Need Stress Relief? There’s an App for That.

The article, “10 Yoga Apps For Stress Relief Outside The Studio (PHOTOS)”, by Carolyn Gregoire states

“We already have apps that help us find the nearest salons, restaurants, bars and shops. So it was only a matter of time before a yoga studio tracker made its way into the App Store.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Yoga Helps With Stress Relief.

A new app for your smart phone makes managing stress a lot easier.   If you enjoying using yoga for stress relief then this app might be for you.  It is a yogi tracker.   With it you can get directions to your nearest yoga studio.    Yoga can be a God send and a great way to get a work out in as well.   Many people are now trying yoga and are reaping the stress busting benefits from it.   You can too!   Give the app and yoga a try today!

Looking for courses in stress coaching?   Perhaps you are thinking about making it into a career?  There are excellent opportunities in stress consulting for those interested in the field.   With the business world today, stress is mounting.   Learn to fight it.   For more about stress relief please go here: Stress Relief Courses. 

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Stress Relief with These 50 Tips!

Stress Relief
Stress Relief

The article, “Stress-Less April Twitter Chat: <em>Your</em> Remedies For Stress”, source; Huffington Post states

“Tuesday, April 16, is National Stress Awareness Day. All April long, we’ve been talking stress and tips to combat it.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Yesterday was the National Stress Awareness Day.   Many came out and shared plenty of ways they like to reduce stress.    Maybe some of their remedies for stress can help you?    I like the meditation based ones.   I feel that if I can find a way to take myself out of the situation and look at my stress trigger objectively I can usually find a better way to deal with it.   For more stress relief advice, feel free to stop by our site.

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Stress Relief: Learn to React to it Better

A sign that says Wellness and has stress X out.
Stress relief can be as easy as you want it to be.
Can stress relief easily be achieved by the way we react to our stressful situations?  What if we could reduce stress by simply reacting to it in a healthy way.   Wouldn’t that be nice?   There are techniques that can help you react better to life’s stressful situations.   Instead of seeing red all the time from stress, try turning it green and seeing it as a positive motivational force in your life.  It is all in how you look at your stress.   An article from has more:

How We React to Stress Could Help Us With Stress Relief

For the full article please go here.
As you can see our reactions to stress in our daily lives could be affecting us.   Learn to know your stress triggers.    Avoid them if you can or learn to react to them in a positive way if you cannot.   Stress does not have to dominate our lives.
If you want to learn more about stress management consulting then you should go to our website.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Looking for stress relief?  Maybe you should be looking inside your own head.    Built inside ourselves we have a calming system.   We are designed to relieve stress.  We, however, choose not to use it.    Sometimes we have forgot how to access it altogether.   So now instead of simply using our internal calming systems, we sometimes reach for drugs or other substances to help calm us down.   We should say “NO MORE” to drugs designed to help us sleep, relax, and relieve anxiety and turn our own natural systems back online!

A picture of the human brain
Stress relief via your Vagus Nerve?

Stress Relief and our Vagus Nerve

The article, “The Calm Brain: The Neurology of Stress and Calm or ‘How to Relax without Drugs'”, by Gayatri Devi states

“Tapping into the vagus nerve helps us achieve both brain and body health, which is the right balance between relaxation and stress. But how do we tap into the vagus and increase its activity?”

For the full article please go here.

Stress relief via our Vagus nerve is easy to achieve.   Sleep, touch, and meditation are all excellent ways to engage our Vagus.   Once you learn to master yourself, stress management will cease to be an issue.
If you like learning about stress and want to become a stress management consultant then you really should give our website a visit.

Stress Relief via Exercise

A woman at a desk that looks tired
Stress Relief via exercise can help keep you energized through your day.








Are you looking to mix stress relief with your exercise routine?   Both elements can co-exist if you know what exercises can help relieve stress and which ones can actually cause it.   It is true.   Certain exercises can increase stress hormones throughout the body and can cause muscle inflammation.   Check out this article for all of the stress management exercises you should be doing:

Stress Relief via Exercise

The article, “7 Stress-Relieving Workouts that Aren’t Meditation”, by Jessica Smith states

“We’re not suggesting you skip your workout—just make sure it’s balanced and responsive to your body’s needs. For example, if you find yourself under a lot of stress, you may want to restore your energy level with a flowing, gentle sweat session instead of that killer spin class.”

For the full article please go here.

These exercises make stress relief easy.   That is the way managing stress should be!  Stress management should not be stressful.   If you want to learn more about stress management practices, please go to our webpage.