Attention Deficit Disorder Consulting

ADD/ADHD: Homework Woes


ADDSummer may be just around the corner, but we still know there are a few more homework assignments of the year. This may cause your any child much grief but may be especially more frustrating and at times, challenging for a child suffering from ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It is important as a parent to take the appropriate steps in the beginning of the school year to ensure any homework troubles are kept to a minimum throughout the school year. There are many things to keep in mind this summer to ensure a successful year, main thing to remember is to be well-planned and organized to help minimize any frustration your child may experience.  You should consider seeking the advice of an ADD or ADHD professional for your needs.

You’ll want to address two extremely important places associated with your child: home and school. Many times children with ADHD may forget to bring their books home, so try working with the school to get an extra set of books to keep at home (this may also relieve your child of the stress or pressure they may put on themselves that can be heightened if they forgot an important book). When doing homework, try to have a quiet time at home; we’re talking about no television or any other media devices that can distract your child. Try to also stop any of your social interactions during this time as well, text messages and phone calls included, this time is about your child and working together. Try to schedule a set time for homework, this will help with order and routine for your child (and you as well). Also try to break assignments into sections so there is never work overload or too much going on at one time for your child. Remember to stay organized in order to provide your child with the best environment and work flow.

In the beginning of the school year try to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss what their expectations are regarding homework assignments, it will be extremely helpful to get on the same page. If possible, try to get an advancement of homework assignments (even on a weekly bases can help your prepare and organize). Always remember to communicate with your child’s teachers on a regular basis to check the progress of your child. Stay involved, we know it can get tiresome and demanding, but there are many people out there willing to help you and your child get through any difficult challenges.