9 Stress Myths, BUSTED

Stress Myths
Stress Myths

The article, “Stress Myths: 9 Common Misconceptions About Causes, Symptoms & Treatment.”, by Carolyn Gregoire states

“We throw the word “stress” around all the time: It’s been said that stress is the “new fat,” we constantly hear friends and coworkers complaining about how stressed they are and endless products and activities are touted for their “stress-relieving” capabilities.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
How can stress management harm you?   When it is based off of common stress myths.  When you believe in these myths, you could be harming yourself!   A lot of us simply believe them because everyone passing these myths as common knowledge.   As healthcare professionals it is our responsibility to sort the facts from the myths.  Read this article for several of these stress myths and learn the right ways to deal with stress.   For more on stress management please visit out website.

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