Life Coaching Program Article on New Year Wellness

Good article on how to focus on wellness this New Year and great strategies on overall health.  It is critical to control stress by removing stressers in life.  Identify stress and do not allow it to take control and ruin the New Year and its many blessings

Wellness goals can be reached with life coaching help. Please also review our Healthcare life coach program
Wellness goals can be reached with life coaching help. Please also review our Healthcare life coach program

The article, “17 Ways to Make Focusing on Wellness Easier in the New Year” by Nadine Deninno states,

“After the holidays, getting back into the swing of fitness is difficult — especially when the gym is packed and the grocery aisles are overcrowded.  But making health a priority is easier than you’d think thanks to so many great at-home workout plans, meal kit services and nutrition guides to choose from. There’s truly something out there to fit everyone’s needs and we found them all!”

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Healthcare Life Coach Article on Weight-Loss Strategies That Truly Threaten Your Health

If you’ve ever had difficulty losing weight, you know what it’s like to feel desperate. You might even make some questionable decisions to help move the process along. If so, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone does at some point in their dieting life.
The problem is that while some weight-loss strategies are just unpleasant, others are downright dangerous. If you’ve embarked on a new weight-loss strategy, you’ll want to check your program against the list in this article. This list contains some of the most dangerous weight-loss mistakes that people can make.

Please also review our healthcare life coach program
Please also review our healthcare life coach program

1. Detox Diets
Money Crashers points out that many dieters look to detox diets for quick weight loss results. However, these diets also come with their own dangers. People who undergo rapid weight loss plans such as this one end up tired and irritable. They also lose muscle mass, which they need to lose weight. It’s better to eat a healthy diet over the long haul than to go on a detox diet.
2. Starvation Diets
The promise of quick weight loss traps many people: Starvation diets count among those types of weight-loss strategies. People who embark on starvation diets not only don’t get the nutrition they need, they also set themselves up for conditions like anorexia nervosa.
The challenge with this and other eating disorders is that they may be difficult to overcome and may require some advanced treatment measures. According to Reasons Eating Disorder Center, these treatments could include inpatient therapies as well as hospitalization. In light of this, the dieter is better off cutting fewer calories and allowing him/herself to lose the weight at a slower pace.
3. Too Much Exercise
Exercising counts among the best ways to keep yourself healthy. However, if you’re in the habit of over-exercising because you’ve overeaten, you may be overdoing it. This practice can lead to exhaustion and injury. And if you do get injured, you lose the opportunity exercise and burn calories. Keeping your exercise routine consistent, whether you overeat or not, will set you up for some healthier habits in the long run.
4. Not Enough Variety
The dieter who sticks to a high-variety diet experiences better health than dieters who follow rigid diets. Rigid dieters typically don’t get a variety of nutrients. Some of them also tend to overeat, which actually makes them gain weight. Finally, the people who practice rigid dieting deal with more negative consequences like negative body obsession and mood problems than those who don’t. A diet filled with variety of healthy foods works best to counteract the effects of rigid dieting.
Many dieters wind up following some dangerous weight-loss plans because these programs promise quick weight loss. However, quick weight loss is rarely healthy. Injuries, eating disorders, and too few nutrients are just some of the after effects of questionable weight-loss strategies.
If you’re considering a new weight loss plan have it checked out by a doctor to ensure that you’re following a healthy eating habit. The same goes for a new exercise routine. Taking these steps ensures your good health and vitality remains after your weight-loss efforts end.


About the author: Anica is a professional content and copywriter from San Francisco, California. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.


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Healthcare Life Coaching Program Article on Keeping One’s New Year’s Resolution

Regain Momentum this Spring and Revamp Your New Year’s Resolution of a Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping strong to your goals.  Please review our healthcare life coaching program
Keeping strong to your goals. Please review our healthcare life coaching program

By the time spring arrives, most people have lost the momentum to stick with their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, be more active, or choose healthier habits. In fact, 80 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past February. Whether you want to incorporate healthy habits like yoga or meditation, reduce your intake of refined sugar, or start a weekly exercise routine, you can reaffirm your resolution this spring and make it a permanent behavior. Who says January is the only time to make a big change?




