Extraordinary and Saintly Love in the Desert of Sinai and Training in Christian Counseling

Training in Christian Counseling: Holy Nun of the Sinai Encompasses Christian Compassion

Obeying Christ’s command to see him in all, Sister Aziza fulfills Christ’s promise and fulfills Christian Compassion.  This saintly nun’s burning love for Christ goes out to the least of her brethren, especially runaway migrants from human trafficking gangs that plague the Desert of Sinai.

From CNN, Elise Labbot and Don Morgan report about this remarkable women and the horrendous atrocities being committed in this region.  In their article, “Sister Gives Hope To Trafficed Migrants”, they tell this story.

“For thousands of African asylum seekers fleeing danger via Egypt’s Sinai desert, one woman serves as an oasis after their harrowing journey into Israel.
She was born in Eritrea as Azezet Habtezghi Kidane. In the migrant shelters of South Tel Aviv, she is known simply as Sister Aziza.”

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It with such admiration, that all Christians should imitate Sister Aziza in caring for those who have no where else to hide from unjust persecution.
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Mark Moran, MA