Healthcare Certification Programs Article on Vaccine and Second Doses Against Covid

Second does with Moderna and Phizer are extremely important in reducing the chance of contracting or spreading COVID 19.  The first dose merely primes the immune system and gives only foundation resistance to the virus.  The second dose gives most over 90 percent resistance and gives individuals the freedom to be inside or outside without a mask.  So far in clinical studies, efficacy is at 6 months and potentially more as more case studies reveal how effective the the vaccine is.

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It is important as Americans to receive the vaccinations, ignore the foolish rhetoric and help the world heal from this great pandemiC


The article, “Your Second Vaccine Dose Is Key Against COVID-19 Variants” from Healthline takes a closer look at the importance of the second dose of the vaccine.  It states,

“The PHE study analyzed data for all age groups and several ethnicities from April 5, and included a little over 1,000 people confirmed to have an infection with this variant using genomic sequencing.  Importantly, both vaccines were only about 33 percent effective against symptomatic disease from B.1.617.2 and only 50 percent effective against the more common variant first detected in the United Kingdom (B.1.1.7) after a single dose.  However, after two doses, researchers found that the Pfizer vaccine was 88 percent effective against symptomatic disease from the B.1.617.2 variant, and 93 percent effective against the B.1.1.7 variant. These percentages were recorded 2 weeks after the second dose.”

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Whether boosters or new vaccines will be needed are up to us as a society.  Do we listen to dangerous rhetoric or follow science?  If we do not, the virus will continue to mutate and potentially evolve into new variants that are resistant to the vaccine.  It is important to become vaccinated and stop Covid19.

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