If you set goals that are too broad or too big or if you make too many goals at once, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Wanting to lose weight is too broad. Wanting to run a marathon when you’ve lead a sedentary lifestyle for two years is too big of a goal. Hoping to lose weight, run a marathon, learn a new language, and master a new instrument in the same year qualifies as having too many goals. You need a well-defined path to follow that’s feasible and gives you something specific to work towards without overloading your plate.

To reaffirm your goal and set yourself up for success, start by being honest with yourself. Don’t set a goal because you think you’re supposed to or because you want to please someone else. Otherwise, your goal isn’t meaningful or desirable, and your “motivation doesn’t come from within but comes from the outside and that doesn’t tend to lead to success,” warns CBS News. Figure out what changes are important and valuable to you, then set your goals. In order to be successful, you have to want the change for yourself.

Stick to one change at a time. Once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next. It’s easier to take small steps toward your end goal rather than trying to make a complete overhaul all at once. For example, if your ultimate goal is to eat a healthier diet, you may want to try cutting out your nighttime snack your first week; adding a serving of vegetables to dinner your second week; and finally, eliminating junk food from your diet (except for special occasions, of course!).


Making it Permanent


Obviously, no matter which goal you choose, you should follow the advice above; however, specific goals require more specific strategies. For sticking to your goal of eating a well-balanced diet, look at cooking as an opportunity to get creative and try new things. Host a dinner party with your friends to share recipes, or cook a meal that involves your whole family. You’ll eat healthy, learn new recipes, and spend time with loved ones.

If you want to build an exercise regimen, recruit a workout buddy or hire a personal trainer. Not only will someone else be there to cheer you on and motivate you, he or she will also hold you accountable. To achieve the goal of cutting down on alcohol consumption, pace yourself by drinking slowly, consume no more than one drink per hour, and have a nonalcoholic drink (water is best) after each alcoholic beverage. Also, avoid drinking on an empty stomach and try to eat food while you drink, even if it’s just a snack.


Reaping the Benefits


Don’t forget the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of opting for a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is a known stress-reliever and stress-reducer, and it helps improve mood, memory, and learning. Exercise also fights depression and other diseases, including Alzheimer’s. And fitting in your daily dose of activity doesn’t always have to mean taking a trip to the gym — exercise can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk or playing a game of tag with your children. Cooking with your family can set a positive example for your children, leading them to create healthy habits of their own, teaching them to cook, learning basic math and science, and even teaching them responsibility.


Certain people or places can influence you to drink more, and for alcoholics, this trigger effect can push them into an addiction relapse. If you cut back on your own drinking, you may influence someone around you to make the same choice to skip the drink, aiding in his or her addiction recovery. As you can see, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle will bring some obvious rewards, but there are subtle and invaluable benefits as well. Don’t wait until next January to make a change. Regain momentum this spring and revamp your resolution.


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Online Counseling Training: Life Changes

Navigating Through Life Changes

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.     Jim Rohn

 Online counseling training is an excellent way to learn how to aid those in need or simply sharpen your counseling skills. Online courses can further help by giving you an opportunity to work an education around your schedule. With a virtual classroom, you can take it with you wherever you go! Below is an excellent article by an instructor on Navigating Through Life Changes.

Life changes and we change along with it.  If you are like me, you may be experiencing changes in life patterns, in life expectations and outcomes.  What you envisioned your life to be may not be your reality anymore. What was “known” to you changes, and you may feel baffled, without energy, and hopeless.  Are you feeling that way?  I understand you;  to feel sad and challenged is just human. However….it’s up to you how you continue feeling.

I want to use the analogy of life and the seasons.  Many people have written about this analogy, being Jim Rohn one of my favorites. Jim said we all go through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  It is not a surprise!  Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings, new opportunities! We may not even take a pause to think!  We enjoy this time in our lives, expecting to last forever. We are hopeful, motivated, and filled with joy!

Then, we reap in  Summer what we have sown in Spring.  Although, I know that at times what we reap is not a reflection of what we sowed, because there are other variables we may not have taken into account or were out of our control. However, we can still learn from this, change our strategy, and continue renewed with expectations.  We still have hope and strength. When Fall comes, is a time to cherish the good times in our lives and prepare ourselves for those times when we will experience the extreme cold of Winter.

