Health Care Life Coaching Program Article on Exercise and Injuries

Working out is important but learning to work out correctly is equally important.  Many injuries occur when individuals push themselves too hard or utilize improper technique.  In order to stay in shape, it is important to stay healthy and staying healthy requires proper stretching and following proper technique

Injuries can occur if exercise is not done properly. Please also review AIHCP’s Health Care Life Coach Program


The article, “These are the most common exercise injuries and how to avoid them” by Mercey Livingston looks at the most common types of injuries following or during exercise.  She states,

“While everyone’s specific injuries are individual, in general, there are a few places that people injure most often when working out. “Back, knee and shoulder injuries are the most common I deal with in the fitness population,” says Liz Letchford, a certified personal trainer and injury rehabilitation specialist. The most common cause of injury, according to Letchford, is increasing the intensity of the exercise too quickly.”

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A certified Health Care Life Coach or a professional trainer can help one avoid the many pitfalls of improper training and exercise technique.  AIHCP offers a four year certification in Health Care Life Coaching for qualified professionals.  The program is online and independent study.  If interested, please review and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.

Foods that Can Improve Your Brain Power

Health Care Life Coaching and Important Foods For the Brain

Better foods for the brain!  If you are interested in health care life coaching, then please review our program
Better foods for the brain! If you are interested in health care life coaching, then please review our program

We have all come across various posts that advise us about the best foods that can help build muscles, lose weight or even those that we should avoid. All these help us to bring out the external beauty of our body and make us look good and presentable. But, what about the necessary nutrients that our body needs? The most important part being the brain. You need to be determined to be that amazing “Beauty with Brains”! And for the guys; make sure you  build up your brains too.

It’s not only the external beauty that matters. You need to be clever enough and brainy to handle every situation in life. You need not learn about the historical World wars, neither would you be asked the distance between the two countries. But, all you have is a mind that works well and is alert enough to respond to situations. Now, this is where we would see some natural foods that are found to be extremely helpful in improving the brain power.

  1. Nuts: Vitamin E plays a very important role in the functioning of the brain. This Vitamin helps in the prevention of the Cognitive decline. You can have Walnuts and Almonds, as they are a great source of Vitamin E. Cashews and Sunflower seeds are known to boost the serotonin levels and thus lower stress. If you are not quite sure of which nuts you should eat, the best way to remember walnut, is its shape. The walnut resembles the brain. It contains high amounts of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are also beneficial for the brain.
  2. Eggs: The egg yolks contain high amounts of Choline. This nutrient is known to help in strengthening the memory and reduce the effects of age related mental decline. It is also found to be helpful in improving the communication between the brain cells. Thus, eating one egg per day is a standard way of staying healthy and keeping your brain healthy too.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds and Peas: Pumpkin seeds are usually a part of the waste we throw away after cleaning a pumpkin. But, did you know that these seeds are a rich source of Zinc? Peas too are a rich source. Why does our body need zinc? Zinc is known to be a powerful nutrient for memory building and thinking. It regulates the communication between the neurons and the hippocampus, the part that is responsible for higher learning function and memory.
  4. Green Tea: Tea is a refreshing drink that is now consumed in different parts of the world. The nutritional composition in Green tea helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. The acetylcholine is a chemical that deals with the memory and is usually less or absent in people suffering with the Alzheimer’s Disease. Both; black and green tea are found to be effective for an Alzheimer’s patient. But, the Green Tea is considered to be more effective because of the additional antioxidants that it contains.
  5. Fish: Fish and fish oil is known to be  among the greatest sources of the Omega 3 fatty acids that are needed by the body. It not only helps in proper functioning of the brain, but also contains some anti inflammatory substances that the body needs. Therefore, consuming fish, or even fish oil, will contribute towards a healthy mind and body.
  6. Dark Chocolate: This yummy dessert is indeed a good and healthy food that we all can eat with lots of love. Prefer dark chocolates that contain at least 70% cocoa. It increases the blood flow to the brain and prevents it from early ageing. Chocolates also contain high amounts of antioxidants and help improve one’s mood. Thus, an ounce of dark bitter chocolate every day is acceptable.
  7. 7.      Blueberries: These tiny blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants and help protect the brain from oxidative stress that is usually caused by the accumulated free radicals in the body. These berries also enhance the memory and improve the learning abilities. They also prevent age related issues from affecting the brain and thus prevent the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  8. 8.      Broccoli: The Broccoli is the best alternative for an egg. Vegetarians can prefer consuming Broccoli instead of an egg. This too, is rich in Choline and thus helps in improving the memory and prevents the mental decline caused due to ageing. Apart from this, Broccoli is also a rich source of Vitamin K that helps in increasing the speed of the brain functions and improves memory abilities. You can eat some 2 cups for about 3 to 4 times a week.
  9. 9.      Carrots:  We all have heard about carrots being good for the eyes. But, they are good for the brain too. A compound called luteolin helps reduce age related memory deficits and inflammation in the brain. You can thus have a lot of carrots now. They will help you improve your eyesight and your brain too.
  10. Lentils: If you are on a look out for food that will give you enough of folate and Vitamin B, lentils are the best sources you can consume. They help in boosting the brain power like none other and reduce the effects of amino acids on the brain.

