Stress Management Article on Managing Stress at Work

Good article on dealing with stress at work and navigating through it with your team.  Reducing stress is critical in Stress Management and can be used in the professional setting to calm employees and increase productivity.  Please click here to learn more about stress reduction.

Managing stress at work and leading the team to success can be difficult and stress management skills are key
Managing stress at work and leading the team to success can be difficult and stress management skills are key

The article, How To Negotiate With Your Team In Stressful Situations, by Tanya Tarr lists how a team leader can help manage his or her team through stressful and difficult situations.  She states,

 “My whole team is going to quit,” read a text from my friend and former client, Janice (not her real name). Janice is a new manager, working for an exciting start-up in the health and tech space. As is often the dynamic of start-up life, every task is urgent and everything needed to be done yesterday. But Janice knew this approach to project management was creating near-toxic conditions for her newly-created team of ten.”

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How “Tapping” can help you be stress free!

stress free
Can Tapping lead you to a stress free life?

Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution says he has been using his tapping methods to help those affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Become Stress Free with a Technique Known as Tapping.

All of us experience stress. Many are seeking effective ways to neutralize its effects on our body, mind and spirit. “Tapping” or the Emotional Freedom Technique is gaining in popularity these days as a very effective way to manage stress. It is also used for many other things such as PTSD to weight loss. Does tapping work? I have tried it and I say yes! This is an excellent article and introduces a new book that teaches you how you can tap on acupuncture pressure points and achieve excellent results in stress management. Highly recommended. To learn more about stress management, you can visit our site at: stress management courses

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Managing Stress For A Successful Life

 How to manage stress for a successful life?

Managing stress is key to a successful life. Stressattacks everyone on all fronts. Whether it is personal, financial, or professional, one must be able to cope with stress in a healthy way. If one cannot develop the necessary coping strategies in life to deal with stress, then one’s life will   

managing stress
Stress can leave one drained managing stress
become a disorganized and emotional struggle. Stress managers help people with stress and aide them in better ways to cope with it. While individual professionals seek stress management, one is beginning to see a large demand also by corporations. Corporations want their employees to be as stress free as possible to maximize their talents in the work place. AICHP offers certifications in stress management for qualified individuals who would like to learn more about stress management and utilize their skills in helping others. If you feel you are qualified and have a strong understanding of stress and stress management, feel free to apply at AIHCP, take the ceu courses, and become certified in Stress Management.

Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity

Written in collaboration with Neal Vahle, Ph.D.

 Decrease Stress
Decrease Stress – man holding several brief cases stressed out











The world today is moving faster than ever. Technology has changed the way we communicate and get information and entertainment, and also the way we read, learn and how, when, where and from whom we buy products. And these changes will keep coming faster and more dramatically, causing most of us to be rushing and racing just to keep up.
The result is an enormous amount of stress, tension and exhaustion, which severely decreases the quality of our health, our relationships and our work. When over stressed, we don’t sleep well, are more anxious and irritable and are taking more than 40,000 tons of aspirin a year to counter the ever-increasing stress-related headaches, bad backs, neck pains and stomach problems.   Learn to  Decrease Stress.

The article, “Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity”, by Robert J. Kriegel, Ph.D. states

“The human engine, like any other, runs on energy. The more you have at your disposal, the healthier you’ll be and the better you’ll feel and perform. But you can’t continually run an engine in the red zone, at max output, or it will burn out.”

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