Because… it will come, even if we do not want it.

Are you facing a Winter now? What kind of Winter is it?  What are you doing about it?  Are you complaining about how cold it is?  Or are you lighting a fire to keep you warm?  If you are experiencing an extreme cold Winter, I understand you.  Recently, I have experienced a couple of Winters. However…it is up to us, if we freeze to death, or if we choose to wear a warm coat, get close to the bonfire,  and know that Spring is about to arrive.

Remember…Your Life has Meaning!

Ligia M. Houben, MA, FT, CGC, CPC


Healthcare Life Coaching: How to lose weight without eating less?

Impossible! “It is not possible for me to control on food” – I heard a fatty girl explaining the disability. These may be the problem for so many of you. People want to lose their weight but are unable to control on food and follow the diet plan on daily basis. So I suggest you to eat certain nutrients to lose weight. Yes, I know that exercise is important but fat-melting food work in your favor for sure. So you can eat and live in an effective, realistic and reasonable way.


Good article about losing weight without eating less. Please also review our Healthcare life coaching program
Good article about losing weight without eating less. Please also review our Healthcare life coaching program

There are number of supplements which can help you in maintaining weight. The thing is, You have to consume them in an appropriate manner. So are you looking for those supplements? You can find out some from listed below and for more information regarding supplements, you can search Best weight loss supplements by on the web and also can order online. Let’s look some of them in detail :

Vitamin D : Your question is undoubtedly true, how vitamin D can help in melting the fat? The study says that vitamin D helps to ensure body cells listen and allow to respond to insulin, hormone secretion occurs from your pancreas. One of the major job is to help glucose to get into body cells, which burn glucose for energy. Remember, when a level of D is low, levels of parathyroid hormone rises up. A lack of vitamin D may also interfere with a hormone which indicates your brain to stop eating and signals the leptin too. Your body doesn’t know when it’s full, so you will try to eat continuously.


Calcium : Calcium is a mineral that works with vitamin D to help you in emitting fat. Calcium basically is stored in fat cells. And as per scientists, the more calcium a fat cell contains, the more fat that cell will release for burning. Calcium helps you for weight loss by binding that fat and preventing some of them from getting absorbed into your bloodstream.


Protein : While keeping hunger in check, eating protein at every meal helps to keep body balanced. Along with calcium and D, protein helps you to preserve the mass of muscle as you drop weight. According to recent research, women who consume protein twice a day will surely lose 3.9% more weight than women who consume less of it on a diet. Consumption of Protein is not only helping in weight loss but also help to become stronger than before. Like with their thigh muscles alone ending up with 5.8% more protein at the end of the diet.


Omega-3 fatty acids : Omega-3 helps in weight loss by selecting enzymes that trigger fat-burning in the cells. They also help to boost mood and help in reducing emotional eating. Plus, omega-3 will improve leptin signaling in the brain which may cause the brain to turn up fat burning and turn down appetite. Example, Fatty fish just like salmon which are having high vitamin D, are one of the richest sources of fat. Other foods, such as some nuts and seeds contain a kind of fat that can be converted easily into omega-3 after ingestion.


Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) : As per a Danish research, 26 men and women found that a diet includes 20% of its calories from MUFAs. The type is found in olive oil, seeds, peanut butter, chocolate and nuts etc. These fatty acids can improve 24-hour calories burning by 0.1% and fat burning by 0.04% after 6 months. While, some other research says that MUFAs zero in on melting belly fat. Some of the food having high MUFAs like peanuts, olive oil can help in keeping blood sugar steady and will reduce the appetite.


At last, controlling in food is not the only solution for weight loss. You can consume certain supplements in possible amount and get rid of overweight. Our body needs some nutrients in specific amount so little more or less will immediately affect your body. So be careful while consuming any. Do exercise daily and stay fit!