These foods will surely contribute well towards the well being of the brain. Many of these also contribute towards the overall health of the body. Thus, consuming them will surely help you in maintaining a healthy body and a healthier brain. Go ahead a grab those healthy bits for a healthy mind and body.

By James Hundson


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Health Care Life Coaching: How exercise can reduce your risk of heart attack

Health Care Life Coaching: How exercise can reduce your risk of heart attack

In today’s world where most people follow an inactive lifestyle and spend most of the hours of a day either in front of a computer or television, heart diseases have become a regular affair. While it is true that heart diseases might cause death eventually in some cases, there are also a number of ways following which you can prevent the fatal outcome. Of course, there are some unavoidable factors like age, sex, family history etc, which might cause heart diseases. But it doesn’t mean that you have to accept the disease without doing anything. In fact, you can definitely reduce your risk of being affected by heart diseases and for doing that, all you need to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To begin with, you have to start doing a number of cardiovascular exercises. Also, have some supplements for weight loss or any type of fat burner regularly since obesity is one of the major causes of heart diseases.

You might wonder how exactly doing exercises will help you keep heart diseases at bay. The answer lies in what many fitness experts say. According to them, regular workouts that include both aerobic as well as cardiovascular exercises have a number of benefits for your health. If you are not sure about how they help reduce your risk of being affected by heart diseases, here are some pointers that will offer a clear idea:  

  • Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises – They involve muscle activities that work large muscles of your body. You can take your pick from a wide variety of exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, boxing, running, bicycling, jumping rope, skating, skiing, rowing etc. These exercises strengthen your lungs and heart, in addition to improving your ability to use oxygen. They are considered to be the best form of exercise for your heart. Over time, aerobic exercises help improve your breathing system as well as blood pressure. This ensures that your heart doesn’t have to work hard while exercising. While doing these exercises, it is also important to make little changes to your drinking habits. For instance, if you drink too much of coffee throughout the day, it might have an adverse impact on your heart. As an alternative, you can try green tea. Several studies have shown that green tea extract has catechins, which cause weight loss, without causing any harm to your heart.
  • Strengthening exercises – Supersets, plyometrics and circuit training are popular strength training exercises. They help tone your muscles. Such workouts involve repeated muscle contractions and increase your metabolism rate, apart from improving your overall strength. If you are also aiming to lose weight, you can add a fat burner like synephrine to your daily diet. This stimulates the beta -3 receptors that influence fat loss to a great extent. Moreover, it also boosts your energy, without increasing your heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Follow a proper exercise routine –Irrespective of whatever exercise you are doing, make sure that it has three different phases – warm up, conditioning phase and cool-down. Warm up allows your body to get adjusted for doing exercises. This gradually increases your heart rate, breathing and body temperature and thus ensures that your muscles and heart is not stressed out. In the conditioning phase, you get the benefits of your workouts and the calories get burned. Cool down is the last phase of your exercise and it helps you slowly recover from the previous phase. Just like it is important to follow these three phases whenever you are exercising, it is also important to include the ideal food supplements in order to achieve the desired results. For instance, you can include the best creatine supplement in your diet that has creatine powder as an essential ingredient. Creatine powder increases your strength and muscle mass, which in turn improves the health of your heart.

