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Health Care Life Coaching and Weight Loss For You

Health Care Life Coaching and good guidance from fitness experts like James Hundson can help you lose the weight
Health Care Life Coaching and good guidance from fitness experts like James Hundson can help you lose the weight

A significant segment of the population today suffers from Type 2 diabetes. No wonder why controlling the same has become a must as diabetes is known to worsen several chronic heart diseases. Doctors and those certified in Health Care Life Coaching often advise patients with excess weight and diabetes to keep a check on their weight and try and reduce it considerably and steadily over a period of time. Let’s find out the reason.

Diabetes and weight loss

Several research results have revealed that weight loss is an important solution to check diabetes. When a person, who is overweight, also suffers from diabetes, s/he has an increased risk of suffering from heart diseases. This is why it’s crucial to lose weight and once the weight is lost, to ensure that it stays lost and doesn’t return.

It is important to understand here that weight loss directly affects blood pressure and cholesterol levels by bringing them down and within manageable levels. Since exercises increase the rate of metabolism, doing the right workouts can help people shed those extra kilos. What’s more, the increased rate of metabolism will cause proper circulation of insulin in blood vessels and tissues, thus helping keep diabetes at bay. Insulin helps glucose enter tissues for metabolism and it is very important to reduce the resistance towards insulin to keep a check on type 2 diabetes. It is immensely important to circulate insulin throughout the body cells as anything otherwise will lead to the accumulation of fat because of the unused insulin. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that stores fat. It is advised by doctors worldwide to concentrate on exercise regimes and a balanced diet to lose weight and at the same time keep diabetes under control. In fact, weight loss can help control hyperglycemia of obese “diabetics” as is shown by some studies.

It has been found very difficult to achieve therapeutic weight loss in type 2 diabetic patients due to several reasons.  This is why it’s important to plan carefully to shed those extra kilos in people suffering from diabetes. Some remedies to combat diabetes keeping the simultaneous goal of weight loss in mind are:

  • Green tea: Sipping green tea twice a day always proves to be excellent for the body. It not only helps to burn excess fat, but also helps to keep cholesterol levels under control. It is a perfectly natural and herbal way to keep your weight and blood sugar levels under control. It is also known to increase the production of insulin to compensate for the inappropriate use of insulin. Green tea is known to prevent heart diseases since it relaxes the blood vessels, thereby facilitating proper blood circulation. It is also known to eliminate excess water from the body, thus reducing body weight significantly when it’s consumed regularly.
  • White kidney beans: These beans are convex shaped and hence known as kidney beans. They are very rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals. These beans have soluble fibers that absorb water when food passes through the digestive tract. This is very important to slow the process of digestion and trap fat. This process can lower the body fat and cholesterol levels, which in turn can control diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. 
  • Raspberry ketones: Raspberry ketones offer a natural and effective way to shed the excess fat as they oxidize the excess fat accumulated in the body. The body needs to use up the essential calorie while the unwanted calories should be burnt or oxidized. This is exactly what raspberry ketone does for you. It helps emulsify the excess fat in the body, triggering insulin circulation between the body cells and tissues, thereby keeping a check on high glucose levels.
  • Dendrobium extract: Extracts from the genus of the orchid plant known as dendrobium can increase the rate of metabolism if consumed prior to a workout session. A study on rats done by researchers of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine showed how dendrobium mixture had a hypoglycemic effect on rat models of type 2 diabetes. The results revealed that the mixture can protect and restore pancreatic tissue’s structure and function.

When it comes to weight loss in diabetic patients, the approach needs to be carefully planned, and should include educational sessions with dietitians complemented by a personalized instruction manual on weight loss to suit an individual’s health condition.  Those certified in Health Care Life Coaching can also help set up a plan


Bio: By James Hundson fitness expert. I assist people in their weight loss goal and fitness. I write on weight loss tips and workouts.

James Hundson can help you live a healthier life
James Hundson can help you live a healthier life


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