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Stress Management CE Courses Program

Continuing Education Program for Certification

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., offers a full Continuing Education program of online courses for those seeking Certification in Stress Management Consulting.

stress management courses

Upon completion of the eight (8) courses detailed below, applicants are eligible to apply for and receive certification as a Certified Stress Management Consultant. Each course is provided for in a dedicated online classroom. The courses are designed as independent study/continuing education courses, with one-to-one faculty mentoring. There is open enrollment and students may register and begin the education program at anytime. Participants must complete the entire 225 contact hours of education to be eligible to apply for certification. For information on the Stress Management Consulting Certification program: Access here.

Role of the Certified Stress Management Consultant: Access here.


Stress Management CE Courses Program

Course Fees: Below are listed the required courses for this curriculum. At the end of each course description you will find the course cost listed. All textbooks and learning materials are separate and not included in the course cost.  

The following CE Courses have provider approvals:

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is an Approved Provider for Continuing Education by the South Carolina Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists and Psycho-Educational Specialists licensing board, Provider # 4637. 

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15595.

The following CE Courses have provider approvals:   The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Florida State Board of Nursing  Provider # 50-11975.


The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Arkansas Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Georgia Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the South Carolina Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Professional Registered Nurses. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Kentucky Board of Nursing CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the New Mexico Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.

SM 500 – Introduction to Stress Management

This online continuing education course is the foundational course in the theories of stress and stress management practice. This course provides a comprehensive overview of stress related to contemporary theories, anatomy/physiology and life and work stressors. Students are presented with principle-centered stress management theories and study the common types of life situations leading to stress reactions and chronic stress. Work related stress is presented in a comprehensive format. Students will study the establishment of effective relationships for stress reduction as well as foods and some alternative methods for coping with stress. Students then are introduced to some of the most common stress management modalities such as meditation, relaxation exercises and life enrichment through effective change management. Course Code: SM 500. Contact hours of education = 25. Cost: $150.00


SM 530 – Clinical Stress Management

This online continuing education course, is designed for mental health professionals and other health care professionals seeking to expand their professional practices by offering clients highly effective stress-management, evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Mental health and health care professionals will study foundational theories of stress and its effects on body, mind and spirit. These professionals will examine research related outcomes related to stress management techniques that have been validated in clinical practices with evidence-based effectiveness. The mind-body-connection is studied throughout the course and is emphasized as a holistic model in which to assess and treat clients who present with stress related body, mind, and spirit distresses. Mental health and other health care professionals will examine and learn and be able to assess clients for many life and occupational situations related to stress and their responses and coping mechanisms to them.  The diversity in stress environments for clients and the response to them is examined as well. Mental health professionals and health care professionals will then explore and learn, from in-depth study, key evidence-based clinical interventions in stress management that can be effectively use with clients to significantly reduce and management their defined stressors.  Professionals will be able to work with their clients to develop personalized stress management intervention plans that clients may use on an on-going basis to manage their long-term stressors to enhance their overall mental, physical and spiritual health.  Mental health professionals will also learn to assist clients to perform self-assessments of the effectiveness of the outcomes of their personalized stress management intervention plans. This course is particularly designed for mental health and other health care professionals who are seeking to achieve the Stress Management Consultant Certification status as offered by the AIHCP, Inc. Level of Complexity: Intermediate and Advanced.

Course Code: SM 530. Contact hours of education = 30. Cost: $150.00


MED 300/SM 550 – Relaxation Strategies

This online continuing education course for mental health professionals is a foundational course in relaxation theories, methods and strategies. It is provided at the intermediate level of complexity for mental health professionals who are acquiring knowledge and skills to work with and teach clients therapeutic modalities in the behavioral sciences and practices of meditation as well as stress management and guided imagery.  This course provides mental health professionals a comprehensive overview of breath work, concentration and their physiological effects on the central nervous system. Professional mental health practitioners will study anatomy and physiology related to breath work as well as physiology and anatomy of the nervous system.  They will examine various types of breath work, the use of mantras and the elicitation of the relaxation response, with an emphasis on teaching clients to use these therapeutic modalities as therapeutic behavioral treatment interventions in acute settings and over the long-term.  Research outcomes related to meditation and relaxation techniques and their positive effects on mental as well as physical and spiritual wellness are examined. Guided imagery is examined in detail and mental health professionals will learn various methods of its use in clinical practice in-order to work with clients to achieve greater quality outcomes in behavioral health care. The effective use of guided imagery in everyday stress management is also examined.  This course provides a solid intermediary foundation of knowledge for mental health professionals seeking knowledge and skills to become proficient in relaxation modalities with which to expand their professional practices to offer more comprehensive and highly effective, evidence-based interventions to their clients. This course is also particularly designed for mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers who are interested in achieving certifications as a Meditation Instructor and/or a Stress Management Consultant with the AIHCP. Level of complexity: Intermediate.