So, use these tips to stay healthy as well as reduce your risk of a heart attack and other heart diseases.

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James Hundson


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Health Care Life Coaching: Healthy Foods to Stay Healthy!

Foods you need as recommended by certified health care life coaches
Foods you need as recommended by certified health care life coaches

 Food is any substance that is consumed to cater nutritional support for the body. It is of plant

or animal origin, and contains necessary nutrients, like carbohydrates, fats, proteins,

vitamins and minerals. Healthy eating means having the accurate quantities of foods to lead

a healthy life. According to the online chemist sites, an ideal diet is a nutritional lifestyle that

boosts good health and a good diet must include several food groups for proper nutrition.

Find healthy recipes, nutrition information, and fitness advice from the online pharmacy sites and Health Care Life Coaches

Healthy Foods:


Apples are high in fiber, which flushes out the bad cholesterol from the body. The healthy

compounds of apples are contained in the skin, including high levels of physiochemical,

which have the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Berries have a vibrant and deep

color, which mean they are high in antioxidants! Especially blueberries contain high levels of

vitamins C and E.

They are also very high in heart-protective carotenoids and flavonoids, which encourage heart,

memory and urinary-tract health.


Whole grains are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Whole grains are refined to remove

the bran and germ. Consume whole grain products to stay healthy and the products include

breads, pastas and cereals. Most of these healthy whole grain products are available on the

online chemist stores.


Fruits and vegetables with high vitamin, mineral and fiber content are essential for the body

to function well. A proper diet including fruits and vegetables may protect the body from

developing heart disease, diabetes type 2, as well as cancer.


Protein is required for the building and repairing of tissue in the body. Protein-rich foods

include necessary minerals, therefore proteins should make up about 20% of the nutritional

intake. Dairy products such as milk, butter, and cream are placed in the protein category.

Dairy products are also a good source of calcium, which is very crucial for healthy bones and



Legumes can be made as a staple food as they are high in protein. Legumes are a popular

meat substitute among vegetarians, and they are packed with fiber. Black beans have a

small amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which boost heart health. Buy healthy packed beans

from the online pharmacy stores.

Make small changes, like adding a vegetable salad to the diet once a day or switching from

butter to olive oil. Browse the online chemist stores to purchase the healthy alternatives like

olive oil and honey.


A healthy diet doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right kinds of foods, it is easy to stay

slim and boost the immune system. Know how to stay healthy and get the best health updates

from the online pharmacy sites. Get nutrition news, and news about fitness as well as anti-aging

from the best online chemist store. Learn to stay healthy by learning

the nutrition basics and implementing them. Expand the range of healthy food choices and learn to

prepare and maintain a tasty healthy diet.


To Sum it all up:

Healthy eating is not about strict diets, staying thin, or staying away from the favorite foods.

It is about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing the mood, and staying as healthy as


Authot bio: Smith Amelia!

Being a shopping addict, avid reader, ardent writer, along with my love towards traveling and exploring the Globe (their culture and specialties). Fashion Critic and Designing student love to study about health and medicine also know more about top pharma companies and write about  it!

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health care life coaching – Weight loss is a key solution for healing diabetes


Health Care Life Coaching and Weight Loss For You

Health Care Life Coaching and good guidance from fitness experts like James Hundson can help you lose the weight
Health Care Life Coaching and good guidance from fitness experts like James Hundson can help you lose the weight

A significant segment of the population today suffers from Type 2 diabetes. No wonder why controlling the same has become a must as diabetes is known to worsen several chronic heart diseases. Doctors and those certified in Health Care Life Coaching often advise patients with excess weight and diabetes to keep a check on their weight and try and reduce it considerably and steadily over a period of time. Let’s find out the reason.

Diabetes and weight loss

Several research results have revealed that weight loss is an important solution to check diabetes. When a person, who is overweight, also suffers from diabetes, s/he has an increased risk of suffering from heart diseases. This is why it’s crucial to lose weight and once the weight is lost, to ensure that it stays lost and doesn’t return.

