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Have your CE Programs Approved by AIHCP

The Center For Continuing Professional Education

continuing education approvals“Dedicated to insuring the quality of continuing professional education in healthcare”

This process does not mean any of your CE courses have the same State Board Approvals as AIHCP. AIHCP is NOT an accredited agency or a state approval board. None of AIHCP’s state approvals will apply to your CE courses. If you are seeking State Board Approvals you would need to contact your state boards directly. Again to clarify, AIHCP’s approval is an endorsement for any AIHCP certified members who may take your courses to receive re-certification hours with AIHCP. AIHCP approval is none the less a valuable and effective endorsement from a reputable organization that can help market your courses to other professionals.  If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Inc. (AIHCP)., offers a comprehensive service of “approval” for various types of continuing education programs and offerings in professional healthcare education. AIHCP’s division, the Center for Continuing Professional Education, sponsors this professional service. Applicants submit a detailed proposal and completed application according to quality standards as developed by AIHCP. Programs which meet the defined standards are then granted “approval” by AIHCP and its Center for Continuing Professional Education.  This approval grants students who take approved courses the ability to use them for re-certification within AIHCP.  The approval is also an excellent endorsement of one’s program for advertising purposes.

Program providers are required to print an approval statement as defined by AIHCP on each participant’s certificate of completion/attendance. All program approvals are for a five year period. Our Mission is focused on the development and delivery of high quality continuing education courses and programs for health care professionals!

Please note that CE Course and CE program approvals are a testament by AIHCP that the course/program meets our high quality standards for the offering of a CE Course/Program. These courses/program have undergone a rigorous review according to our established standards for course/program development and delivery.  All courses/programs that are approved by AIHCP are approved for our certified members to use for their Recertification CE requirements.

Participants who are attending any programs that offer courses or programs that are approved by AIHCP should check with their licensing Boards and other Certification Boards to ascertain if AIHCP approved course or program will be accepted for re-licensure CE credits or other recertifications by other Certification organizations.



  • To provide healthcare providers of professional continuing education a mechanism to attain “approval” status of contact hours and continuing education units for participants.
  • To allow providers a means to obtain program and offering approvals that is expedited, user friendly, and affordable.
  • To provide a means for program and offering reviews which ensure the appropriateness, completeness, quality, applicability, and the offering of a bonafide education program to participants.
  • To provide a method of education program reviews which will assist educators and providers through recommendations for revisions to meet defined standards.
  • To provide a mechanism that demonstrates to employers, professional organizations, licensing boards, accreditation bodies, certification boards, etc., that participants have completed a defined program of study which provided a quality and appropriate offering to participants, based on a pre-evaluation of applicable standards.
  • To provide a mechanism of consumer safety and assurance of the overall quality of the education program being offered.



The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Inc., through its division, The Center for Continuing Professional Education, provides an approval process for the following types of continuing education programs and offerings:

  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Staff Inservice/education
  • Video learning programs and online Webinars
  • Skills workshops
  • Distance education programs and courses
  • On-line educational programs and courses
  • Self-study programs and courses
  • Mentorships
  • Preceptorships
  • Audio cassette learning programs and courses
  • Educational retreats
  • Symposiums
  • University/College based courses
  • Continuing Education programs offered by Universities/Colleges



Each submitted application for program/offering approval is reviewing by qualified educators with expertise in the content for which the program is designed. The following standards are evaluated for each submitted application:

  1. Course Description – there is a course description which provides an overall abstract of the proposed education program, detailing the core content to be presented, the overall hours of lecture, study, or presentation time, and the type of delivery method or system used for the program or offering.
  2. Type of Program – the specific type of program or offering is clearly defined as to its method of instruction, study, presentation, etc.
  3. Objectives – there are clearly defined core, overall objectives for the proposed program. The objectives are consistent with the defined course description and are appropriate to the defined participants, the level of subject difficulty, and the overall quality of the proposed program.
  4. Content – the program/offering content is clearly detailed for each one contact hour of instruction/study/learning/experience, etc. The content clearly follows the overall objectives of the proposed program/offering.
  5. Contact Hours – the number of contact hours is clearly defined. One contact hour is equivalent to 50 minutes of instruction, lecture, study, experience, etc.
  6. Method of Instruction – the method(s) of instruction are clearly defined for the proposed education program/offering. Included, but not limited to, are defined supports, resources and references used in the preparation and presentation of the program/offering. Examples include, the use of text books, articles, handouts, overheads, slides, videos, audio, etc.
  7. Faculty – the faculty presenting the proposed offering/program have demonstrated expertise and knowledge to present a quality, appropriate and accurate education program or offering.
  8. Evaluation – there is a mechanism for all participants to provide a written evaluation of the program or offering at the time of completion. The evaluation includes criteria to assess the participants evaluation of the course objectives, course content, instructor effectiveness, effectiveness of teaching/learning aids used and the facility in which the program was offered. Recommendations for additions and/or improvements are also solicited by participants.
  9. Instructor/Faculty Feedback – all instructors/faculty are permitted a review of program evaluations, or there is in place a mechanism for collation of the evaluations and instructors/faculty receive a written summation of the program/offering participant evaluations.



