Healthcare Case Management Program Blog on Telehealth

Telehealth is here to stay.  While it was necessary during the pandemic and any future elements of it that may linger, the benefits of telehealth has found a more permanent place in modern medicine.  It will continue to play a large role in medical care.

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The article, “8 benefits of Telehealth” by Siemens Healthineers looks at the benefits of telehealth.  The article states,

“The benefits of telehealth are striking, offering hospitals the chance to brand themselves as innovative and using cutting-edge technologically. And while the pandemic has pushed telehealth forward, its ability to provide a high level of medical care in numerous situations will make telehealth a permanent fixture in healthcare. Continuous improvements in technology and further simplifications of tedious processes support this evolution.”

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Healthcare Case Management Certification Article on Technology and Healthcare

Since Covid 19, the pandemic has forced telehealth into new unchartered waters but to continue the advancement in delivering high quality patient care, technology and healthcare must continue to work together well into the future.  Accessing rural and other hard to reach patients is a imperative as well as being able to supply high quality care to patients who lack technological support.

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The article, “How Healthcare Organizations Can Break Down Barriers to Care” by Zafar Chaudry looks closer at how technology and healthcare can closer align for better patient care.  He states,

“These efforts impact every aspect of healthcare, especially the patient. Digital initiatives have made it possible for healthcare providers and patients to connect while maintaining social distancing, just as similar transformation efforts have enabled work from home for many industries and remote schooling for students. But there has been a downside to this trend. Many people don’t have the tools or the infrastructure in place to support remote connections.”

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Strengthening these connections between technology and healthcare will be a key trend as the future of healthcare continues to serve patients in ways never thought before.  Case Managers will no doubt also benefit from these abilities to better communicate with patients they could not monitor as close before due to logistics.

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