Anger Management Training Article on How to Better Deal with Anger

The way one handles anger is key to success in life.  Like grief, anger is part of life and it is not something bad in itself.  It only becomes something bad when misused.  When rage takes over or when anger is used to purposely and vindictively punish, then anger becomes something that is detrimental in life.

While anger is not bad in itself we need to handle it properly. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Training


The article, “These are the best and worst ways to handle your anger, experts say” by Megan Marples looks at some good ways and bad ways to handle anger.  She states,

“Someone cut you off as you drove to work. Your boss passed over you for the latest promotion. A close relative with young children refuses to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Nearly everyone has encountered a situation that left them simmering in anger. To get rid of the fiery feeling, people will often vent to someone, but that’s not necessarily the best path, said Brad Bushman, professor of communications at The Ohio State University in Columbus.”

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