Crisis Intervention Program Article on Keeping Children out of Fostercare

Crisis in families is a major issue in America.  Whether through abuse or drugs, averting crisis levels that require counseling and guidance is the most ideal.  How to identify pre crisis situations for children is the key.

Better social venues to deal with abuse and addiction can prevent crisis in families. Please also review our Crisis Intervention Program

The article, “What If We Could Reach Families Before the Crisis? There Would Be Fewer Kids in Foster Care” by Kris Faasse states,

“Many families don’t have extended families, friends or church communities to turn to when there is a crisis. When a crisis hits families without community support systems, their children are at a heightened risk of not getting the care they need and even potentially being removed from their homes.”

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Crisis Intervention Specialist Program Article on Police and Trauma

Good article on trauma and how it effects police officers.  Police officers are sometimes thought of as robots in how they perform their duties but the reality is they are persons with feelings and emotions.  If something traumatic occurs, they can be as easily affected as anyone else and will need counseling.

Police face many traumatic situations.  Please also review our Crisis Intervention Specialist Program
Police face many traumatic situations. Please also review our Crisis Intervention Specialist Program

The article, “How does trauma affect police officers?” by Sahalie Donaldson states,

“Post traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses, typically sparked by traumatic events and the accumulation of stress day after day, are not an anomaly in law enforcement. Police officers face a much higher rate of suicidal ideation than the general public. According to a research study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, one in four police officers think about dying by suicide at some point in their life.”

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Future Trends in Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention can help save people before they pop.


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Crisis intervention is a skill set that everyone should know.    No one can predict when a crisis might strike.    Crisis training and a working knowledge of what to do could be the difference between life or death.  Many times some trained to prevent a crisis can intervene and save lives.  Police officers, EMTs, fire fighters and other first responders should all receive crisis training.   They need to stay up to date with the latest techniques and new ways to hone their skills.   An excellent essay talks about trends in crisis intervention management.   For more on crisis intervention counseling, you should go to our page.

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Crisis intervention Flashcards

Study Flashcards On Crisis intervention at Flashcard Exchange. We can help you quickly memorize the terms and more

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Great site for those who are currently studying crisis intervention or currently in crisis training.    It is a simple site that allows you to flip between your crisis flash cards and flip them front and back.    You can even have a hint shown as well.
Another way to make sure you retain your knowledge would be to apply what you learned to a real life situation.   Put yourself into the shoes of a crisis intervention specialize.  Come up with a scenario in your mind and work a solution to it.   You will find if you start using your knowledge it will be easy to remember it.
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Crisis intervention
Crisis intervention flashcards can help you see the signs of a serious problem.

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