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Foods that Can Improve Your Brain Power

Health Care Life Coaching and Important Foods For the Brain

Better foods for the brain!  If you are interested in health care life coaching, then please review our program
Better foods for the brain! If you are interested in health care life coaching, then please review our program

We have all come across various posts that advise us about the best foods that can help build muscles, lose weight or even those that we should avoid. All these help us to bring out the external beauty of our body and make us look good and presentable. But, what about the necessary nutrients that our body needs? The most important part being the brain. You need to be determined to be that amazing “Beauty with Brains”! And for the guys; make sure you  build up your brains too.

It’s not only the external beauty that matters. You need to be clever enough and brainy to handle every situation in life. You need not learn about the historical World wars, neither would you be asked the distance between the two countries. But, all you have is a mind that works well and is alert enough to respond to situations. Now, this is where we would see some natural foods that are found to be extremely helpful in improving the brain power.

  1. Nuts: Vitamin E plays a very important role in the functioning of the brain. This Vitamin helps in the prevention of the Cognitive decline. You can have Walnuts and Almonds, as they are a great source of Vitamin E. Cashews and Sunflower seeds are known to boost the serotonin levels and thus lower stress. If you are not quite sure of which nuts you should eat, the best way to remember walnut, is its shape. The walnut resembles the brain. It contains high amounts of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are also beneficial for the brain.
  2. Eggs: The egg yolks contain high amounts of Choline. This nutrient is known to help in strengthening the memory and reduce the effects of age related mental decline. It is also found to be helpful in improving the communication between the brain cells. Thus, eating one egg per day is a standard way of staying healthy and keeping your brain healthy too.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds and Peas: Pumpkin seeds are usually a part of the waste we throw away after cleaning a pumpkin. But, did you know that these seeds are a rich source of Zinc? Peas too are a rich source. Why does our body need zinc? Zinc is known to be a powerful nutrient for memory building and thinking. It regulates the communication between the neurons and the hippocampus, the part that is responsible for higher learning function and memory.
  4. Green Tea: Tea is a refreshing drink that is now consumed in different parts of the world. The nutritional composition in Green tea helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. The acetylcholine is a chemical that deals with the memory and is usually less or absent in people suffering with the Alzheimer’s Disease. Both; black and green tea are found to be effective for an Alzheimer’s patient. But, the Green Tea is considered to be more effective because of the additional antioxidants that it contains.
  5. Fish: Fish and fish oil is known to be  among the greatest sources of the Omega 3 fatty acids that are needed by the body. It not only helps in proper functioning of the brain, but also contains some anti inflammatory substances that the body needs. Therefore, consuming fish, or even fish oil, will contribute towards a healthy mind and body.
  6. Dark Chocolate: This yummy dessert is indeed a good and healthy food that we all can eat with lots of love. Prefer dark chocolates that contain at least 70% cocoa. It increases the blood flow to the brain and prevents it from early ageing. Chocolates also contain high amounts of antioxidants and help improve one’s mood. Thus, an ounce of dark bitter chocolate every day is acceptable.
  7. 7.      Blueberries: These tiny blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants and help protect the brain from oxidative stress that is usually caused by the accumulated free radicals in the body. These berries also enhance the memory and improve the learning abilities. They also prevent age related issues from affecting the brain and thus prevent the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  8. 8.      Broccoli: The Broccoli is the best alternative for an egg. Vegetarians can prefer consuming Broccoli instead of an egg. This too, is rich in Choline and thus helps in improving the memory and prevents the mental decline caused due to ageing. Apart from this, Broccoli is also a rich source of Vitamin K that helps in increasing the speed of the brain functions and improves memory abilities. You can eat some 2 cups for about 3 to 4 times a week.
  9. 9.      Carrots:  We all have heard about carrots being good for the eyes. But, they are good for the brain too. A compound called luteolin helps reduce age related memory deficits and inflammation in the brain. You can thus have a lot of carrots now. They will help you improve your eyesight and your brain too.
  10. Lentils: If you are on a look out for food that will give you enough of folate and Vitamin B, lentils are the best sources you can consume. They help in boosting the brain power like none other and reduce the effects of amino acids on the brain.

These foods will surely contribute well towards the well being of the brain. Many of these also contribute towards the overall health of the body. Thus, consuming them will surely help you in maintaining a healthy body and a healthier brain. Go ahead a grab those healthy bits for a healthy mind and body.

