Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger and Men

Anger is not just an male issue but it is an important issue that men must acknowledge.  Men with their natural strength and role in the family need to assert control in how they handle their affairs in life.   Most men as head of families need to set examples but also must restrain their natural strength.  Anger can lead to bad example as well as domestic violence to women and children.  Fear can emerge among children and women when a man loses complete control.  Despite modern gender norms and attempts to neutralize roles according to gender, one cannot deny the natural reality of this.  This is why it is so important to identify male anger.

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The article, “How to Manage Your Anger” by Ed Virgin looks at anger and how to identify and control it.  He states,

“Anger is a natural reaction to certain challenging or frustrating situations; however, if you suspect that your anger exceeds the realm of normal, you may have an anger problem. If you are unsure how to characterize your anger, there are a few identifiers that can help you determine if your anger is problematic.”

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