Becoming an Addiction Counselor – Who is Affected?

The article, “Jubinville: Judges must understand drug abuse”, by Robert Jubinville

“As a former Massachusetts State Police detective and now a defense attorney of 34 years, I have seen the ruin that addiction to drugs and alcohol causes in the lives of many of those who end up ensnared in the criminal justice system.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Becoming an Addiction Counselor to Help Those in Need.

Thinking about becoming an addiction counselor?   Maybe a little motivation would help you along in your educational journey.   Many times drugs and alcohol addictions can send good people down a spiral of criminal activities and ultimately lead them to long term prison sentences.    This does not have to be the end result.   With good substance abuse counseling advice you can help these people avoid being part of the criminal justice system.   You can help them put their lives back together and save their families as well.   Note not everyone is able to be saved and some just do not care altogether.   You will not be a counselor for those types.   You will be doing this for the ones that will listen and the ones you can reach.

The legal system needs to start helping rehab people and not punish them regarding substance abuse


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