It is important to understand here that weight loss directly affects blood pressure and cholesterol levels by bringing them down and within manageable levels. Since exercises increase the rate of metabolism, doing the right workouts can help people shed those extra kilos. What’s more, the increased rate of metabolism will cause proper circulation of insulin in blood vessels and tissues, thus helping keep diabetes at bay. Insulin helps glucose enter tissues for metabolism and it is very important to reduce the resistance towards insulin to keep a check on type 2 diabetes. It is immensely important to circulate insulin throughout the body cells as anything otherwise will lead to the accumulation of fat because of the unused insulin. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that stores fat. It is advised by doctors worldwide to concentrate on exercise regimes and a balanced diet to lose weight and at the same time keep diabetes under control. In fact, weight loss can help control hyperglycemia of obese “diabetics” as is shown by some studies.

It has been found very difficult to achieve therapeutic weight loss in type 2 diabetic patients due to several reasons.  This is why it’s important to plan carefully to shed those extra kilos in people suffering from diabetes. Some remedies to combat diabetes keeping the simultaneous goal of weight loss in mind are:

  • Green tea: Sipping green tea twice a day always proves to be excellent for the body. It not only helps to burn excess fat, but also helps to keep cholesterol levels under control. It is a perfectly natural and herbal way to keep your weight and blood sugar levels under control. It is also known to increase the production of insulin to compensate for the inappropriate use of insulin. Green tea is known to prevent heart diseases since it relaxes the blood vessels, thereby facilitating proper blood circulation. It is also known to eliminate excess water from the body, thus reducing body weight significantly when it’s consumed regularly.
  • White kidney beans: These beans are convex shaped and hence known as kidney beans. They are very rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals. These beans have soluble fibers that absorb water when food passes through the digestive tract. This is very important to slow the process of digestion and trap fat. This process can lower the body fat and cholesterol levels, which in turn can control diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. 
  • Raspberry ketones: Raspberry ketones offer a natural and effective way to shed the excess fat as they oxidize the excess fat accumulated in the body. The body needs to use up the essential calorie while the unwanted calories should be burnt or oxidized. This is exactly what raspberry ketone does for you. It helps emulsify the excess fat in the body, triggering insulin circulation between the body cells and tissues, thereby keeping a check on high glucose levels.
  • Dendrobium extract: Extracts from the genus of the orchid plant known as dendrobium can increase the rate of metabolism if consumed prior to a workout session. A study on rats done by researchers of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine showed how dendrobium mixture had a hypoglycemic effect on rat models of type 2 diabetes. The results revealed that the mixture can protect and restore pancreatic tissue’s structure and function.

When it comes to weight loss in diabetic patients, the approach needs to be carefully planned, and should include educational sessions with dietitians complemented by a personalized instruction manual on weight loss to suit an individual’s health condition.  Those certified in Health Care Life Coaching can also help set up a plan


Bio: By James Hundson fitness expert. I assist people in their weight loss goal and fitness. I write on weight loss tips and workouts.

James Hundson can help you live a healthier life
James Hundson can help you live a healthier life


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Health Care Life Coaching: Easy ways to flatten Your Belly and Reduce Stomach Fat

Health Care Life Coaching:  The Flat Stomach?

Can fitness experts and health care life coaches help you achieve a perfect stomach?
Can fitness experts and health care life coaches help you achieve a perfect stomach?

Who doesn’t dream of a flat belly and perfectly toned figure these days? Whether you are a teenager, about to enter college, or a mother of two, a flat stomach is something that everyone craves for. But it could get very difficult to reduce those nagging stomach fats when you are trying to get a flat belly. Even if you manage to lose the fats in other parts of your body and get an almost shaped figure, by doing lots of machine exercises at the gym, your belly fat will spoil it all! So, if you couldn’t get rid of them even after doing innumerable crunches and sit-ups, and are thinking of giving it up, this is the high time to try out some easy, yet effective alternatives. You just need to do some tricks with your diet as well as exercise plans in order to lose those belly fats. Here is a brief guide approved by those in health care life coaching and fitness trainers on how to treat your weight loss programs, both in terms of exercise as well as diet:

  • Try out some effective belly moves – If those leg-raise, sit-ups and kicks have not helped much, probably you should try out some other types. You may opt for some powerful planks like forearm side plank, mountain climber, plank reach etc. as these can help fight muscle loss and strengthen the core.
  • Kick up the cardio – Instead of doing cardio at a moderate pace, over a longer period of time, consider doing high intensity interval training (HIIT). Studies have shown this method of exercise turns out to be way more effective than the moderate ones. Do it for 20 minutes, thrice a week, and you will get to notice considerable effects.
  • Do some tricks with your diet – While it’s not recommendable to follow a crash diet as it causes lots of side effects in the long run, you need to a be a little more careful about what you eat. You don’t need to cut out all those foods that you love the most; rather, you just need to make little changes in your food habits. Include lots of whole grains in your food plan. While shopping for the grocery, look for labels that mention “100% whole wheat” and not just “wheat flour”. The former is quite effective for weight loss. Make it a point to exclude all those junk foods and try to replace those sweets and cookies with juicy fruits and green vegetables. Make sure you have at least a cup of green tea every day. Apart from having a number of health benefits, this also helps in weight loss since it contains a considerable amount of polyphenol, a nutrient rich substance. In fact, studies have shown that green tea helps burn the body fats and calories and thus speeds up the process of weight loss.
  •  Consider including some weight loss supplements – While being on a diet and following an exercise schedule, including some effective weight loss supplements will help you to achieve your goals at a much faster pace. You may opt for green coffee bean extract, which contains chlorogenic acid and helps improve the glucose tolerance in your body. Consequently, the fat accumulation gets reduced and the process of fat burning gets speeded up. With features like these, green coffee bean extract is known to work as an effective supplement for weight loss. Raspberry ketone, which is the major compound of red raspberries, is also considered to be an extremely effective weight loss supplement. The reason raspberry ketone is recommended as a food supplement is because it is a natural phenolic compound that enhances fat loss and even has some healthy anti-oxidants in it. L-Carnitine is yet  supplement that is highly recommended by most fitness experts for effective loss of belly fat. Cartinine turns out to be one of the most useful products for fat metabolism as well as optimal energy. L-Cartinine is produced following a refined formula and ensures the maximum absorption of L-cartinine into your muscle tissues. Garcinia Cambogia extract, which is derived from the yellow colored, pumpkin shaped fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia plant, is said to be highly effective in losing belly fats. This extract contains a huge level of HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid and is a natural ingredient helping in burning belly fat quickly. One of the magical effects of this extract is that the HCA reduces the craving for carbohydrates and junk foods by raising the level of serotonin in your brain up to 40%. As a result of this, people who are emotional eaters can resist themselves from having their favorite dishes.
  • Reduce sodium intake –Lowering the sodium intake proves quite effective for losing weight. It helps lessen the water preservation in your body and thus lets you lose weight faster. Consider avoiding table salt as well as salt in cooked foods and flavor up your dishes with spices like onion powder, garlic powder, , as well as some organic herbs so that you can lose belly fat without compromising on your palate.

about-domthorpe (2)

By James Hundson fitness expert.  I assist people in their weight loss goal and fitness.



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Health Care Life Coaching and You

Is health care life coaching a good match for you?
Is health care life coaching a good match for you?


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This a short video for AIHCP’s certification program in Health Care Life Coaching.   This video shows who qualifies and what you can do with this certification in the professional world.  If you are interested in learning more about the Health Care Life Coaching Program, then please review the video


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Training Tips for Health Care Life Coaches

Life Coach Training Tips: Trey Hardee’s Tips for Working Out Efficiently

Working out without a plan can be painful
Working out without a plan can be painful
Trey Hardee, a world champion decathlete is constantly working out and knows what needs to be done.  In an article by Ryan Krogh from “Outside” magazine (July 2012), Krogh lists some important tips from Hardee regarding working out.  Life coaches should also include these training tips.
Hardee encourages these few tips.
1.  Work on both speed and endurance
2. No matter what sport you do, weight training is important
3. Warming up is not just simply stretching but actually warming up the body and preparing it for a workout
4. Water is essential during training.  Drink till your heart is content.
5. Always properly cool down after a work out
6. Theres no such thing as an off day.  On non training days, do things to keep the metabolism up
7. Eating includes high vitamin quality in the morning, high carbs for lunch and protein in the evening to repair muscles.
8. Mentally always set goals.  Long term goals and short term goals.
9. Realize you can never be at your peak perfomance all year long.
For more detail, review the article in the July 2012 edition of “OutSide”.
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Troy Starks

Health Care Coaching Deal With Depression From An Injury?

