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Certification Costs

What are the Costs for a Certification Program?


You can easily calculate the costs for your Certification program by following these simple steps:

  1. Find the Certification Program that you are interesting in pursuing:  Access programs.
    You will note that the cost for Certification, upon completion of all required CE Courses in the program, is $200.00 plus shipping and handling for a four-year period of Certification.  This payment is due at the time you make official application for Certification, which is upon successful completion of all of the required CE Courses in the Certification curriculum. This Certification fee does not include the costs of the CE Courses.


2. Each Certification Program has an accompanying CE Courses program that is required to be completed in order to qualify for Certification.  Access the CE Courses program for your Certification. Access

  • On the CE Courses Program Page, each of the required courses is clearly listed.  A brief description is provided for each course. At the end of the each course description is the tuition fee for the course.
  • Text books and other required materials are not included in the CE course tuition fee and must be purchased by the student in addition to the course tuition fee.
  • Below the CE Course descriptions on the CE Courses page for your Certification that you are interested in, you will find a link “Course Information.” If you click on that link you will be taken to a page that provides more information about the course.  On that Course Information page you will find information regarding the required textbook or textbooks and/or other learning materials that are required for the particular course. There is a link included that will take you to the book or books on the website for the book or books. There you can preview all ordering information and you may place your order online via You will note that most all of the required books are available from as new, used, and many are available to be rented from Amazon. Some are available to be purchased as Kindle editions.  As such, the prices are variable depending on which type of edition of the book(s) you would like to purchase. In many cases will also buy the book back from you when you have completed using it.  Full information on the book(s) is provided and you may certainly order your book(s) from any other online book stores or book providers that you wish.

In Summary

The cost of the entire Certification Program includes: 1) the cost of tuition for each of the required CE Courses in the program, 2) the cost of required book(s) and other required learning materials, if applicable, and 3) the cost of official Certification upon successful completion of the CE Courses curriculum.

Additional Information

  • Our Certification Programs are designed to allow you to enroll and take one course at a time. There is no need to enroll and pay for all of the courses “up front.”  In this way, you are not burdened with high costs all at once, but, rather you can pay over time as you are allowed up to two full years to complete all of the courses in the curriculum to achieve the Certification.
  • Our courses have various CE Approvals. To learn more about our CE Approvals: Access here.
  • How to Register for a Course: Access here
  • CE Course Registration Form: Access here


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