Impulsive, angry personalities more prone to aggressive driving, accidents, study finds

Drivers with impulsive, angry personality characteristics are more likely than other drivers to engage in the kind of belligerent driving that potentially leads to accidents, a new study confirms. These conclusions could be used in designing more effective traffic safety publicity campaigns, authors say.


Aggressive driving and road rage come from more impulsive and angry personality characteristics,

Rage and anger in a car are the most dangerous places it can be where split second emotional reactions and have life long lasting scars

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Pet Peeves: The Things That Anger Us the Most and Anger Management Training

Anger Management training
Anger Management training can help us overcome pet peeves that set us off into rage

The article, “Pet Peeves: The Things That Anger Us the Most”, by Janet Pfeiffer states

“I frequently receive emails from people upset about something in their life that is not going according to their plans.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Many pet peeves force us into anger.  What really irritates you?  By identifying these and also having some understanding we can limit anger.  Below is an excellent article that lists some pet peeves and how to deal with them and other people.  This is an important element in anger management training

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