recertification?

Answer: Certifications expire after a four (4) year time period and all certifications can be renewed by meeting the recertification requirements. Recertification is on-going every four (4) years as long as you continue to meet the recertification requirements for your practice specialty.


Will I Receive a New Certification Packet After Becoming Recertified for My Practice Specialty?

Answer: Yes. You will also receive your official verification letter of certification as well as a new updated certification identification card.


Can I Fax My Recertification Application to You?

Answer: Yes. You can find our fax number on our contact information page. Be sure that the application of recertification is complete and legible. Applications that are incomplete or illegible maybe discarded and a new one will have to be submitted.


Can I Submit My Application as a Scanned File via an Email Attachment?

Answer: Yes. You can send a scanned file to the email on our contact information page. Be sure that the application of recertification is complete and legible. Applications that are incomplete or illegible maybe discarded and a new one will have to be submitted.


Can I Submit My Application Via the AIHCP website? 

Answer: Yes. You can find our application for recertification form at the following link. Access here.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted for the Fee for Recertification?

Answer: All accepted forms of payment are listed at the top of our Make a Payment Page.