Course Code: MED 300/SM550 . Education contact hours = 35. Course Cost: $150.00


SM 560 – Meditation

This online Continuing education course continues where SM 550: Relaxation Strategies left off. Participants study theories and practices of many different meditation techniques. Learning which occurred in the course (SM 500) becomes more applicable as participants explore the world of meditation. Participants will study meditation from various traditions, including practices used in religious settings. Such practices include “Zen” theory and meditation, Buddhist meditation practices, and Christian meditations. Continued explorations occur in relation to common meditation practices of today’s western world. New breath work techniques are studied, as well as new ideas related to concentration and mindfulness meditation. Taoist meditation is also studied. Hatha Yoga is also presented, as are mantras, included sacred Hebrew mantras used in meditation practices. Other topics that are presented include, Chi, progressive relaxation techniques, dreaming, deep meditation, mantras and vibrations, centering prayer and more. Participants come away with this course with the knowledge and skills to work with clients using meditation modalities and techniques. Course Code: SM 560. Education contact hours = 30. Cost: $150.00


SM 570 – Alternative Therapies

This course presents participants with alternative care modalities that are most useful in a comprehensive stress management program. Participants will study a wide arrange of alternative supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrition and food, which have a calming effect on the mind-body-spirit. Comprehensive information is provided related to supplements including how they act on the brain, nervous system and other physiological effects on the body. Common side effects are presented along with dosing recommendations. Principles of natural care modalities are discussed, including emotions, self-esteem and other related issues which create anxiety and stress. Aromatherapy and principles of chinese medicine are also presented. Students study many types of natural healing methods, including rapid induction techniques for precipitating a relaxation response and induce mental states of “calm.” Theories of “anxiety” are re-reviewed in the context of mind-body-spirit health care. Course Code: SM 570. Contact hours of education = 25. Cost: $125.00


SM 580 – Post-Traumatic Stress

This course is a comprehensive study of the disorder “Post-Traumatic Stress.” A well defined mental health diagnosis, students will study all facets of the disorder, including therapeutic outcomes and stress management interventions. The course is presented from a “holistic view” toward the disorder and many dimensions of therapeutic interventions are presented. Students will study the symptomology, causes, medical and mental health interventions, as well as holistic approaches to working with clients and achieving stress management outcomes. The physical, behavioral and spiritual dimensions of the disorder and its treatment are fully examined. Special causes are examined included sexual assault, traumatic injury, and loss and grief. Students will also study issues and stress management interventions for relapse prevention. Other topics that will be presented include pharmacological treatments, the history of the disorder and abuse assessment and emergency preparedness. Course Code: SM 580. Contact hours of education = 20. Cost: $100.00


HYPN 300/SM 590 – Self-Hypnosis

This course provides focused and comprehensive study in the art and science of “self-hypnosis.” Participants learn theories and skills needed to conduct self-inductions and how to work with thoughts, affirmations and visualizations to benefit the self. Participants also learn a solid methodology for teaching clients how to perform their own self-hypnoses sessions for continued self-practice and effectiveness of outcomes. Effective and sound strategies are explored and allow for first hand practice of hypnosis. Students learn the techniques to teach self-hypnosis as a highly effective stress management therapeutic modality. Contact hours of education = 30. Course Code: HYPN 300/SM 590. Course fee: $100.00


SM 600 – Stress Management Therapy & Interventions

This course continues in presentation of a comprehensive program of multiple modalities used in a quality and successful stress management consulting practice. While students will review modalities from previous courses, this course emphasis a more comprehensive study of many previously learned and new therapeutic modalities. Many new techniques for various challenging problems and issues are presented. The course and text provide an abundance of well defined exercises that students work with and learn, so as to teach and work with clients. The practice of the exercises provides a real experiential learning application and prepares one to begin a practice. The text is formatted also to allow for its use by clients in conjunction with a teaching program implemented by the stress management consultant. Tools for assessment and criteria for outcomes evaluations are also provided and examined. Course Code: SM 600. Contact hours of education = 30. Cost: $150.00


Additional Information

  • Prerequisite to enrolling in the continuing education program: registrants must meet at least one of the following;
    • A registered nurse currently licensed to practice nursing.
    • A licensed social worker.
    • A health care licensed professional.
    • A health care provider with a minimum of an associate degree.
    • A licensed counselor or psychologist.
    • Holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in psychology, human services, or other health related field.
    • Practices as a fitness consultant or wellness consultant.
    • Is in current practice as a licensed minister or any legal clerical representative of a religion.
    • Is in current practice as a crisis counselor.
    • Other health care related professionals may be eligible and will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • All courses are continuing education courses and are provided in online classrooms via our website. Upon enrollment a unique identification and password is provided for classroom access. The online classrooms provide full syllabi and course information, including the course exams and evaluations. Students must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the course examination to pass the continuing education courses.
  • Participants are given two (2) years from the date of enrollment into the first course, to complete the entire program of eight (8) continuing education courses.
  • Upon completion of each course, you will be awarded the corresponding continuing education contact hours and receive the CE certificate verifying course completion and the award of education credits. Registration may be completed online, by accessing the links below.

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