Spiritual Counseling: Sexuality and Spiriutality

Sexuality, spirituality and spiritual counseling
Sexuality, spirituality and spiritual counseling

The article, “Spiritual woman and sex”, by Madhupnath Jha states

“Is it sexy to be spiritual? New research has found that spirituality has a greater effect on the sex..”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Apart from Western Theism, many religions have a strong connection with sexuality and spirituality outside of marriage.  This is especially the case with women and how they see the unative value of sex in correlation with spirituality.  If you want to learn more about spiritual counseling, then please review the program.

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How To Practice Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Counseling

The article, “Spiritual Nutrition for the Heart”, by Robin Hoffman states

“There are so many articles written every single day about health and nutrition. There is this diet and that diet and one philosophy after another about what to eat and when to eat it and how far apart to space meals and good fats and bad fats — and the list goes on.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:
This article brings up a good point, everyone is so quick to write an article about what is good for our physical beings that they often forget about our spiritual side.   If you need some spiritual advice then please check it out.   Also if you want to learn more about spiritual counseling then you might want to visit our site.

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Substance Abuse Counseling Must Also Be Spiritual

Substance Abuse Counseling must also be Spiritual Counseling too

Substance Abuse is more than just a physical analysis of the body and its dependency on a drug.  It is even more than a psychological issue.  The reality is that when one is treating someone for a dependency on a drug, one must treat the unique wholeness of that individual.  This is where Christian Counseling or even merely Spiritual Counseling comes into contact with Substance Abuse Counseling.
From a more theological perspective, one must go beyond the physical and psychological manifestations of addiction but also see the spiritual elements that are at play.  In essence, if one accepts the reality of the soul, then one also accepts the reality of sin.  Sin is a rejection of truth and an acceptance of something in its place.  Some sins are occasional, while others can become habitual.  It is when a sin becomes habitual that it becomes a vice that pollutes the beauty of the soul and dampens one’s spiritual life with God on a consistent basis.
The particular vice of addiction correlates with drunkeness, which is one of the seven capital

sins.  This root vice can be applied to any substance that is used in excess to lessen reason.  This vice is counter to the virtue of temperance which teaches one to moderate any physical pleasures.  It also contradicts the teaching to respect one’s body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.  Through the misuse of substances, one not only hurts one’s body but also damages other social relationships.  One’s family, schooling and career can be ruined via substance abuse.  Furthermore, the substance becomes one’s god in many ways.  Everything else is put second to this devouring new god that demands finance and time at the expense of spiritual and physical well being.
With these things in mind, what does the virtue of temperance include?  Does it demand complete abstinence from all substances that can alter the mind?  This is a divided question among religious.  Islam strictly forbids any form of alcoholic drink, much less any addictive drugs.  Christianity, however, offers a mixed reaction.  While all Christian denominations condemn drunkeness and drug use, there is division upon moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Some denominations of Christianity condemn all drinking of alcohol and strictly forbid it.  Other denominations, including Catholicism, do not condemn drinking if it is done so moderately and without the production of an altered state.  These denominations primarily site

the story of Christ at the Wedding Feast of Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine.  They also site the Last Supper where Christ turned wine into his blood.  All cases showed that Jesus partook in the consumption of wine and did not officially oppose it usage.
Yet, despite moderate usage, alcohol still can pose a threat to addicts.  In these cases, recovering addicts must avoid occasions of sin and temptations by completely removing themselves from the environment this vice lurks.  Counselors of both Substance Abuse and Christian Counseling need to understand the addictive nature of these substances to their clients.  The power of addiction as a physical force is strong enough.  One simple slip can enslave the person again to its power.  In this way addiction is more than a physical force but also a spiritual vice.  From a spiritual view, addiction is demonic in origins and hopes to lead the soul down a dark path void of the light of Christ.  In this way, whether a religious counselor or a substance abuse counselor, one needs to see the spiritual war that is taking place within the soul.  The person needs to find virtue and grace to finally overcome any addiction.  By replacing their vice with virtue and filling the void that addition gives with the love of Christ, one can overcome any addiction.  In this way, a spiritual rebirth or rediscovery is essential for spiritual healing.  This is key because usually what initially turned the person to the drug was due to a spiritual wound.  The drug and the subsequent addiction is an attempt to escape the spiritual damage.  One must face their pain, heal it and move on.  This can only be accomplished via God.  In this way, I hope Substance Abuse Counselors also discover the need to become Spiritual Counselors because the whole nature of the person needs treated not just merely the physical and psychological manifestations.
If you are interested in Substance Abuse Counseling or Christian Counseling Certification, please review both programs.

Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

Spiritual Counseling: Rediscover Your Inner Power

By: Zendra Marks

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling considers the soul, instead of the body and mind, as the commencing point for the sense of your true self. It has an enhanced view of life, acknowledging that this world is often confusing mystery. It considers self-belief systems, universal and personal energy systems, karmic interplay, instinctive psychic realities, subconscious states of mindset, spiritual theology, metaphysical experiences, spiritual existence and higher self-cosmic relationships.
Spiritual counseling views why life is instinctively personal and why individuals want to develop their own distinctive, graceful relationship with it, naturally and without forcefulness. As the soul is considered as the beginning point, consciousness comes from the heart, while not overlooking the head or brain, and from this heart space care for the blessed interdependence of all living existence comes to the surface.

 What does Spiritual Counseling involve?

Spiritual counseling involves a process where one person reevaluates who he or she feels about and themselves and about other persons. Care for self and care for others is the primary concept of the personal and combined growth. As the spiritual counseling is holistic, there is no separation and division, no dichotomy between individual or collective opinions and response, all is fundamentally correlated. Spiritual counseling brings about a realization that life experiences grow into the supreme tool, with the incorporation of personal problems and personal venture. The main objective of taking spiritual counseling is to convey themselves and their own world with long cherished wisdom, spiritual consciousness and personal realism using integrity.
Spiritual counseling involves the process of developing consciousness of a spiritual identity. It does so by reminding the fact that all the human beings are more than their personalities and their problems.
It gives faith in oneself so that people have within themselves the knowledge and understaning to make the right decisions in life.
Spiritual counseling also ensures that people have faith in their potentials. That means each situation has a prospect of growth for them.
It enables people to have belief in the journey which indicates human lives haves some deep meanings.
Spiritual counseling also makes people realize that that all people are in fact spiritual beings.

  Why might one seek out a Spiritual Counselor?

A spiritual counselor helps people to learn how to handle the challenges of daily life in relationship with the spiritual world. Most of the people are accustomed to thinking of themselves as alone in the world. People tend to think that they need to figure things out on their own, and fight for survival.
After spiritual counseling, people would begin to understand that spiritual togetherness is real. Then they would start to see that life can be different. They will learn that they are not alone, because everyone belongs to one world – but during the times of stress or difficulties they may forget this. That is why spiritual counseling is so important, as the long years of habit can be difficult to undo all by oneself.
A Spiritual counselor helps people to meet the challenges of life from a new consciousness of collective existence. It offers support to be a whole person – the soul and spirit, emotions, mind and body, and the practical life here on the Earth.

 What are the qualities of an expert Spiritual Counselor?

A spiritual counselor needs the cross cultural consciousness, a deep understanding around spiritual sphere and other matters of spirituality. They are well aware of, and they are devoted to a spiritual passage in their own lives as well as the lives of others. By concentrating on their deep inner relationships, forming an open connection and a unique mindfulness state, they produce a holding and blessed space for the individual and collective growth of their clients.
Finally it can be said that the divine journey can be delightful and arising, however it can also be demanding, frightening and solitary. Anyone might have the spiritual experience; however holistic self-consciousness is a completely different thing. Spiritual development best happens at the point while the soul is strong enough to take a little bewildering.
As a result, spiritual counseling can be a great tool to rediscover the potentials one have and find greater meaning of the life. However, as it deals with the deep consciousness of the mind and soul of a person, an experienced and qualified counselor can make things much easier and comfortable. To find out more about spiritual counseling and to preview online courses, you may access here.

Spiritual Counseling

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