By James Hundson


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Certified Health Care Life Coach: How can Adults Eradicate the Obesity in Kids

A certified health care life coach can help you guide yourself or child into better health and better diet
A certified health care life coach can help you guide yourself or child into better health and better diet

The startling increase in the rate of obesity in children has worried the WHO (world health organization). The kids with extra pounds in their bodies tend to suffer from various physical ailments. They are also prone to the risk of developing asthma and heart diseases. The obese children get affected in an emotional way because of their excessive weight. They tend to lose their confidence due to frequent teasing at schools and public places. Even if it doesn’t happen, they become shy and do not wish to step out of the house.

Lack of activity leads to increase in their fat and weight. Obesity makes the child physically and mentally incompetent. Often they are excluded from the school activities, which make them lonesome and depressed. If the feeling persists then these young kids would start hating their body which may lead to some dangerous situation at a later stage.

Prospects of Physical Activities

According to a research conducted in the year 2012, parents revealed the chances of getting their kids involved in physical activities to decrease their fat, and vice-versa increase their self-confidence. The concerned age was from 0-8 tears. However in 2013 there was an improvisation seen in the health of kids by 61 percent.

The years 2012-13 witnessed the chances amongst the young children to get involved in the physical activities like sports and swimming. It gradually rose according to the age-group. The children who were benefitted by the exercises were mostly from American Indians, children of natives of Alaska, Arab and American children, and the young ones of Latin and Spanish parents. Amongst this brood the adults figured more chances of white kids involving in the physical activities, and getting better results than the kids from other nationality or tribe. The reason was unknown but these gave chance of studying the life of colored people in a better way.

Kids suffering from obesity also sometimes suffer from speech problems. They might stutter or cannot speak the exact words. To heal this problem the speech pathologists Newcastle provide verbal communication reviews and healing to the child. The aspect of family focused therapy is used by the speech pathologists Newcastle so that both the child and the parents get attuned with goals and concept of speech therapy sessions.

Reduced Ratios of Obesity

Fresh surveys and trends amplify the fact that the rising risk of obesity in children has slowly reduced. In the year 2011 the ratio of reduction in obesity moderately decreased by 0.3% in the kids aged from 2-5 years. Similarly, the kids suffering from their weight problems indulged in the physical activities and got better health aspect, it reduced the obesity problem by one percent.

Encouraging Analysis

There were appreciated efforts made by the grown-ups to eradicate this problem by developing recreation centers, sports-club and parks for kids. The survey further emphasized the investment in organizing camps for children, and gymnasium for those living in the lower income group. Parents, teachers and other responsible adults working with children encouraged the children to indulge in activities like sports, hiking, swimming which helped in reducing the fat cells from the body and thereby increased the power of immune system.

Autho’s Bio

Jenna is a certified music therapist who uses music to heal the autism in children. She often writes blogs for health topics. Here she provides information on the speech pathologists Newcastle who aide the children suffering from speech problems due to low confidence resulting from obesity.

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Health Care Life Coaching Program: Stretching

Health Care Life Coaching Program: Fast Facts about Bones and Stretching

The Human Body is the most complex machine that could ever be understood. It comprises of many things that are being held together for the proper functioning of the body. The bones and joints, muscles, blood cell, organs, cartilages and many more minute parts are responsible to perform some necessary functions in order to contribute to the entire working. Thus, it is necessary for us to take care of each of these parts that in return help us perform better.

Learn more about stretching.  Also please review our Health Care Life Coaching Program
Learn more about stretching. Also please review our Health Care Life Coaching Program

Let us now concentrate on the importance and the well being of bones. Have you thought of a boneless structure like the Amoeba? Have you ever imagined of being boneless? We could actually fit in anywhere. We would be less heavy and also easy to be carried around. But, more than these, there would be other difficulties that we would face. We will not have feet to stand on. Nor will we have hands to hold onto something. The absence of bones will not only make movement difficult, but also prevent us to hold on to something.

