The Side Effects of Too Much Stress.

Side Effects of Too Much Stress
Side Effects of Too Much Stress

The article, “How Your Job Is Slowly Killing You (INFOGRAPHIC)”, by Carolyn Gregoire states

“More than eight in 10 Americans are stressed about their jobs.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

What Are The Side Effects Of Too Much Stress And How They Can Hurt You.

We all have experienced workplace stress.  Be it acute or chronic, we all have it.  However not a lot of us think of the side effects of too much stress and the damage they can cause.
Can stress hurt you?   Truth is, yes it can!  Too much can raise your risk of diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure and it can also accelerate aging.   It also has mental and emotional side effects ranging from depression to burnout.   If you want to read more please take a look at this info graph on the side effects of stress in the workplace.

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