Use Addiction Counseling to Reject Addiction!

addiction counseling
addiction counseling advice – Sometimes we need a little help. No shame in asking for it.

The article, “Rejecting Addiction Over and Over Again”, by Therese Borchard states

“It’s been 24 years since I used vodka like aspirin — to numb my pain. In fact, I’ve been sober 22 years more than I drank, since I quit before I was old enough to buy the stuff.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Fantastic addiction counseling advice!   I like hearing stories about people who can break away from their addictions.   24 years since a drink is a huge accomplishment.  It is stories like these that can give addicts hope in knowing that it has been done before and with a little help they can reach that milestone too.   Everyone who suffers from addiction deserves sobriety.   It can be in your grasp.    If you or someone you know suffers from an addiction, please get help.    It makes a world of a difference to some.
For more substance abuse counseling advice like the type that is found in this article, please feel free to go to our webpage.   If you are interested in courses in addiction counseling, then we have those as well.   They are available online and are self paced.   You can even take them anytime year round.    So if you are in the market for substance abuse counseling education then please check out our site.

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Understanding Addiction Counseling – How to Quit Smoking

Addiction Counseling
Addiction Counseling can help you drop that bad habit! Start your path to quit smoking today. Trust me you will feel better and notice a difference in a week.

The article, “Understanding the Addiction”, by By Judson Brewer states

“I had a patient who had come in to my clinic to quit smoking. He was smoking 30 cigarettes a day and had tried to quit before but to no avail. On the first night of our smoking cessation class, I taught him a simple practice.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Good article on smoking, addictions in general and how addiction counseling can help.   Many times we might not think of smoking as a serious addiction but it can be just as addictive as some illegal drugs.  Just because something is socially acceptable does not mean it is right.   Smoking kills!  Smoking causes cancer, in not only the smoker but others around them as well.    Plus smoking stains your teeth and makes you smell really bad.   That is why we need good Substance Abuse Counseling.    By using the same techniques as they deploy with illegal drugs, a trained substance abuse counselor can help you put down those cigarettes for good!
Looking for information on substance counseling?   We have an excellent certification program designed for it.   All courses are available online and are self-paced.  For more Addiction Counseling Advice please visit our site.

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