Christian Spiritual Counseling and the Roaring 20s

Christian Counseling Education Courses: 20S-30s and Christian  Spiritual Counseling

When Christian Spiritual Counseling, one will find that the age group they counsel for will determine many of the issues that commonly become important during sessions. Each age group psychologically has a mental list of needs, achievements, and goals. If those goals are not met, certain age groups react to these “failures”. It is important as a counselor to see the common themes that pertain to each age group and to guide each patient through their age related dilemma. In the end, all ages should reflect on Christ.

The age group pertaining to the 20 and 30s is a particular age group I would like to address today. I want to point out their needs and problems that can occur when their needs are not met. As one will see this is an emerging age of self identity and self independence that will set up the future success of the person. However as a Christian spiritual counselor, remember not to get too caught up in the secularist checklist of success. It is important to also regulate the spiritual growth during this time period.
The major challenges facing this age group are competency and independence. In regards to competency, they are searching for a variety of skills that will help them interact in society as professionals and people. At the college level, a variety of intellectual and academic skills and world views are being processed. Also at a spiritual level, many are coming into contact with other religious and spiritual views for the first time. Abilities regarding interaction and apologetics become central to their development. In many ways, the foundation of adolescence will crack or remain firm. How strong is the self identity of the individual as these skills are developed? As a Christian spiritual counselor, you want to help develop skills but protect the Christian seed of faith.
The second challenge is independence. For the first time, the young adult is experiencing his own place of residence or first job. Without parental control, the young adult will experience freedoms and choices never dreamed of before; moral decisions, business decisions and personal decisions will all become the responsibility of the person, not to mention the everyday chores that once mother and father did for them. The young adult will undoubtedly learn many lessons in these formative years but hopefully the seed of the Christian faith will keep them somewhat on the road of goodness. As a Christian counselor you want to teach the young adult that with every choice comes consequences. In addition to this, you will want to aid them with coping strategies, building identity, and helping them developing self sufficiency. In addition , young adults need vocational guidance in regards to the single life, marriage and possible ministry.
As a Christian counselor it is important during this years to give support to these young people. They need educational, vocational and spiritual guidance. Help them cultivate their dreams and give them ways to achieve those goals with good planning. As a Christian spiritual counselor who deals with this age group, you are not laying a foundation, but providing direction and helping the foundation bear fruit. In many ways these years will determine if the seed of faith sprouts or decays. Hence the importance of good spiritual mentorship is critical.
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Mark Moran, MA