Anger Management Training Program Article on Anger and Lockdown

Anger builds.  During COVID19 and lockdown, it has built up for many.  Frustrations over quarantine, masks, political views, domestic family life, fear of the illness, and other issues have caused a rise in anger across the world.  Individuals need to relax and not allow anger to overtake them.  This may be difficult but is necessary if society wishes to defeat this virus and also remain sane.

Anger can rise in lockdown when families are forced to spend more time with each other. It is important to control anger and remain peaceful. Please also review our Anger Management Consulting Training Program


The article, “How To Deal With Anger If It’s Building Up During Lockdown” by Natasha Hinde looks at multiple ways we can decrease anger and increase peace.  She states,

“Emotions are riding high as lockdown stretches on and our freedoms remain constrained. One emotion in particular has repeatedly reared its head in households up and down the UK this week. Anger.  There’s anger at the virus, government, media and, most recently, anger at the injustice when most people have followed the rules – often at a huge personal cost – and a minority haven’t, including some of those in positions of power.”

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Hopefully many people will be able to control anger, reduce stress and follow the needed guidelines to keep everyone safe.  It is especially important in homes that domestic quarrels remain benign and love and unity emerge.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Training Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.