Why Learning How To Meditate Changes Everything

learning how to meditate
Learning how to meditate can open up a whole new world to you.

The article “Why Learning How to Meditate Changes Everything”, by Greg Murphy states

“Meditation and I first met each other almost four years ago during a period in my life when the challenges on the path before me were great — the launching of a startup, the healing of a broken heart and acclimating to a city where I at first knew no one.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learning How to Meditate

An excellent and timely article. Learning how to meditate is an important issue for many people. Although you won’t find any of the “how to” of meditation, the author does share the personal benefits received. His listed benefits are very similar to those you may find when doing a search on the benefits of meditation. Over the past few years I feel that we are seeing a real increase in consumer awareness of meditation practice and of the benefits on physical and mental health. We are also witnessing how meditation affects the spiritual self in a very powerful way.  More and more outcomes are emerging regarding meditation practice and it is most interesting. If you are a health care professional and you are interested in become a meditation instructor, you may want to click here for program information.  #meditation #meditationinstructor

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Learn to Meditate Like the Pros.

Learn to Meditate
Learn to Meditate with these secrets!

The article, “The One Simple Trick to Meditation”, by Ambaa Choate states

“No matter the meditation, the point is to be not thinking (what you’ve been is not on boats). That’s what makes it meditation (also, that’s what makes my shirt that says Meditation: It’s Not What You Think hilarious!) But it’s hard work. “

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn to Meditate with Simple Tips.

Looking for tricks to meditating or secrets of meditation?    Do you think there are meditation professionals out there hiding keys to meditation?  Truth is there are none.   If you want to learn to meditate all you need to know is practice makes perfect.   With a little patience you too can become a pro at meditating.    Just take it day by day.  Everything else will fall into place.

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Learn to Meditate in Everyday Activities

Learn to Meditate
Learn to Meditate
American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn to Meditate Throughout Your Day.

Some of us live such busy lives that making time to meditate seems like an impossibility.    If you are like this then you need to learn to meditate on the go when you can fit it in.   If you want to know how to meditate during your daily routine then you should check out this article for some helpful tips.


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Learn to Meditate to Deal with Frustrations

When dealing with day to day frustrations one should learn to meditate.  This meditation does not have to be a religious or spiritual.   You should meditate to learn focus or just to empty your mind of clutter.   You will see when you do daily meditating that the stress and anxiety of the small daily frustrations seem to not matter anymore and more important things stay in focus.   For more information on how meditation can help you deal with daily stress please review the following:

A beautiful woman meditating on the beach
You can learn to meditate anywhere and with anyone.


Learn to Meditate to Deal with Frustrations

The article, “Coping with Everyday Frustrations”, by Sarah Cooke states

“I had a conversation with a friend today who briefly worked in the customer service department of a flower delivery company. She said that customers would call her and become irate and angry if their flowers were delivered late or the bouquet wasn’t exactly as they’d imagined it.”

How you learn to meditate is quite simple.  All you need is a quite place where you feel comfortable.   Once you find this place; sit there, take deep breathes, focus on breathing in and out.   Then you can either focus on what matters or just simply let go of what is bothering you. Meditation can be learned in an afternoon but takes a lifetime to master.
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Learn to Meditate with Congressman Ryan

Learn to Meditate

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Oh) insists that meditation is the answer! An expert in mindfulness meditation, the Congressman has written a new book that has just recently been released by Hay House publishers. The book is a real eye-opener for those who have little knowledge and experience in the practice of mindfulness. The Congressman’s quest is to introduce mindfulness into our schools, our work places, etc., thus creating a more mindful and peaceful nation. This article is highly recommended, as well as the accompanying video.

The article, “Meditating with Tim Ryan”, by Patrick Gavin states

“Rep. Tim Ryan may have once been a typical politician, but no longer: The Ohio Democrat has traded in the hurried mentality that dominates Capitol Hill for a more Zen-like approach.

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Are you ready to learn more about mindfulness meditation? Pick up a copy of Tim Ryan’s book today.  Start to practice this simple technique and see how your life improves. If you are interested in teaching meditation and you are a health professional, you may want to preview our program by access this link: learn to meditate

Learn to Meditate

woman sitting with lighted candels meditatingWith life becoming more busy and hectic these days, it is important to take the time to care for yourself, center your body and your mind and your spirit, and the best way to achieve this is when you learn to meditate. Meditation is the process of clearing your mind of all thoughts and clutter, and relaxing into a state of clarity.
Many of us are constantly on the go, with work, children and activities outside of the home, and we tend to get extremely stressed out which has a very negative impact on our body. The body is designed to withstand a certain amount of stress; however, when we are under “attack” from every angle, our bodies can start to give in to the effects of stress. This makes us more open to disease and illness, and it is simple to avoid this by learning meditation techniques.
There is no big secret to mediation, and if you want to learn to meditate, you simply need to have an open mind. There is a certain spiritual aspect to this activity which you will tap into even if you are not the least bit spiritual. You need to find a space in your home that is quiet and well ventilated where you can sit alone for as much time as you need without being interrupted.
All that you need to do is sit in a quiet area, in a comfortable position, usually on the floor with your legs crossed. Closing your eyes, you will deep breath for several seconds, up to one minute. You will then tense up your body and then allow it to relax, letting the tension leave you with the breath you exhale as you relax. While you have been concentrating on your breathing, you can now just put that aside and let it happen naturally. You will simply think of one single thought and nothing else. Some people smile when they are meditating, while others may weep. It is a state of complete relaxation that is time you take for yourself.
If you want to learn to meditate, you must practice each day for as much time as it takes for you to feel relaxed. Taking this time for yourself will allow you to feel more peaceful and give you a much more positive outlook on life.

 Benefits of Meditation

There are so many benefits to meditation, and it is free and takes less than 20 minutes per day. Your body will reap many wonderful benefits from this practice, including:
• Increased blood flow and a slower heart rate;
• Slows down the aging process;
• A known cure for headaches and relief from migraines;
• Weight loss benefits and the normalization of your weight;
• A significant reduction in free radicals, reducing damage to tissues;
• Beneficial and lasting changes to the electrical activity in the brain;
• A significant decrease in muscle tension
• Lowers your consumption of oxygen;
• Can improve and speed up post- operative healing;
• Decreases perspiration (for those who sweat excessively);
• Can dramatically improve your immunity.
The brain is an extremely powerful organ, and when you learn how to relax it and provide it with much needed rest, it can use that reserved energy to heal other parts of your body. Stress increases the presence of free radicals and speeds up the aging process. This is why people who are under intense stress all of the time just look that much older.
In addition to the physical changes you will experience when you learn to mediate, you will also find yourself with more confidence, a greater ability to focus and concentrate and better moods. When you are in a better and more positive state of mind with good moods all of the time, you will simply feel like participating in life more. This is why mediation is a good solution for people who find themselves susceptible to depression.
Meditation can also help you to develop your creativity if you are artistic, help you to retain more (memory), help you to develop your intuition and help you to feel rejuvenated. You will gain the ability to react more effectively to stress, instead of absorbing all of the stress, you will be able to redirect it and expel it through meditation.
If you are person who worries a lot, meditation can help you to deal with your worries and fears. By centering your thoughts and focusing on yourself and positive things, you will be able to dispel all of the negative feelings and replace them with peace of mind and happiness.