Anger Management Program Article on Myths About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a growing crime in America.  Thousands of cases emerge each year with many cases of the repeat offending nature.  The danger to the victim can escalate in time.  Unfortunately, many victims report once it is too late and their life is in true danger.

Domestic Violence is serious crime and is addressed more than ever with stronger laws. Please also review our Anger Management Program


Domestic Violence while usually considered a crime against women, can also be a crime against men as well.  It is also more than merely bruising and beating but any push, shove or slap.  Furthermore, even if physical abuse does not occur, mental abuse can be as long term damaging.  Individuals need to spot the signs of abuse and break it before they become a statistic themselves.

The article, “Domestic violence: Misconceptions, Myths and Mistakes” by Alderman Rupa Blackwell states,

“I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and I get really nervous when people begin to talk about domestic violence around me. Not because I’m afraid to share my story or because I’m still triggered by the years of abuse, but because I know they will likely share some misconception about the cycle of violence.”

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Anger Management can help prevent domestic violence, but one should always be seek professional help before determining if a situation is now safe or not.  Please also review our Anger Management Program