Meditation Instructor Program Article on Meditation and Child Rearing

Meditation traditionally takes quiet and silence.  People look to the quiet to probe the depth of their minds to find inner peace.  Raising children is far from peaceful and cause many unexpected stresses.  How can one balance raising children and find time to quietly and effectively meditate?

It can be difficult to find time to meditate while having children. Please also review our Meditation Instructor Program


The article, “How to Meditate While Raising Kids” by Sumi Loundon Kim looks at how to balance meditation and child raising.  The article states,

“Should your children stumble into your bedroom when you and/or your spouse are meditating, don’t panic. It’s good for your children to see you meditating, as it plants seeds for their future practice. ”

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It can be a challenge to find time to mediate and raise a house full of children but it is not impossible.

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