Anger Management Consulting Article on Misplaced Anger

Anger can build up over time.  Individuals who do not express it in a healthy way find themselves in a count down to explosion.  Many times, the anger that is vented is towards those who did not do anything to deserve the tirade.  Misplaced anger is a big issue especially during the pandemic and social unrest within the United States.  With so much anger, it is easy for misplaced anger to fall upon family and friends.  It is important to not let other stressors and angers build up and overflow into other aspects of one’s life.

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The article, “Misplaced Anger: Why You Have It, What to Do About It” by Markheim Heid looks at the phenomenon of misplaced anger.  He states,

“The phenomenon of ‘displaced aggression’ helps explain why your accumulated anger during the pandemic can spill out into real-world interactions”

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Misplaced anger can have many reasons why its manifested.  Anger towards the intended target not being around, such as a politician, or anger over something else that builds up and pushes one to yell or scream at someone who just wants our attention.  It is important not to misdirect anger and when we do, to quickly apologize and fix the situation.  Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.