All providers must submit to AIHCP an application for consideration of approval. Click here to access our CE Course Endorsement Form.



All applications will be reviewed by qualified members of AIHCP, and providers will receive a notification of the results of the review process within 14 days of AIHCP’s receipt of the application. If approved, the provider will be notified of such, and instructions regarding requirements for printing an approval statement on the participants certificates will be provided. Approved programs will also be assigned a provider number, which will be used in any future correspondence regarding the program/offering.

If program approval is denied, the provider will receive within 14 days of receipt of the completed application, a written communication detailing the reason(s) for denial. All providers will be given the option of revising applications according to specific direction by AIHCP and re-submit the application for a second review and consideration.



All providers are required, as a mandate of approval, to provide all participants with a written statement or certificate which shall include a required statement of program approval, as well as; the title of the program, the number of contact hours received, the date of the offering, the place of the offering, and a signature of an authorized representative of the provider. The approval number assigned by AIHCP must also be printed on the certificate. Providers are responsible for designing, completing , and disseminating all certificates.



The fee for program/offering review and approval is $75.00 for all programs and offerings up to 100 hours of instruction/study. The fee for programs/offerings over 100 contact hours is $100.00. There is no limit to the number of contact hours that may be applied for. Payment must accompany all completed applications.



All programs which are approved by AIHCP shall be deemed “approved” for a period of 5 years from the date of approval as detailed in the written letter of approval to participants. Expiration of this date means that the program is no longer approved by AIHCP and providers may not continue to advertise or promote such.

Providers who elect, may apply for re-approval of the program/offering. Providers must submit a re-approval application, obtained from the administrative office of AIHCP. The fee schedule for re-approvals is the same as for initial review and approvals. Re-approvals shall be for another 5 year period.



AIHCP shall promote a program of quality audit on a yearly basis. AIHCP shall randomly select 25% of all programs/offerings which it has approved, for audit of completed evaluations. Those providers who are randomly selected for audit, shall be responsible for submitting queried, completed evaluation forms for review by AIHCP. Those providers who are unable to produce complete evaluation forms due to violation of the standard for program/offering evaluation, shall have their approval status revoked.



Providers who violate the terms of agreement of the approval process or who are fraudulent in the advertising of a program/offering as it relates to all and any of the approval process, shall have their approval of the program/offering permanently revoked. AIHCP reserves the right to enforce such procedure as deemed appropriate and necessary. Providers whose approval has been revoked shall have a right of appeal to the board of trustees of AIHCP. This request for appeal is made to the Executive Director by contacting the administrative office of AIHCP.



In the event that AIHCP denies program approval, the participant will receive a written communication to such, as well as the reason or reasons for the denial. The participant will be refunded 50% of the submitted fee. The other 50% will be retained to cover the costs of program reviews. Participants may reapply for review and approval of any denied program. They must demonstrate evidence that deficiencies were corrected. The fees for reapplication are the same as for the initial application. There is no limit to the number of times a participant may reapply for review and program approval.

A participant may file an objection regarding denial of a program. In such case, the participant must file this objection in writing to AIHCP, in care of the Executive Director, within 90 days of receipt of notification of the denial. Such objections will then be taken up with the Board of Trustees of AIHCP, and a decision made. Participants have the responsibility to prove to the board that they meet all of the standards for a quality continuing education program. The decision of the Board of Trustees shall be final.



All questions and queries regarding the approval process for continuing professional healthcare education, should be addressed to the Executive Director of  AIHCP at the administrative office. They can be reached at our Contact Us webpage.