A human body is born with a total of about 300 bones, which are later reduced to 206 because of the merging of a few bones. Have you ever tried knowing a little more about our bones rather than the facts that you might have read in your science classes? A few rarely known facts about the human bones are as follows:

  1. The Face of a Human comprises of 14 bones.
  2. The number of bones in the neck of a human and that of a Giraffe is the same.
  3. Most of the bones in a human body are present in the hands. There are about 54 bones present in the human hands.
  4. The longest bone in the human body is the femur, called the thighbone.
  5. The femur is also the strongest bone although it is hollow.
  6. The femur is about ¼ the height of the individual.
  7. The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone in the ear. It is about 1/10 of an inch.
  8. The bones weigh almost 14% of the total body weight of an individual.
  9. The only bone that is fully grown at the time of birth is the one present in the ear.
  10. The foot has about 26 bones in it.

There is another important fact that people rarely know about the bones and the effect the gravitational force has on them. This force compels the bones to maintain the density that is needed to hold the body. Thus, when astronauts are floating in zero gravity conditions, they tend to experience bone loss and are more prone to bone fractures when they return.

The most important parts of the bones are the joints. Aging of the bones may result to joint pain. The joints or the bones are covered by a cartilage which in turn is protected by fluid producing synovial membranes. This fluid comprises of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide gases. Have you observed the cracking sound that may come when you stretch your bones or the joints? It is the release of these gases that causes the sound. However, one needs to take utmost care of such joints as it is because if their well being that we will be able to move around easily.

Joint pain and problems are usually found in people who are inactive or even overactive at times. A human body requires enough movement of both joints and muscles to maintain their health. Old age is one common reason that keeps people away from being active. For people who are suffering from joint related problems and have weak joints, there are a number of joint supplements and joint health shakes that help in keeping them healthy and active. If you are facing a problem to remain active all day long, you can make use of supplements such as Dendrobium and Mucuna Pruriens that are natural supplements and do not cause any harm.

Most importantly it is necessary to take good care of your joints and make sure you get them treated at an early age so that it may not grow up to become a larger and a more complex issue in your old age. Just a few precautionary steps along with some nutritional supplements will help in keeping your bones and joints fit and strong to carry you all through your life.



James Hundson is a fitness trainer who has been helping people achieve their fitness goals faster in a healthy manner. He believes in the natural way of dealing with health issues. He has been writing on various natural ways to maintain health and fitness, lose weight and also build strength and muscles.

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Complete guide of – How Many Calories Should I Eat Daily

Complete guide of – How Many Calories Should I Eat Daily

People now a days are searching out for ways that will help them lead a better and a healthier life. This includes people of all ages. Right from school going kids to elderly people, fitness is an important factor that everyone needs to think about. Exercising the way others do and following a diet that has helped others, is what most of the people think they should be doing. This has been the most common myth that many people tend to follow and also advice others to do so. Each individual is made up with a unique body structure. Although they may look the same, the internal metabolism of each individual is different. There are no two individuals; even twins that can be considered to have the same metabolism. It is thus important that each of you know what is best for your body and the things that can get you maximum benefits.

Whats your daily calorie intake?  Also, please review our certification In Health Care Life Coaching
Whats your daily calorie intake? Also, please review our certification In Health Care Life Coaching

What are the things that you need to focus on? Are you looking for a weight loss plan, a muscle strengthening plan or simply a fitness regime? What are the best exercises that will help you reach your goal? What kind of a diet do you need to follow? Most importantly, how many calories do you need to consume and how much should you burn? All these are factors that cannot be simply predicted or assumed according to your wish. You will have to look into different other things that will help you calculate the above mentioned factors and thus will help select the most suitable method to stay fit or even lose weight.

The Harris-Benedict equation that was created for women can help considerately to calculate the amount of calories a woman can consume. Before you know the equation, the basic things that you would have to know are the age, height and weight. These are the most common things that every woman knows about herself. You simply need to add these numbers in the equation mention below:

BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 * weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 * height in inches ) + ( 4.7 * age in years )

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate. This equation helps you to calculate the number of calories that you would need to consume per day. You would be wondering about how to go about calculating the BMR. Let us see an example for the same. Suppose you are a lady whose age is 50 years and the height and weight is 5’ 7” and 160lbs respectively, according to the Harris-Benedict equation, the standard amount of calories that can be consumed in a day are found to be 1441.

