Anger Management Program Article on Frustrated Employees

It is bad enough when a pandemic causes enormous stress on employees, whether working in the office under safety guidelines or working through the obstacles of home, but it when the basic stresses of the job bury employees, it can even become worse.  Employers need to be able to identify issues for employees by making work and the work place as least stressful as possible.  Much of this has to do with how employers interact with their employees and respect them, as well as supplying them with the supplies and time they need to succeed.

Employers need to be able to identify frustration and keep the work place conducive for employees. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Program


The article, “How to deal with frustrated employees” by Nurhurda Sayed looks at how employees can help frustrated employees succeed.  The article states,

“So what can leaders do to manage these angry employees? If a blow out happens during a meeting, Micha suggested that leaders give some extra attention to the worker and say, “hey, I would like to know more about the root cause of your emotions. I’m happy to hear you out”. This personal conversation can be held after the team meeting and you can still retain a professional tone during the chat.”

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