Anger Management Consulting Certification Blog on Anger and Men

Anger can take different forms in different genders.  Men are quite different than women and tend to express anger quite differently.  Men sometimes are more aggressive as well and when compounded with anger can turn to violence. While this does not say every individual reacts to anger based on race, there are enough studies to show that most men are more outward in expressing their anger.  It is important to understand how one expresses anger and why. Obviously there are more than just one’s gender to explain why some individuals are more angry than others, but gender does play a small part in understanding.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification

How does anger manifest differently in men? Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification


The article, “Understanding Anger in Men” by Matthew Boland looks closer at the nature of anger and its expression within the male gender.  He states,

“Men are often thought of as angrier than women but multiple studies (like this and this) have shown that’s not the case. Men are, on average, more likely to express anger through outward aggression, which could partially explain why men are often perceived as angrier than women. Society generally views anger expressed by men as more socially acceptable than anger expressed by women. Anger causes short-term physiological changes in the body, which can contribute to other health problems over time for men.”

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