Maintaining ones weight:

Let us now take a look at the calculations for women who would want to maintain their weight. It is a matter of fact that an average person usually burns out more calories than the above mentioned number. Thus, one should consider the amount of work done in a day or the number of calories that one tends to burn to conclude with the final number of calories that can be consumed. There are a number of activities that one would be performing in a day. We need to calculate the activity factor of each activity that we take up in a day.

Let us consider activities in which we include minimal movements, such as watching television, reading or simply listening music. The activity factor here would be about 1.4. The activity factor of an entire day spent in office work with approximately 1 hour of moderate exercises or an activity can be said to be 1.5. Similarly, the activity factor of more activity and an active lifestyle will be about 1.6. Finally the most active people who are athletes or are involved in military activities will have an activity factor of 1.9.

The total number of calories that need to be consumed in a day in order to maintain the energy and weight is calculated by multiplying the activity factor with the BMR obtained above. Let us consider the activity factor to be 1.6 and the BMR 1441. The amount of necessary calorie intake could be stated as 2305. You can consume about 2305 calories in a day if you tend to be active throughout the day at the age of 50 years and your height and weight as mentioned in the example considered above.

Calorie Count for Weight Loss:

There are many people who prefer losing weight by adapting to methods that will help burn calories. You need to make sure that the calorie burning methods that you use help in burning fat and not muscles. If you are on a weight loss regime, all that you have to do is consume fewer amounts of calories.

Calories and weight loss.  Also please review our certification in Health Care Life Coaching
Calories and weight loss. Also please review our certification in Health Care Life Coaching

While one is focusing on weight loss, it is important to focus on many other factors that contribute to the entire regime and thus you can calculate the calories taken in and the amount that needs to be burnt.

Factors that your calorie intake depends on:

Type of Exercises: The amount of calorie being used up depends a lot upon the type of exercise that you do. If you have included vigorous forms of workouts or aerobics that help burn more calories as compared to mere walking or yoga, it means that you would have to consume a few more calories than the others.

Diet you follow: A high protein diet usually takes time to digest and thus burns a lot of calories during this process. Proteins not only help you burn calories in the process of digestion, but also help in enhancing ones metabolism and provide enough strength to work out more vigorously.

Individual Metabolism: Every individual has different levels of metabolism. The intensity in which one can perform an activity can be determined by the level of metabolism. There are many health supplements that claim to enhance weight loss, actually follow the principle of increasing the metabolism levels. Some of these are Raspberry Ketones, Dendrobium and green coffee beans.

Although all these above mentioned methods and factors may help you calculate an amount of calories that you can consume in a day, you cannot rely on any particular factor or method. The BMR calculated using the Harris-Benedict equation mentioned above can also be considered to be just an estimate amount of calories that one can consume.

The best practice is to consume food and drinks as supplements and green tea that give us more energy without adding to the calorie content in the body. This will help us workout more vigorously that will increase the amount of fat being burnt and thus enhance weight loss.


Author: James Hundson is a certified personal trainer. He  earned the reputation as an expert in the field of weight loss, health and fitness. James helped many peoples to achieve their personal goals through private consultations and training, as well as public speaking and numerous publications.

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Health Care and Good Health and How to Become a Certified Holistic Nurse, Life Coach, Stress Manager or Meditation Instructor

Health Care and Good Health and How to Become a Certified Holistic Nurse, Life Coach, Stress Manager or Meditation Instructor

If you are interested in learning how to become a certified holistic nurse, then please review the program

Good health and exercise is the theme of the Twenty First Century.  People by the groves are seeking natural and holistic answers to health concerns and questions.  Exercise and fitness are also important elements to modern day life as people hope to cut off the fat and erase unhealthy eating and exercise habits.   With this need comes a demand for expert advice on all levels from nutrition and fitness professionals.

An array of professionals exist to meet these needs.  Licensed dieticians and other qualified professionals offer expert advice.  There are also an array of certified professionals in the health field that can help and promote health.  These professionals may be both licensed and certified or merely certified.  As a certified professional, one still meets a certain criteria of academic and professional excellence, but they are not considered licensed or regulated by the state.

