Anger Management Program: Dr Conte Video on Anxiety

Anxiety and anger are tied closely together.  Anxiety can lead to multiple issues for an individual.  Anger is a result of anxiety.  Lack of proper coping and allowing anxiety to overtake oneself can put a person into a fight or flight situation where emotions and anger can become unleashed.

Dr Conte looks at how to better control anxiety and anger. Please also review our Anger Management Program and see if it meets your academic needs


Dr Conte discusses the importance of dealing with anxiety and how to better cope with it.  Dr Conte in his video, “How to Dealk with Anxiety” takes a closer look into controlling anxiety and anger.   He states,

“Anxiety can be crippling; so in this video, I offer some practical ways to deal with it. Obviously there is more to discuss about anxiety than what I cover in this brief video, which is why my plan is to continue to make more videos to help however I can. Sending everyone who watches this much”


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To learn more about anxiety and anger management, please review AIHCP’s Anger Management Program.  Dr Conte authors the required courses and lends his expertise and skills to the online program.

Anger Management Program Article on Myths About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a growing crime in America.  Thousands of cases emerge each year with many cases of the repeat offending nature.  The danger to the victim can escalate in time.  Unfortunately, many victims report once it is too late and their life is in true danger.

Domestic Violence is serious crime and is addressed more than ever with stronger laws. Please also review our Anger Management Program


Domestic Violence while usually considered a crime against women, can also be a crime against men as well.  It is also more than merely bruising and beating but any push, shove or slap.  Furthermore, even if physical abuse does not occur, mental abuse can be as long term damaging.  Individuals need to spot the signs of abuse and break it before they become a statistic themselves.

The article, “Domestic violence: Misconceptions, Myths and Mistakes” by Alderman Rupa Blackwell states,

“I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and I get really nervous when people begin to talk about domestic violence around me. Not because I’m afraid to share my story or because I’m still triggered by the years of abuse, but because I know they will likely share some misconception about the cycle of violence.”

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Anger Management can help prevent domestic violence, but one should always be seek professional help before determining if a situation is now safe or not.  Please also review our Anger Management Program 


Anger Management Consulting Program on Angry Words

Anger can get the best of anyone.  Unfortunately, even if no physical violence ensures, words can cause emotional damage that cannot be repaired.   It is important in whatever relationship we are in with others to conduct ourselves with kindness and patience even when angry.  We want to avoid saying something we may not mean.

In doing so, sometimes, we need to walk away.  We cannot always be a perfect saint and smile when angry and it is critical and even in some cases healthy to walk away.   In doing so, one needs to communicate frustration in a healthy way.  One needs to communicate that they are very angry and wish to remove oneself from the situation.  This allows one to calm down before speaking.

One of the worst things we can do is speak when angry, Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it meets your professional goals


The article, “Anger Management: What to Say When You’re Too Angry to Talk ” by Jeremy Brown lists a variety of phrases one can use to remove oneself from an angry situation and avoid saying something one may later regret.  He states,

“So, the question becomes, when you become so angry that you can’t process emotions any more, how can you manage it? And what do you say when you’re too angry to talk? It comes down to understanding, managing, and explaining your emotions.”

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It is extremely important to control rage and anger.  Too many times, we can hurt someone simply with our words.  These words can deeply hurt someone or escalate a situation.  We end up later regretting what was said and then have to seek forgiveness.  Instead of hurting others with words, use words that remove oneself from the situation.  It is better to politely excuse oneself and discuss the situation later than to say something one may forever regret.

Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program.  The program is online and independent study.  Qualified professionals may take the online courses and upon completion of the program apply for a four year certification.

Learn to help others face their anger and teach them coping skills by becoming a certified Anger Management Consultant.


Anger Management Program Article

Good spiritual look about the anger and when it is bad and as well as just and good.

Please also review our anger management program
Please also review our anger management program

The article, Stop Being Slaves to Anger by National Review states

“Anger can act as a useful emotion, one that supports our Christian lives. Unfortunately, for many of us anger doesn’t serve us but enslaves us.”

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Please also review our Anger Management Program

Anger Management Program Article on Lent and Anger

Good article about Lent and Anger and how we can better control our emotions, not only for our health and the safety of others but also for our own spiritual development

Lent and Anger. Please review our Anger Management program
Lent and Anger. Please review our Anger Management program

The article, 5 Ways to reject unhealthy anger this Lent, by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble states

“Anger is all around us these days. The emotion of anger in itself is not a bad thing. Thomas Aquinas went so far as to say that not responding to something with anger can be a vice because sometimes reason demands anger at injustice and sin.”

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Please also review our Christian Counseling and Spiritual Counseling Programs, as well as our Anger Management Program

Anger Management Program



American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This video looks at the new program from AIHCP in Anger Management Counseling.  The video also reviews anger, emotions and how to control oneself.  If you are interested in learning more about our anger management program, then please review the site

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