Training Tips for Health Care Life Coaches

Life Coach Training Tips: Trey Hardee’s Tips for Working Out Efficiently

Working out without a plan can be painful
Working out without a plan can be painful
Trey Hardee, a world champion decathlete is constantly working out and knows what needs to be done.  In an article by Ryan Krogh from “Outside” magazine (July 2012), Krogh lists some important tips from Hardee regarding working out.  Life coaches should also include these training tips.
Hardee encourages these few tips.
1.  Work on both speed and endurance
2. No matter what sport you do, weight training is important
3. Warming up is not just simply stretching but actually warming up the body and preparing it for a workout
4. Water is essential during training.  Drink till your heart is content.
5. Always properly cool down after a work out
6. Theres no such thing as an off day.  On non training days, do things to keep the metabolism up
7. Eating includes high vitamin quality in the morning, high carbs for lunch and protein in the evening to repair muscles.
8. Mentally always set goals.  Long term goals and short term goals.
9. Realize you can never be at your peak perfomance all year long.
For more detail, review the article in the July 2012 edition of “OutSide”.
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Troy Starks