Can a Life Coach Help with Shyness?

Coaching Tips to Overcome Shyness

Shy people do not deep down want to be invisible
Shy people do not deep down want to be invisible
Life coaching these days goes well beyond merely the physical but also falls into the social sphere as well.  Coaches are equiped with more knowledge in pyschology than ever before to supplement their already extensive knowledge of physical fitness and diets.
Shyness seems to be an overwhelming and crippling thing for many people.  It makes them invisible and prevents them not only from meeting a potential mate but also keeps them quiet during that important office meeting.  In today’s world, one must be seen and heard.
The Community Counseling Clinic out of Youngstown State University issued a brochure with some general tips to overcome shyness.
The brochure encourages shy individuals to make a list of some intimidating situations that scare a them.  Situations that are among the most noted are meeting a new person, asking questions in class, going to new places alone, or asking someone to dance.  When these situations are identified, the person should begin to visualize how they would like to react.  Literally the person should devise a plan on what they should have said the last time they were in that situation.  While this training is far from spontaneous, it is necessay in the early stages.
The key is building confidence.  By studying situations that make one tongue tied and creating solutions and practicing them, one can eventually make it become habitual.
From my experience, I would encourage individuals to also reflect on others and how they interact.  Does anyone consider them odd when they ask a question or talk to someone?  The reality is noone thinks much of it.  The imaginary spotlight that a shy person puts on him or herself is half the problem.
Still the crippling effect of shyness keeps many people on the sideline.  The ultimate question is do you wish to remain on that sideline or become part of the action?  Eventually with enough mental prepareness, you will grow tired of warming the bench and actually get into the game.
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