Prescription Drug Abuse Counseling in College

prescription drug abuse counseling
prescription drug abuse counseling is becoming a serious issue on campuses nationwide. Many students are using ADHD drugs to help them concentrate before big exams.

Misuse of attention deficit drugs has become a problem on campuses, and colleges are reconsidering how — and even if — their student health offices should try to diagnose A.D.H.D.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Substance abuse of ADHD medication is now on the rise at universities as students try to get a jolt of focus for exams.  Students with ADHD need it to focus and are frustrated with the universities sudden stomp on ADHD medication.   This is making it harder for student who actually need the medication to get the treatment they need.   This leads to many students with ADHD not being able to study and receiving poorer grades because of it.   This is a case where the drug use is not a victimless crime.    It is making it harder for students that actually need their medication.

In order to help these students with their addictions you must become a substance abuse counselor.    By taking online courses you can earn a certification in substance abuse counseling quick and easy.    With courses being self paced and available year round, you can start anytime.


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Substance Abuse Counseling Certification Program

Substance Abuse Counseling Certification

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers courses in Substance Abuse Counseling.  It goes into detail about the education they can provide.   If you are interested in earning your certification in substance abuse counseling then you need to review this video.    By doing so you will be taking your first step to becoming a substance abuse counselor.    You will be helping many in need as well as starting a rewarding career.
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Teen Substance Abuse and Prescription Drugs


Teen Substance Abuse and Prescription Drugs

Teen substance abuse
Teen substance abuse –
Prescription abuse is on the rise among teens








Teen substance abuse of prescription drugs continues to rise.  If you have a teen, it is critical to speak to them about the dangers of these drugs and also to have your own drugs properly contained and deposed of within the proper time frame.  Unfortunately, despite parental precautions, teens continue to abuse these drugs.

Dr. Robin Wulffson warns parents of this surge in drug abuse among teens in her article, “Teens Responsible For Much Prescription Drug Abuse”. (Found in EmaxHealth)

“According to a new study, the teen in your household might be a prescription drug abuser. Researchers affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver published these unfortunate findings online on October 16 in the Journal of Adolescent medicine.”

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