The Pain of an Injury is Deeper Than the Broken Body

Health Care Coaching
Health Care Coaching
When atheletes or active individuals injure themsevles, their physical injury is only the first problem.  At a deeper level, the inability to perform at the same level for an extended period of time can have negative affects on the mental mind and cause mental anguish and grief.
Overcoming the stages of grief in a physical injury is the first key to becoming whole again.  In the September , 2010 edition of Runners, Mackenize Lobby in her article, “Good Grief” how runners and other athletes can overcome the mental aspect of injuries.
In the article, the five stages of grief are listed and analyzed.  The first stage of denial happens quite frequently for athletes.  Instead of investigating the pain, an athlete will sometimes ignore it and hope it goes away.  This only makes it worst.  Jim Taylor, a sports psychology consultant believes that many minor injuries turn into worst injuries when people ignore the warning signs of pain.
The second stage of anger occurs when the athlete discovers they are indeed hurt.  Unable to perform or play in the big game, the athlete becomes angry or feels betrayed by one’s own body.  Experts say it is alright to be angry for a few days, but then recover and put your energy towards new goals of recovery.
After one works towards recovery, many try to bargain their injury away with unlikely recovery times.  They try to over work in rehab to achieve goals that the body cannot make.  In response to this, one must accept the time one must put in and not over load one’s body.  The ultimate goal is quality of healing not how quick one comes back at only 90%.
During the long hours and intense rehab work, sometimes things do not progress as quickly as one thinks.  It is during these cold and gray days that depression can set in.  During this point, it is important for athletes to stay the course and try to find time for other activities that are doctor approved and will not exacerbate the injury.
Finally, as in all grief stages, acceptance occurs.  In regards to rehab, the athlete is finally focused and driven in a healthy fashion.  The athlete sticks to the plan and works towards a proper rehab stint.
Part of acceptance is going about one's rehab properly and with realistic goals
Part of acceptance is going about one’s rehab properly and with realistic goals
Ultimately, during rehab, one must avoid destructive thoughts and push towards the goal of recovery.  Dr. Taylor again suggests various voices of reason when destructive thoughts emerge.  When an athlete identifies himself as a runner only, one should counter that running is part of your life but not all of it.  Focus on other things.  Another destructive thought is that running keeps me fit and happy, without it I will lose my shape and gain weight.  In response, Taylor recommends finding alternative and safe options to keep oneself tone and in shape.
In conclusion, injuries are horrible things that many people must go through but they are not the end of the road.  A true athlete has the will power to reach any goal.  Unfortunately,recovery instead of victory is sometimes that goal.
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Can a Life Coach Help with Shyness?

Coaching Tips to Overcome Shyness

Shy people do not deep down want to be invisible
Shy people do not deep down want to be invisible
Life coaching these days goes well beyond merely the physical but also falls into the social sphere as well.  Coaches are equiped with more knowledge in pyschology than ever before to supplement their already extensive knowledge of physical fitness and diets.
Shyness seems to be an overwhelming and crippling thing for many people.  It makes them invisible and prevents them not only from meeting a potential mate but also keeps them quiet during that important office meeting.  In today’s world, one must be seen and heard.
The Community Counseling Clinic out of Youngstown State University issued a brochure with some general tips to overcome shyness.
The brochure encourages shy individuals to make a list of some intimidating situations that scare a them.  Situations that are among the most noted are meeting a new person, asking questions in class, going to new places alone, or asking someone to dance.  When these situations are identified, the person should begin to visualize how they would like to react.  Literally the person should devise a plan on what they should have said the last time they were in that situation.  While this training is far from spontaneous, it is necessay in the early stages.
The key is building confidence.  By studying situations that make one tongue tied and creating solutions and practicing them, one can eventually make it become habitual.
From my experience, I would encourage individuals to also reflect on others and how they interact.  Does anyone consider them odd when they ask a question or talk to someone?  The reality is noone thinks much of it.  The imaginary spotlight that a shy person puts on him or herself is half the problem.
Still the crippling effect of shyness keeps many people on the sideline.  The ultimate question is do you wish to remain on that sideline or become part of the action?  Eventually with enough mental prepareness, you will grow tired of warming the bench and actually get into the game.
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