Anger Management Certification Blog on Regulation of Anger

Children without restraints become wild adults.  It is especially true to help teach children to regulate and control their anger and rage.  They need to learn to realize their emotions have consequences and when living in a society, it is important to act a certain way.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification

Learning to regulate anger at a early age is critical. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


The article, “Anger Management for Kids: Teaching Emotional Regulation” by Nathan Greene looks into the importance and how to teach children to regulate their emotions.  He states,

“When your child has a temper tantrum — whether at home or in public — it can be startling and disorienting to witness the amount of anger or rage coming from one tiny human. And when those tantrums start happening repeatedly, it can be concerning. You wouldn’t be alone in wondering what’s causing those outbursts, whether you’re reacting to them correctly, or if there is something else you could do to help your child. Anger management techniques, when age-appropriate — which focus on emotional regulation — may help.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional programs.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in Anger Management.