Anger Management Program: Dr Conte Video on Anxiety

Anxiety and anger are tied closely together.  Anxiety can lead to multiple issues for an individual.  Anger is a result of anxiety.  Lack of proper coping and allowing anxiety to overtake oneself can put a person into a fight or flight situation where emotions and anger can become unleashed.

Dr Conte looks at how to better control anxiety and anger. Please also review our Anger Management Program and see if it meets your academic needs


Dr Conte discusses the importance of dealing with anxiety and how to better cope with it.  Dr Conte in his video, “How to Dealk with Anxiety” takes a closer look into controlling anxiety and anger.   He states,

“Anxiety can be crippling; so in this video, I offer some practical ways to deal with it. Obviously there is more to discuss about anxiety than what I cover in this brief video, which is why my plan is to continue to make more videos to help however I can. Sending everyone who watches this much”


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To learn more about anxiety and anger management, please review AIHCP’s Anger Management Program.  Dr Conte authors the required courses and lends his expertise and skills to the online program.