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Thank you for visiting our Online Testimonial and Reviews page. On the following pages you will find actual testimonials and reviews from our certified members, as well as our current students in our education programs who are pursuing certification. All original submitting Testimonials/Reviews are on file at our administrative office and have not been altered. All testimonials/reviews have been submitted voluntarily by the authors.




Merced D.Long
Merced D.Long

Christian Spiritual Counseling

For almost eight years, I worked as a psychologist with street children in Manila, Philippines, and three years as kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong. When I married my husband in US, I focused my life, for the last twenty years, managing the household including home schooling my four wonderful children. Now that three of my children are graduated from high school, the Lord put in my heart the desire to counsel others. I decided to find a counselor job and as I was browsing the ads for the position, one particular organization requires that a counseling certification must be from AIHCP. I hurriedly looked up AIHCP online and I was delighted to see all the certification programs they are offering. I wasted no time and enrolled in SC 570- Christian Counseling. The Lord has planned it all for me to be a part of this great institution and equipped to counsel others in a “disciplined and skilled way” for His glory. Evidence-based counseling approaches matter and so are empathy, commitment, warmth and genuine care: qualities that counselors must possess to bring about lasting change in the client, with God’s help. In depth knowledge of the causes and effects of humankind’s problems and crises and knowing how to guide the client each step of the way to solve it, is counseling in a skillful way. Abiding by the Counseling Code of Ethics guides the counselor to work hand in hand with other professionals and the client in a disciplined way. Enrolling in the course empowered me and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Mr. Moran, for your support and the helpful books you required for this course. Glory to God.

Merced D.Long-MEd-SPED


Dr. Caius Alfred, DMin, LPC, SCC-C
Caius Alfred

Christian Spiritual Counseling

I happen to stumble on AIHCP online certification programs because I was searching for a certified counseling program that was creditable but would give me the flexible study time I needed as a full-time professional. As I browse through the certification courses on offer, I got just what I wanted– Spiritual Christian Counseling. After doing background checks, I went headlong. I am happy to report that I could not have made a better choice. The courses were thorough and felt I was grasping the concept to satisfaction. The faculty were knowledgeable and relatable. I can honestly state that information I learned from AIHCP has improved my understanding of clients’ life issues and aided me in helping clients address their challenges. My clients tell me how much they have benefited from our sessions. AIHCP has truly changed my career and professional outcome.

Dr. Caius Alfred, DMin, MAPTH, LPC, SCC-C. Director of Family Ministries, St. Lucia Mission of SDA, Castries St. Lucia


Grief Counseling

Krystal J Kemp photo
Krystal J Kemp

I have been waiting a long time to get into AIHCP. I found your program and certification years ago. When I visited your website it was user friendly it helped me get information about getting a certification in grief counseling. The site provided the different programs and options to pursue. I am happy to see that I am using my GC-C certification and it was the best thing I have ever done and I am so happy with the many opportunities that have been open with getting my certification through AIHCP. AIHCP was listed as one of the certifications the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes there are many other certification programs but many are not recognize.

AIHCP is quality and meet and standards for the federal government clinicians.

Krystal J Kemp, MSW, LSCSW, CTTS, GC-C


Grief Counseling

Dianne Watterson photo
Dianne Watterson


My husband and I both saw a need in our area for professional grief counseling, as both he and I had suffered the death of a spouse many years ago. We are both semi-retired, and believing in the value of continuing education, we decided to take the courses together. It was a great learning experience for us, and upon completion, we felt we were better equipped to help grieving people navigate the pain, loneliness, upheaval, and instability that the death of a loved one brings. We are involved with a program called GriefShare that is offered free of charge through the church. We both appreciated being able to complete the grief counseling courses at our own pace and are thankful for this good program.

Dianne Watterson, RDH, MBA, GC-C


Grief Counseling

I would recommend ( AIHCP) to any beginning professional who would like to advance their career in the many fields offered.
It was a true blessing for me to have been accepted in the training program.
The books are filled with high end educational information that can easily take you to the next level of your profession of choice.

Christopher M. Hayles Certified Grief Counselor


Réa Kironn
Réa Kironn

Spiritual Counseling

I am a D.Min., metaphysical practitioner, Spiritual Counselor – the latter certified at AIHCP. Then I went on to get the certifications in Stress Management, Pastoral Thanatology and am now working on Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling. After that I expect to work on the Meditation Instructor certification. I have greatly enjoyed all courses and am a life-long leaner. My personal life and those of my clients with trauma have benefitted immensely from these studies.

Réa Kironn, D. Min.
Waken Your Spirit



Julius O. Oshodi
Julius O. Oshodi

Substance Abuse Practitioner

It is a great privilege to share my testimony as a certified substance abuse practitioner (CSAP) at this excellent institute. Also, a great experience that was highly insightful and packed with knowledge and resources I am proud of any day. The entire certification course was a top-notch course that helped me deal with challenges in a counseling job as a counselor. I thought of giving up on addiction counseling at one point, but the certification program rebuilt my hope. The program provided courses and resources around addiction counseling in substance abuse. The materials are great information needed for the exam and constant practice updates with the reflection of the frontier principle on the discipline. As a counselor with the state agency, the certification course elevated my entire professional standard. My success in this program made my practice as a counselor much more resourceful and positively impacted my resident. As a result, colleagues request to be part of the certification program to create a difference in their own lives as counselors. I am proud to be part of this excellent citadel of learning (American Institute of Health Care Professionals).