These certifications are open to many health care professionals and health care degreed academics who have the skill sets and academic background to meet the needs of individuals.  Among many of these positions include certified Health Care Life Coaches, Holistic Nurses, Stress Management Consultants or Meditation Instructors.   These professionals are able to help people with a variety of issues surrounding everyday health concerns.  They can help people better cope with stress, reach goals, exercise better and eat better.   Since these issues deal with no specific or acute medical issue, certified professionals who are not licensed, but educated within the area can become sources of information.  

Qualified professionals can give their time and service on a personal level or at a corporate level.  In some cases, gyms and other health recreation centers will look for certified professionals in these areas.  Ultimately, the possibilities are endless.

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers a variety of certifications for health care givers who hope to enhance the health of their patients and customers.   These certifications can be found in health care life coaching, meditation instructor, stress management consultant, and our holistic nurse programs.   Those who qualify are either in the health care field or possess licensures in general health and physical instruction.   The certifications are useful in that they can enhance an already existing career in the health field and enable a professional to advertise his expertise in the certified area.

Becoming a certified health care professional in life coaching is an excellent way to spread healthy habits and teach people how to reach goals
Becoming a certified health care professional in life coaching is an excellent way to spread healthy habits and teach people how to reach goals

All of the programs are online and are divided into modules that consist of a text book and open book exam.   They are designed for working professionals with a desire for self-paced learning.  Of course, mentorship as needed is offered for all courses.  After completing each individual course, qualified professionals are eligible for three year certifications. 

Professionals seeking re-certification in any of the specialties must show clinical hours and academic hours in the field.   Usually clinical hours consist of five hundred hours and academic hours consist of 50 hours of continuing education.  After these prerequisites are completed, one can then re-apply for certification.

For each certification and individual continuing education course, one receives a certificate of completion with a stamped seal.  These are sent to those who complete the course. In addition to a certificate, one also receives a wallet size card with certification dates included.   This comes in  the mail in a certificate packet, usually ten days after certification.

If you are wondering how to become a certified Holistic Nurse, Health Care Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant or Meditation Instructor, then look no farther.  The online courses at the American Institute of Health Care Professionals offer the needed education for working professionals.

In the meantime consider how these certifications can impact your career.  They can increase your marketing diversity to other crowds of potential patients and amplify an already existing career.  Remember, a certification is not a licensure and is not under the direction of the state.  Hence it is designed to complement professional licensures or degrees.

Here is a short review of these exciting health related certifications.

Stress Management Certification:  This certification is designed for health care professionals who wish to help their clients manage stress.  It incorporates a variety of stress management strategies to help reduce stress and identify stressors.   Some of the strategies include hypnosis and meditation.  

Meditation Instructor Certification: This certification falls back upon a variety of meditative traditions to help health care professionals properly instruct the art of meditation.  Meditation and health are closely correlated realities and can be a great benefit to one’s patient.   The program teaches a variety of meditative practices and skills that an instructor can pass on to student.

Holistic Nursing Certification:  Unlike the first two certifications, this certification requires that one at least be a registered nurse.  Combining one’s previous nursing knowledge with new holistic and natural medication knowledge, one can then become certified as a Holistic Nurse.   A certified Holistic Nurse can take the best from both West and East and present a fully comprehensive nutritional supplemental plan for overall health.

Helping people spiritually, emotionally and physically are the purposes of certifications in meditation, stress, holistic and life coaching
Helping people spiritually, emotionally and physically are the purposes of certifications in meditation, stress, holistic and life coaching

Health Care Life Coaching Certification:  This program is designed for coaches, nutrition gurus and physical therapists.  As a certification it can supplement a licensed professional but if one is not a licensed dietician it does not give one the legal right to perform dietician duties.  It does permit one to recommend a variety of diets for overall health and also exercise regiments.   In addition to this, it helps one learn to encourage and propel others towards their life goals.   Half of this certification’s course work is taken with the CCMS while the other half is taken with AIHCP.

These certifications represent AIHCP’s ongoing patronage of mental and physical health and give qualified professionals the necessary academic skills to apply their talents and knowledge to those in need of a better life style.

If you are interested in learning how to become a certified  holistic nurse or any other health related specialist, then please review our program.   If you have any questions let us know .

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