Extraordinary and Saintly Love in the Desert of Sinai and Training in Christian Counseling

Training in Christian Counseling: Holy Nun of the Sinai Encompasses Christian Compassion

Obeying Christ’s command to see him in all, Sister Aziza fulfills Christ’s promise and fulfills Christian Compassion.  This saintly nun’s burning love for Christ goes out to the least of her brethren, especially runaway migrants from human trafficking gangs that plague the Desert of Sinai.

From CNN, Elise Labbot and Don Morgan report about this remarkable women and the horrendous atrocities being committed in this region.  In their article, “Sister Gives Hope To Trafficed Migrants”, they tell this story.

“For thousands of African asylum seekers fleeing danger via Egypt’s Sinai desert, one woman serves as an oasis after their harrowing journey into Israel.
She was born in Eritrea as Azezet Habtezghi Kidane. In the migrant shelters of South Tel Aviv, she is known simply as Sister Aziza.”

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It with such admiration, that all Christians should imitate Sister Aziza in caring for those who have no where else to hide from unjust persecution.
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Mark Moran, MA

Training in Christian Counseling: Sacramental Life of Reception of the Spirit

Becoming Christian Soldiers of Christ

Pentecost.  Also if you would like to learn about training in Christian Counseling, then please review.
Pentecost. Also if you would like to learn about training in Christian Counseling, then please review.
What a difference a few weeks make?  Scattered like sheep without a shepherd, terrified of the Jews, and cowardly hiding in the shadows, the Apostles and the close Disciples of Christ emerged to the surprise of the Jews as champions and soldiers of Christ.  They triumphantly preached the Gospel, suffered, and praised the chance to bleed for Christ.  A Peter who denied Christ would proclaim Christ and a Mark who ran in shame naked and in fear away from guards in the garden would become the lion of the gospel and roar.
What changed these men?  It was not Baptism because they were already baptized.  It was not their faith because they already believed in Christ.  Ultimately it was the reception of the Holy Spirit and the gifts and fruits that are given to the soul at Confirmation.  While Protestants may cringe at the thought of Catholic Sacramentalism, I would not heed fear of this and realize that both Catholics and Protestants believe the same thing but it is shrouded in different language and hundreds of years of mistrust.
As Christian Counselors we hope to re-introduce Christ to the fallen.  We look at baptized Christians who have fallen wayside and help re-energize their spirituality.  In Protestant circles, this is referred to being “Born Again”.  The Christian again finds his love for Christ and becomes recommissioned to preach the Gospel to the world.  The Holy Spirit fills the soul with a fervent love for Christ and a fearless purpose to face the world.
Catholics too experience a “Born Again” type experience through Confirmation.  As the Apostles first received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, so again, does the Holy Spirit come to Catholics during Confirmation.  The soul is given the gifts of the Spirit and the soul is turned into soldier of Christ.  The sacramental grace that is infused into the soul helps the person face Satan, the world and to preach the Gospel in the market place.
Christian counselors should utilize the grace of the Spirit in their sessions.  Pray to the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into both of you during counseling sessions.  The session should be moved by the presence of the Holy Spirit.
If one is not experiencing this presence then what is the purpose of Christian Counseling?  Christian Counseling is ultimately an intimate dialogue between a Spiritual Mentor and his Spiritual Son.  The meeting should be filled with the Holy Spirit and the giving of graces for particular needs.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

Ignatian Spirituality and Electives for Christians

Ignatian Ideals and Christian Counseling

Christian counseling constantly helps people make choices. This form of spiritual direction is

St. Ignatius. Also please review the training in Christian counseling at AIHCP
St. Ignatius. Also please review the training in Christian counseling at AIHCP
critical for the spiritual child to be guided in the proper way. When it comes to moral dilemmas or vocational choices, St. Ignatius offers a variety of options in his Spiritual Exercises. In the Spiritual Exercises, one can find excellent ways to choose between two options. The first and foremost way is making sure the option or options coincide with divine law. If they do not, then they should be discontinued as an option. St. Ignatius also gives ways for one to know when God is clearly talking to them and also helpful mental tools to help discern and diagnose if one should choose a certain path. If you are interested in Christian Counseling and helping people make better choices that coincide with the Gospel, you should consider the program. If you are qualified, you could become a Christian Counselor and help others in the near future.
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Training in Christian Counseling: Christian Family: Marriage

Training in Christian Counseling: Christian Counseling with Marriage

The Christian Family as the first cell of society finds its conception in marriage.   This is why Christian Counseling must emphasize the importance of proper marriage preparation counseling.
 It is interesting to note that even at the purely social level, marriage formed a social constraint for the formation of society and the bringing of order at the micro level.  Yet this natural social evolution had deeper yearnings at the center of man’s soul.  The yearning for spiritual communion took this merely social institution to a level that also satisfied the spiritual and theological needs of man.  Within the spiritual structure of humanity, the Mystical Body of Christ found marriage also as its most intimate cellular level where a man and woman took a vow before God to love each other and remain faithful.  Through this intense love, two became one and an unbreakable bond was created that transcended the societal order.  

Christian Marriage. If you would like training in Christian Counseling, then review
Christian Marriage. If you would like training in Christian Counseling, then review

This sacred institution received it distinctive Christian mark via Christ at the wedding feast of Cana where in Catholic theology, it became a sacrament.  Protestant theology while not proclaiming the institution as a sacrament, nevertheless, shares a common belief that marriage is sacred and carries a serious bond.  Christian counselors find themselves in difficult situations when attempting to preserve these bonds of matrimony.  Various marital issues erupt that threaten to tear the very fabric of the union.  With such a heavy burden, Christian counseling must establish first and foremost the sacred nature of matrimony.  With this ideal in place, issues of finance, career, children, infidelity, or other selfish motives can hopefully be overcome.
In addition to dealing with an already existing Christian family, Christian counselors also deal with soon to be Christian families.  A Christian counselor during premarital or pre-Cana sessions, must evaluate the maturity and spiritual lives of the man and woman who are to marry.  During these early sessions, one should become acquainted with the future spouses and review their spiritual, financial and career goals.  While love is important, it is imperative to illuminate possible differences prior to vows and to help the future couple understand the problems they may face.  Other issues of importance include faith, the raising of children and ideas on what marriage is. 
Most importantly, the counselor must emphasize the theological importance of the sacrament and ascertain if both parties understand the bond that will exist.  Obviously after various sessions, the counselor becomes more aware of the couples maturity, understanding of marriage and if their goals correspond.  During this period of time, the couple may also become more aware of any differences they may have previously dismissed.
Ultimately in the end, it is the couple’s love that will define the marriage. If true love exists, all problems can be overcome, especially if the couple dedicates their union to God.  Men should emulate St. Joseph, while women emulate Mary.  The couple should to the best of their abilities imitate the ultimate paradigm of the Christian family; the Holy Family.
Christian Counseling whether it is in the previous phases of marriage, or during the union, need to address issues but within a light that emphasizes the truly unique Christian character of marriage.
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