Julius O. Oshodi, BSc, MSc, CSAP Arkansas.


Grief Counseling

American Institute of Health Professionals certification courses are well organized and offers many diverse topics for certification. I recently received my first initials of use in the profession of grief and bereavement counseling. I have searched online and was able to research courses offered through their website, for me, they are of reasonable price. There is no limit to the number of courses you are allowed to take. I really enjoyed two courses in which I gained a lot of insight and currently utilize, Grief Therapy and Grief Counseling for Helping Professionals. These courses along with the book was very specific regarding what are realistic and basic knowledge one would gain while working in the professional field of Grief. I also like how the staff check in with me if they have not heard from you and answer calls immediately. I definitely have encouraged others to take certification courses through AIHP and I have signed up for additional courses. I definitely support this organization and what they have to offer.

Sylvia Grant, GC-C


Clinical Hypnotherapy

MJ Brewer

With the assistance of AIHCP and their educational program, I was able to acquire my certification in hypnotherapy. Doing so allowed further education in deepening my knowledge even more. The materials were only pressing if one didn’t pay close attention to the provided materials, but for those deserving, the certification was there for the taking. Study hard and you shall have your just rewards.

As with any program, there are nuances you cannot find anywhere else, and AIHCP is no exception. With the driving force behind me, I started my company on my own website as well as Fiverr for a start. If you are considering getting a well-rounded start in your career, I cannot think of a better route to go. If you have any doubts, check out my website and see. I am a certified Habit Reformation Consultant.

MJ Brewer
Waking Lions, LLC


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dr. Ed Garrett

In the field of sport and performance psychology, we seek to have the cognitive along with the kinesthetic. Constantly we are seeking new ways and applications to help our clients enhance their performance. I was blessed and fortunate to have studied hypnotherapy through the American College of Hypnotherapy and I am so pleased with the training. The training was self-paced and very beneficial for what I was looking for. I was able to apply the hypnosis training perfectly into my sport and performance psychology practice. I would recommend the training to anyone seeking to gain another cognitive tool to effectively help the clients you serve.

Dr. Ed Garrett


Rhonda Kennedy-Adams
Rhonda Kennedy-Adams

Stress Management Consulting

When this journey began, I had no idea this would be one of the most blessed experiences of my life. The content of the material was so engaging along with assigned videos for that one-on-one connection.

I believe the course SM 560 “Meditation” was the first to bring that dynamic of “Peace” and “Tranquility”. After this study, I would conclude that “mediation” is universal, in that anyone can participate. The reach for peace and calm has become a priority in my life. I can testify from first hand experience the turmoil of unhealthy stress. This course was the initiator that “relax” is the target.

In studying through these courses, it gave me a “peace of mind” in knowing that others have dedicated their time to help others in this area. Studying through these courses I also was in a state of relax and peace of mind.

The course that touched me the most was SM 580 “Post-Traumatic Stress”. Just prior to taking this course one of our ministers, a friend, a beacon in the community at the age of 42-passed away. They were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress. I could not help but, engage intensely with the material wanting to learn all I could. It was this course that gave me that permanency in heart never to ignore signs and soak in the knowledge flowing from this study.

I too appreciate the availability of the staff and professors. Once I registered for a course the professors reached out immediately to make sure if I needed any assistance, making me aware of their availability. The follow-up that continued was consistent. If I got delayed in a course there was no delay from the professors touching-base with me.

Mark Moran especially, has been so helpful in guiding me through processes and always being available for my questions with immediate responses. Thank you for being there for these 2-years to help me through.

As clergy and having my Bachelors in Psychology this certification has helped me already with my counseling of married couples, those experiencing grief and loss and with ministry work in general. Stress is such a reality of life but, it was made clear in these studies that all stress is not bad stress yet, we must know the difference.

I know that I am so much more well equipped to move forward in my areas of expertise with this added knowledge to help others through stressful situations. Help that will free them mentally, physically and spiritually to move forward making healthy progress through difficult times for a healthier, happier and more peaceful life of daily living.

I encourage current participants and those who are wondering if this course would be beneficial to you. I would say you can’t go wrong with this course and you can get through this course. AICHP through the staff, blogs and Facebook post, the support and encouragement is available to you.

Stress Less is Best!!

Rhonda Kennedy-Adams

Moving Beyond That


Deanna L. Benjamin Picture
Deanna L. Benjamin

Substance Abuse Practitioner

I thought the entire program was very good. I learned an incredible amount of information at my own pace. I enjoyed the learning process and would highly recommend this certification program.

