Drug Addiction in Teens

Drug addiction
Drug addiction is a big problem for troubled teens. It is a problem that can easily be addressed too. However there is not enough skilled counselors available to help them.


One in every five parents believes their advice has very little impact or effect over their kid’s substance abuse problem.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Drug Addiction affects our children.

This article lets parents know they have do have a chance to influence their children into saying “no” to drugs.  The stats show simply by talking to your children, you can increase the chance of them staying off of drugs.   By being involved with your children you can show them the right way to deal with stress.    You can teach them that they do not need drugs to cope.   They do not need drugs for fun.   That they do not need drugs PERIOD!   Parents cannot do this alone either.   They need guidance and help from trained substance abuse professionals.

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