Want to Learn How to Reduce Job Stress? Pay more!

The article, “What Makes Work Less Stressful? More Money”, by Sara Angeles states

“No wonder your boss looks so relaxed. Roughly two- thirds of Americans are stressed at work. Here’s how employers can help.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

How to Reduce Job Stress?   Start by Paying Your Employees a Little More.

What is workplace stressWorkplace stress is a productivity killer.  It costs millions a year to businesses.   It also ends careers and has negative physical side effects to your employees.   How to reduce job stress?   One answer is pay your employees more.

A new study showed that money matters, A LOT!   Salary was the number one reason for job stress.   The second leading cause?   Again money matters not related to salary.   Not making enough at a job can cause productivity to slip and your employees to get burned out or look for other opportunities.

What affect does higher pay have on stress?   It allows the employee to relax and have financial security.   This will lead to the same relaxed and motivated feelings while at work.    Not only does this lead to higher levels of productivity but employees will also be more willing to voice ideas and problems with the office.

How to make work less stressful for you employees can start with the hiring process.    It is suggested that bonuses and raises are fine but you should also try hiring in employees at a higher rate of pay.    Paying a higher rate of salary from the beginning can greatly reduce stress and remove negative workplace outcomes.


In short, do not see employee salary as a cost associated with business but as an investment in your company’s future.   Because employees are the face of a business.    Do you really want your potential customers seeing a burned out frown or a pleasant smile?

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