Deanna L. Benjamin, MSN, AGACNP-BC





Grief Counseling

Although I have almost 30 years of hospice experience both as a nurse and as a certified hospice administrator, I was new to the roll of chaplain and bereavement coordinator. I was able to perform as chaplain as I have my degree in ministry and am an ordained minister. The hard part came as a bereavement coordinator. I felt uncomfortable and uneducated in my role. I needed help fast!! When I came across AIHCP it looked like just the program I needed.

I took the certification courses on bereavement. They were extremely helpful, and I was able to put the ideas into practice right away. My bereavement letters were all redone and my conversations with bereaved family members were meaningful and heartfelt. I was no longer just calling to “check on how you are doing.” I could ask them personal questions about their grief and walk with them on this difficult journey.

On a personal note, the children’s portion was beneficial. My daughter lost her husband to cancer two years ago. They have two young boys ages 8 and 10 at the time of his death. Studying how children grieve allowed me to talk to my daughter and grandsons on a whole different level. My grandsons displayed all of the grief behaviors I was studying. As I understand from the study, children continue to grieve at each new stage in their life. Right now, both boys are doing well, and we have seen the behaviors dissipate. They continue to benefit from their bereavement group and are doing great in school again. Because of this training I can watch for identifying markers of grief as they continue to grow.

I am so very thankful that I took this course and would highly recommend it for anyone providing grief counseling.

Diane Kazala RN, CHPCA, Chaplain


Kimberly Morgan
Kimberly Morgan

Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling

Greetings current, former and perspective students of AIHCP. It is an honor to provide you a testimony of my Certification experience. As a Nephrology Social Worker, I was providing grief counseling to our patients. Being on dialysis comes with many losses and grieving. I decided I needed some formal education regarding grief counseling. I found AIHCP during my search and was very impressed with the plethora of courses and certification programs they offered. After completing the Grief Counseling courses, I applied for my certification. The process was easy. All of my course information was already in their files. I just provided the additional supporting information and paid the fee. Shortly thereafter, I received a very professional Certification Certificate, and other documents, via US mail. I was impressed with the ID card I now carry in my wallet. Now I have a Certification on the wall in my office that affords me the professional courtesy I deserve as a Grief Counselor – Certified. I also took the courses and received a Certification as a Child and Adolescence Grief Counselor (GCCA-C). Once you see where you can go with professional certifications you realize that the sky has no limits. I am currently taking courses to achieve a Certification as a Loss of Pet Grief Counselor. I truly believe that adding a Certification, from any of the many disciplines offered, to your resume will increase your marketing potential. I have always received support from the professor and other staff as they would check in on my progress and offer assistance if needed. If you take the courses you owe it to yourself to take the next step and become CERTIFIED. Thank You and good luck with your studies.

Kimberly Morgan, LCSW, CGSW, GC-C, GCCA-C (Maryland)


Substance Abuse Practitioner

The Substance Abuse professional course addresses critical issues related to drugs from a multidisciplinary, health and human rights-based approach. Throughout the course you will cover a range of questions including scientifically based information in this is presented in a manner that makes it accessible and relevant to behavioral health service clinicians and other frontline SUD treatment providers, including clear direction guidelines for all healthcare service provide. In my opinion the course will define effective, clinically-proven treatment principles and the importance of providing an individualized, multi-faceted approach to treatment and continuum of care. I learn how the process of change can contribute to interrupting the addiction cycle and achieving recovery. The course will review the four dimensions and ten guiding principles of recovery and provide an understanding of relapse the stages of relapse, and relapse prevention. Finally, the course will provide a guide to locating trusted resources and support, strong understanding of the major health issues related to drug use, ethical, cultural perspective and resources available in the community to help our clients at your local or regional level.

Karina Cata


Paula Marie Jones

Grief Counseling

I have been a music therapist for nearly 40 years. The last 20 years has been working in Hospital Palliative Care and also Hospice Care. My personal life & hospice work has also allowed me to expand as a bereavement counselor. My work is again expanding into teaching our new hospice volunteers. I received my Grief Counselor Certification through AICHP. This program has been perfect for me as it acknowledges my prior Master’s work in Counseling. I am able to choose from a wide array of courses to learn more about grief therapy work. The courses have enhanced my understanding of the complexity of many kinds of grief. The courses offer different tools and techniques to enhance my own style of working. I feel more confident and also to be able to more effectively teach hospice volunteers how to approach their journeys with our patients. I appreciate that this program continues to bring new courses for the many health care professionals who need certification while engaged in full time work.

Paula Marie Jones, M.A. Psychology & Music Therapy


Grief Counseling

I have been certified in Grief Counseling with AIHCP since 2014. I have benefitted as a grief support counselor from the learning that I have been offered from these on-line courses. As a Christian minister, I encounter various types and levels of grief. The certification program has equipped me to be to identify and address various dynamics in the grief experience to help persons who are walking the journey of change, transition, and loss. I recommend this program to clergy, clinical chaplains, and other caregivers as a resource to help increase competency in addressing persons facing the issues brought on by grief.

Robert E. Burnett, D.Min., Ph.D., GC-C


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