Can Meditation Training Help Your Company?

Meditation Training
Meditation Training and fitness are becoming big parts of on the job training.
American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Meditation Training and Workplace Stress.

Meditating at work is a great way to relieve workplace stress.    Many business have now started meditation training for their employees.     Meditation training is beginning to take hold in larger, more employee caring companies.   They have learned that employees with relaxed minds are more productive and less likely to become burned out.   By encouraging their employees to learn how to meditate they are taking steps to improve them and the work place.    Also employees are taking these habits home to their families.   Teaching your family how to meditate is an excellent way to spend time with them and help them deal with their own stress too.

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How Meditation Training Help Evolve Mankind

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Our early survival depended on our flight or fight response. Today we need a clear mind to stay focused.











Meditation Training and the 40,000 Year Old Brain

The article, “Meditation and Your 40,000-Year-Old Brain”, by Jeff Cannon states

“When you quiet your brain you stop that voice in the back of your head from popping up at the worst of times, you allow your 21st century mind to open up and take the lead.”

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As you can see mediation training allowed us to reduce stress and calm ourselves.   It still does this today.    We often face our flight or fight response in everyday situations.   Meditation allows us to remain focused and calm.    Without it we still might be only caring about our sole survival and not focused on what makes life truly worth living.
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Meditation Training can Peace to the World

Meditation Training can Peace to the World

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Meditation training can help you reach a new level of mental clarity.
For most of my life, even before I knew what I was doing, I have engaged in meditation. There is something about the simple centeredness I feel after meditating that unleashes my productive power during the day and leaves me feeling content and happy with my day’s work when I go to sleep at night. Recently I lost my day job, though, and I have been thinking about how to make some money and explore my interest in meditation by teaching the theory and practice to others. As a result, I have begun researching meditation training programs to get certified as a teacher, making myself more attractive to would-be employers and clients. The programs do not look overly taxing, and I look forward to getting a comprehensive body of knowledge about this important and, I think, useful skill. I look forward to bringing a small measure of peace to the people that I reach.
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