Meditation Instructor Certification Article on Daily Meditation

Meditation has numerous mental, emotional and physical benefits.  Meditating every day is a good idea for overall health.

Meditation everyday is a great idea for overall health. Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification
Meditation everyday is a great idea for overall health. Please also review our Meditation Instructor Certification

The article, “Meditation, The Most Powerful Medicine In Existence: Top 10 Reasons To Do It Every Day” from Doctor NDTV states,

“Meditation is one of the most powerful medicine in existence. Benefits of meditation on physical and mental health are holistic and healing. Meditation is referred to training your mind to get habitual to redirecting and focusing your thoughts. This focus can be done on one single thought, on breathing deep, or listening to some spiritual or devotional mantra.”

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Meditation & Thoughts | Science Of Spirituality Blog


The article, “Meditation & Thoughts”, by Pravin Agrawal states

“In meditation you find the mind going very deep into itself, but something brings you out. Deep impressions, thoughts, come out and the depth is lost.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Meditation and Your Thoughts

A really good article. Goes into depth about “our thoughts” and how to transcend them with meditation. Meditation is becoming more popular and many are practicing it. Many who take it on continue for a long time with it because the benefits are real. If you are interested in taking meditation courses, you can access information here: meditation courses  

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Beditation 101: Meditation to Help you Sleep


The article, “Meditating for Sleep: Beditation 101”, by By Kripalu Center states

“Though scientific studies are undecided on whether meditation actually improves sleep (some researchers say it does by easing depression, some say it makes you need less sleep, some reveal increased alertness), I find it the spiritual equivalent of counting sheep.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
If you are having trouble sleeping then maybe you need meditation for sleeping.    Beditation as they call it might be better than warm milk and counting sheep combined.  Learn the techniques talked about here and get a good night’s rest!   Meditation to Help You sleep! For more on meditation please go here:  Meditation certification.   

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East and West Working Together in Medical Treatments?

Holistic Nursing Becoming More Complimentary to Convententional Treatments?

Holistic treatments work well with conventional treatments for disease
Holistic treatments work well with conventional treatments for disease











As alternative treatments become more complementary in nature to conventional treatments, one will continue to see a rise in hypnosis, meditation and other holistic nursing techniques and treatments to help people.

Ted Malave examines this issue in his article, ‘Complementary Medicine”.

“We take a closer look at what we call “alternative medicine.”  The practice using exercise, meditation and relaxation as an alternative to medicine for treatment has grown in popularity over the years.”

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A Meditation Guide for Mental Clarity

Beautiful woman in a bikini meditating at the beach
A woman find time for daily meditation.











Many see meditation has strange, weird or foreign.   Others see meditating as a spiritual or religious practice.   For those that know how to meditate, they know its true meaning.  When you meditate you are simply becoming aware of what you are doing and who you are.   This could mean focusing on an aspect of yourself or focusing on nothing at all and enjoying the silence.   When we use meditation to become aware of ourselves, we often learn.   We learn about what matters and how to deal with what does not.   Through daily meditation we can embrace love and reject stress.   We can prioritize our day to make space for what really matters.  Daily meditating can bring a peace to our lives that many are silently crying out for.   How can you achieve this freedom you ask?   An excellent article details how:

A Meditation Guide for Mental Clarity

The article, “GPS to a Quiet Mind: 6 Meditative Steps to Freedom”, by Ed and Deb Shapiro states

“Meditation is simple and transformative, yet it is highly misunderstood. Some people think it is about controlling our mind or stopping our thinking, while others see it as both weird and wacky or boring and meaningless.”

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Meditation does not have to take all day either.  Use these 6 steps to find your center and make meditating a daily practice in your life.
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Benefits of Meditation From A Theological Perspective

Theological Meditative Benefits

Many of us are aware of the physical benefits of meditation.  However, those are side benefits and not the primary reason why one should utilize meditation in one’s prayer life.   Meditation’s ultimate purpose is to unite one with God.
Whether one approaches meditationfrom an Eastern or Western theological point of view, the ultimate purpose is spiritual renewal and connection with God.  The benefits of this are beyond

Meditation has many theological benefits
Meditation has many theological benefits
measure because they are spiritual in nature.
Whether one refers to such union as increase of grace or spiritual awakening, one cannot deny the inner peace, focus, clarity, and understanding one achieves when meditation is properly applied to one’s prayer life.  The inner workings of God, his grace, and his serenity are applied to the soul and re-energizes the it.
This spiritual feeding of the soul, allows one to grow spiritually and to better communicate and share the love of God with the world.  Ultimately this is the purpose of meditation.  To find God and to share God with the world.  Meditation is not a selfish individual endeavor as many think, but is an action that purifies oneself so oneself can help purify the world.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

Learn to Meditate with Congressman Ryan

Learn to Meditate

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Oh) insists that meditation is the answer! An expert in mindfulness meditation, the Congressman has written a new book that has just recently been released by Hay House publishers. The book is a real eye-opener for those who have little knowledge and experience in the practice of mindfulness. The Congressman’s quest is to introduce mindfulness into our schools, our work places, etc., thus creating a more mindful and peaceful nation. This article is highly recommended, as well as the accompanying video.

The article, “Meditating with Tim Ryan”, by Patrick Gavin states

“Rep. Tim Ryan may have once been a typical politician, but no longer: The Ohio Democrat has traded in the hurried mentality that dominates Capitol Hill for a more Zen-like approach.

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Are you ready to learn more about mindfulness meditation? Pick up a copy of Tim Ryan’s book today.  Start to practice this simple technique and see how your life improves. If you are interested in teaching meditation and you are a health professional, you may want to preview our program by access this link: learn to meditate