Substance Abuse Counseling Certification Blog on Cannabis and Alcohol Usage

With opioids being cut off for many with pain issues, there is an upward climb towards the use of cannabis and alcohol. In fact, this trend has led to cannabis and alcohol becoming the top two treated addictions in the United States.  Individuals are turning to other ways to cope with pain, or even problems.  The availability of these drugs make it far easier to become closely connected to them.

There is an increase of alcohol and cannabis use. Please also review AIHCP’s Substance Abuse Counseling Certification


The article, “Alcohol and Cannabis are Top Reasons People Seek Substance Misuse Treatment” from Healthline looks at the use of these two drugs and why they have risen in usage.  The article states,

“A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly ReportTrusted Source finds among U.S. adults assessed for substance use treatment in 2019, alcohol, cannabis, “multiple substances” use, and associated severe problems, were the most frequently reported. The agency finds that in 2019, nearly 66 million U.S. adults reported drinking four or more drinks in 2 hours in the last month, and about 36 million reported illicit drug or prescription pain reliever misuse during the past month.”

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