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Policy on Exceeding Time Limits for Recertification




1. Each of the “Certification” offered by the American Institute of Heath Care Professionals, Inc and its Sub-divisions, provides for a time period of “certification” and an “expiration.”


2. Details of all time periods for each certification are detailed on the main web pages for each specific certification program.


3. AIHCP, Inc. provides a “six-month” grace period for those who have allowed their Certification to “expire.”


4. During this six-month grace period, you may NOT say that you are “currently” certified. You may, however say that you are a “candidate for re-certification.”


5. All who are seeking re-certification must meet all of the standards for re-certification as are in place at the time of application for Recertification. Full details are provided on this website under the heading “Recertification’s.” AIHCP, Inc. and its subdivisions reserve the right to revise and/or enhance recertification requirements as deemed appropriate by the specialty certifications advisory board.


6.If a certified member exceeds the “six-month” grace period, they are permitted to apply for re-certification by: 1). demonstrating evidence of meeting all requirements/standards for recertification, and 2). paying an additional $100.00 late fee + the full cost of the recertification. This late extension is provided for a period of one-year beyond the expiration of the initial “six-month” grace period.


If the previously certified member exceeds both the “six-month” grace period as well as the one-year “late” time-frame, then in order to recertify, it will be necessary to apply again and meet all of the initial certification requirements for the specialty practice.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to Contact Us.